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A life of Passion: Tackling your soul’s purpose

Mind KEY / Career  / A life of Passion: Tackling your soul’s purpose
Uncovering passion in your own life can lead to following your soul’s purpose.
Follow your soul’s purpose by uncovering passion and understanding your heart’s desire. Image by Kerstin Zettmar.

A life of Passion: Tackling your soul’s purpose

By Theresa Birmingham

At Mind Key, we believe each individual has the potential to discover not only the infinite possibility that exists within them, but we also believe the individual should work on uncovering passion in their life. The difficulty arises in getting to that point. The process. The rigor and effort behind the passion.

But here’s the kicker—if we are truly following our passion, our soul, our internal fire, there is no fear. And without fear, the rigor and effort become second to the actual purpose we are fulfilling.

Mind Key editor Libby Reilly knew a girl in college who, instead of wasting time with small talk, would ask, “What are you passionate about?” Not, “What’s your major?” Not, “Where are you from?” These questions are important, sure. But more important than those details, those labels, is what lives at the heart and soul of who we are.


The power of labels

Take away the labels, the details, the extraneous pieces that are supposed to define us. Instead, embrace that deep, dark, fiery piece of yourself. This is the part of you with true meaning and the purpose. This part of yourself is the reason you are here.

You are not just a mother, a friend, a Starbucks barista, an office assistant, a husband, a CEO, an entrepreneur, a fill-in-the-blank. You are you by pure virtue of the fact that you have a fire in your belly to do something with your life that means something.

Let’s go back to labels for a minute. Although not the be-all, end-all of who you are, that doesn’t mean a label can’t be attached to your passion.

For example, perhaps your favorite label is “mother.” Your passion may, in fact, be raising your family, giving your children the tools to weather any storm, be their best selves, and uncover passion in their own lives.

Let’s also say that being a husband is one of your favorite labels. This also may be a passion. Perhaps you saw the unhealthy relationship between your father and mother. Or maybe you saw the extremely healthy relationship between them, and want to emulate the man your father was to his wife. This may mean that one of your greatest joys is being the best husband you can be.

Labels are in important in finding and defining our passion. The distinction comes from not allowing the labels of what we do to define who we are.


Working together in uncovering passion

In one of my favorite quotes, Martin Luther King, Jr. states:

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.’”

There is not one thing in this world that makes a good person better than another. There is not one way to follow your path to uncovering passion and finding purpose.

Your purpose, your path, your fire is already in you.

Whether that purpose, that path, that passion, is sweeping a street, working on cures for AIDS, or being the next Michael Jordan or Hunter S. Thompson, you deserve to follow your heart. In fact, this is Mind Key’s ultimate mission—to help individuals in the process of uncovering passion and purpose in their own lives and encouraging their healing, growth, and happiness by following their heart. The beauty of this mission is that it’s simple—because when you’re following your heart, you’ll know.


When it comes to uncovering passion, it’s easy come, easy go

The reason you’ll know it’s your passion is that there will be hard work and hard times. But…it won’t feel like it.

This is not to say you won’t experience stress and life will be hunky dory. No, what this means is that, when you are letting go of the fight and accepting who you are, what you can offer, what you need from life, it reduces that anxiety that sits in your heart. It frees your mind and your heart.

How do you get to the point of finding your passion, though? How do discover what you need to move forward?


Following your passion is fun

Easton Corbin’s song, “Lovin’ You is Fun” is one of my favorites. It’s the pace, the joy, the easygoing beat of the song itself that grabs my attention. The chorus, though, is what gets me.


Love don’t have to be a bunch of drama

A bunch of knock-down, drag-outs, crying in the rain

It’s all right to keep it light now mama, don’t you think

We’re having such a good time together and it’s only just begun

My heart’s never smiled so hard

Baby, lovin’ you is fun.”


Seriously… Love, joy, passion, calling, purpose… Whatever words you want to use. At the end of the day, when it comes to your heart’s desire, it should be fun. Our hope is that through our articles this month, you will find new ways to incite your passion. Ways to make them your life, rather than try and arrange your life to fit passion. We know the path to health, happiness and success isn’t always easy, but we do believe it should be a cherished experience you wouldn’t have wanted any other way.


Uncovering passion, invigorating your soul

The founder and CEO of Mind Key, Danielle Rose, states:

Passion is at the heart of The Mind Key Project. When you are living passionately, you are following your heart. Following your heart means doing what you were meant to do. We were born with talents and passions for a reason. Honoring them means honoring the reason for our existence. Personally, I believe following this feeling of fire or passion is truly the meaning of life.”

I feel a “Preach” coming on.

But truly, when we follow through on our passions, we invigorate our soul, we discover new roads, and we embrace the connectivity that exists between all life.

And here’s something else to think about… What if we all followed our passions? What if we all found those things that invigorated our souls? Each of us, fulfilling our life’s purposes and going down new and traditional roads. Each of us overcoming our fears and unlocking our hearts and minds to vast amounts of potential.

As we move into the month of May, Mind Key and The Daily Key will examine more thoroughly what passion means to us. We’ll be sharing interviews with individuals who are fulfilling their passions through work and home life. We will have articles on how to find passion in the everyday. But we will also discuss how to find passion in financial wellness, and how sex can be empowering. When it comes to passion, there’s a great deal we can tackle, and we hope that you join us as we learn with one another.

Theresa Birmingham

​Theresa Birmingham studied Biology and English Literature for her undergraduate degree and then went on to get her Masters in Forensic Psychology and also in English Literature and Creative Nonfiction writing.

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