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Mind KEY / Posts tagged "business"
lifelong learning comes in many forms

In this issue: An introduction to Lifelong learner

By Catherine Minto Over the duration of our lives, we come to know what we know through the pursuit of applied academia, or the raw experience of our personal journey through life. We learn through trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Failures teaches us as much, if not more than our successes.  Lifelong learning guides us through the endless undulations of the experience that is life. One of the greatest advantages of living in this age is our ability to access and absorb millions of volumes of information. We can gobble it up and literally run with it in our pockets. Being a lifelong learner is so much more than information, however. It’s a free-spirited journey of the soul to remember that life is short, but that we...

thrifty holiday shopping starts at thrift stores like Miss Masters Closet

Get thrifty this holiday!

by Theola Malin Between minimum wage jobs and the high cost of books and other living expenses, it is hard for college students to find gifts for their loved ones. I, like many other college students, want to be able to give gifts to the people I love. With my limited budget, I had to find ways to be able to get everyone something for the holidays without going into debt. In my first year of college, I discovered economical holiday shopping through thrift and consignment stores. Thrift shops offered great quality clothes from brands that I could normally never afford.   History of thrift shops Second-hand shops existed in England long before thrift shops were invented. Oftentimes churches would run rummage sales to raise money for the...

Holistic consultant helps you discover the best resources for health, business and life.

Your right to health, happiness and success

By Joseph Gonzalez What are your 2019 goals? Whether you’re seeking to improve your health and feel better, bring your business or career to the next level, or simply refocus the next step of your life, Mind Key is here to support you. We believe everyone has the right to health, happiness and success. We also believe that these integral elements of humanity do not exist in isolation, but are intricately and delicately connected. That’s why we offer numerous ways to help you discover and understand the best resources for your body, business and life. Not only that, but we trust your inner guidance system, and want to help you hone it so that you are better equipped to determine which resources are worth your time...

Recreational cannabis legal minefields are due to the many issues with marijuana as a possible legal substance.

Your rights as a recreational cannabis user

By Joseph Gonzalez Be on the lookout‒‒recreational cannabis might be coming to your state soon. There are a great many proponents of legalization. That being said, recreational cannabis legal minefields can make it difficult for users to understand what is legal‒‒and what isn’t. A poll done by Marist College showed that more than half of Americans 18 or older have tried marijuana, and almost a quarter of America’s adults currently use it. As medical marijuana is making strides in America, recreational marijuana is right behind it in terms of progression, even if the movement has had slower traction.   Slow, but sure progress As of the date of this publication, Statista, a source for statistics, reports that only nine states along with Washington D.C. have legalized the substance for...

Cannabis studies substantiate scientific claims that addiction recovery can be aided by marijuana strains.

Overcome addiction with cannabis?

By Oneyda Salazar   Everywhere you turn, there is a new cannabis study in the news, but did you know that recent cannabis studies substantiate scientific claims that various forms of cannabis are useful in overcoming addiction? When the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was implemented, doctors and pharmacists had already been prescribing cannabis to patients—particularly those addicted to opioids. Since then, marijuana has been reclassified by the DEA as a Schedule I substance. This classification indicates no known medical usage, and places marijuana it in the same category as ecstasy and heroin, the very drugs it was originally used to help alleviate addictions from.   The US opioid problem According to a recent press release from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), “Each day, according to the...

The chemistry behind cannabis: An overview

Understanding and researching cannabis’ chemical breakdown and structure is important to comprehending the overall cannabis debate. What exactly is cannabis? What is its chemical makeup? What’s the difference between the terms, marijuana, hemp, THC and CBD? Are they all names for the same thing? How does this psychoactive drug offer medical relief? What parts of the plant are used, and what properties do they have? What are the plant’s chemical constituents and how do they work within the body? To answer all of these questions would take a series of books, never mind a series of articles. However, Mind Key correspondent, Joey Morelli, attempts to give an overview of this complex, and often misunderstood plant, and how it works.   By Joey Morelli   The historical use of cannabis Cannabis...

Vocational happiness rewards wallet bottom lines and allows you to fulfill your purpose.

Turn your passion into a career

By Joseph Gonzalez Vocational happiness rewards wallet bottom lines, but more importantly, allows you to do what you love and still care for yourself and those you love.   Do what you love How does the saying go? “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This saying is true for a number of reasons, with the most important one being that work shouldn’t feel like work. Your career should be something that, at the very least, you enjoy. But this isn’t always the case. A 2016 study by Gallup found that 51% of full-time employed Americans are not “engaged” in their jobs. This means that the people are essentially just there to pay the bills—there is no passion involved whatsoever. This mindset is bound...

Uncovering passion in your own life can lead to following your soul’s purpose.

A life of Passion: Tackling your soul’s purpose

By Theresa Birmingham At Mind Key, we believe each individual has the potential to discover not only the infinite possibility that exists within them, but we also believe the individual should work on uncovering passion in their life. The difficulty arises in getting to that point. The process. The rigor and effort behind the passion. But here’s the kicker—if we are truly following our passion, our soul, our internal fire, there is no fear. And without fear, the rigor and effort become second to the actual purpose we are fulfilling. Mind Key editor Libby Reilly knew a girl in college who, instead of wasting time with small talk, would ask, “What are you passionate about?” Not, “What’s your major?” Not, “Where are you from?” These questions are...

It is possible to multitask successfully if you focus on splitting up tasks consciously.

Consciously shifting your focus: Successful multitasking

By Marla Funez What is multitasking? Can humans multitask successfully? To what extent is it efficient? What are our limitations and when is multitasking not the best option, based on these limitations? The simple definition of multitasking is to complete more than one task at a time. Multitasking, however, is much more than that. It is about getting the most done efficiently and in the least amount of time. According to this 2017 study, multitasking is only truly considered multitasking when it is done consciously. This means even tasks that you do not want to do can be multitasked. The choice is in whether or not the tasks will be done simultaneously. Choosing to do multiple, different tasks at once means focusing on different subjects or actions at...

gain financial focus

Focus on Finances: Practice self-aware spending

By Joseph Gonzalez Having money is something that has been proven to make people feel better about themselves, but the ability to gain financial focus is not an easy task. Money not only enables us to essentially do what we want, it gives us a sense of security, as well. However, focusing on saving money is often easier said than done. Xinyue Zhou’s research article, The Symbolic Power of Money, which was published in the Journal of Psychological Science, explains that money provides a feeling of self-sufficiency. In this mindset, people are less likely to ask others for help. We teach those going into adulthood to be dependent on themselves. So, asking a family member, or anyone, for money at any point could cause insecurity about...

What do you (still) want to be when you grow up? Childhood interests lead to adult purpose

Focusing on your childhood passions could unveil your future career

By Libby Reilly Childhood interests; grown-up focus It might surprise you to note that your childhood interests could be the key to your future purpose. Think about it. Who were you in second grade? Eight-year-old Libby carried a Lion King backpack, learned how to do a French braid all by herself, and discovered that “stage fright” was not in her vocabulary as she shimmied and pirouetted across stages for dance recitals and local plays. At eight years old, Libby also loved making up songs, rhyming words, and she soared through vocabulary tests like a champ. But how do these childhood interests help you find your purpose and focus? This article from Business Insider says that if you are wondering what you should be doing with your life and career,...

Pitfalls of bloggers and rock stars

On a summer trip back in 2015, Mind Key affiliate and writer, copywriter, and coach, Marisa Goudy, learned some life lessons applicable to many creative entrepreneurs and their artistic ego. Through the lens of U2’s song, "Songs of Innocence," Marisa found there are many pitfalls that can be found among creative types and entrepreneurs across the globe. By Marisa Goudy You know the songs that matter. They have a way of illuminating your past. At the same time, they shed new light on your present and make you look forward to a brighter future. (Articles and blog posts can do this too, of course.) If “Songs of Innocence” appeared on your iTunes as a free download back in 2014, you likely recall the backlash. No one even had time...

Big companies give back: Primal gives back to the Cycling Community

By Jessica McWhirt When big companies give back with a product that is a cut above the rest, they make huge strides in changing the way the world works. Primal is a cycling clothing company that offers an opportunity for businesses that have a greater vision. These businesses want to make a larger impact on the world. Mind Key is truly grateful for companies such as Primal, which strive to bring people together and make a difference in a tangible way.   Primal’s give-back program Primal offers organizations a chance to take part in their Primal Gives Back program. Through this program, Primal donates 15% of the money made through clothing sales back to participating organizations. For example, anytime someone buys a product through Primal for say, the American Heart...

Mind Key can help you start up your business

By Lizbeth Fabian Starting an online presence can be hard. As a writer in this constantly developing tech world, you have to make use of any resource available. You also have to build yourself a platform where you can share your work. And although many writers hate being a cliché, the best way to build your image is (drumroll)… a blog! I know, cringe, right? The idea of belonging to the endless list of bloggers also stressed me out. But I learned not to be afraid thanks to Mind Key’s very own Danielle Rose. Start-Up Services Mind Key offers many wonderful services and products for businesses, one of them being a Start-Up service. Mind Key can help you start or relaunch your own website and move toward getting connected...

Believing with The Belief Coach

By Barbara Steingas This month, I had the pleasure of a complimentary belief coaching session with The Belief Coach, Wendy Watson-Hallowell. I choose her service for my wishlist because changing your beliefs are the foundation of our successes and failures. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, either way you’re right.” Changing beliefs that are no longer working can help you get unstuck, or achieve your next goal.  We all have blind spots of beliefs that keep us from accomplishing our goals and that sabotage our success. Wendy could help me uncover some underlying limiting beliefs that hold me back from more success with my practice. If I could do this, then I could help more people who I’m here to...

The benefit of stay-at-home fathers in the modern family

Jason Reilly, WPUNJ student writer   In today's changing economy more men are staying at home with their children, becoming stay-at-home fathers. Often, couples find the economic benefits of having a stay-at-home father are greater when the man becomes the caretaker. In a June 5, 2014 New York Times article, family and gender role writer, Claire Cain Miller, writes that the main driver for staying at home is choice.   According to Gretchen Livingston, senior researcher for the Pew Research Center, the number of stay-at-home fathers has doubled from 1.1 million in 1989 to reach  its highest point—2.2 million—in 2010. Eric Mountford, of Slate online said that he’s a stay-at-home father because although he'd love to put his kids in daycare five days a week, he doesn't have the...

How can gender work for you in the workplace?

Kaylee Gelenius, WPUNJ student writer Women have been looking for equal recognition in the workplace for decades. Even though more women have risen to high-ranking positions, they have yet to enjoy the same success as men. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IPWR) states that as of 2015, women still earn 20 percent less than their male counterparts.  Differences between gender diversity at work are equally stark on the personal front. Business executives are just beginning to understand how to wield the different gender qualities to their corporation’s advantage. While a balance between the gender qualities in a workplace is an idea that businesses are looking to instill, today’s world often associates only masculine attributes with success. However, various studies and scholarly articles have proven that each gender brings particular...

Renew your career by upgrading your online presence

By Amanda Hollenback Some find social media and other internet platforms to be a burden to society, but the truth is that 78% of the population in the United States has at least one social media or social networking account. That means those who are say they dislike social media likely have an account themselves. According to Statista, every month, Twitter gains 319 million new accounts and Facebook has over 1.86 billion registered users worldwide—making social media an influential machine to be reckoned with. If you want to advance beyond what your field offers, building your brand on social media can have amazing benefits. Including networking, professional promoting, and becoming a credible figure on some of the most used platforms on the internet.   Of course, social media has its...

Spring is the best time to renew your career

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Renew Your Work Options and Career Goals

By Rebecca Pall, Mind Key intern   With spring being a time of renewal in nature, it is also a great time to find opportunities to better our well-being.  One of the many changes that people may undergo is finding a new source of employment. The energy of the season notwithstanding, professionally speaking, spring is an ideal time to clean up your resume and begin the hunt for a new job.     The best time of year to job-hunt is now According to an article published by Career Sidekick, a website devoted to helping people advance their career and find better jobs, March, April, and May are some of the best times to apply for a new job. This is because employees  tend to take family vacations in the...

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