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May: A month of passion

Mind KEY / Energy  / May: A month of passion
Dive into our May astrological forecast to find out how passion can rule in your life this month!
Our May astrological forecast predicts a month of blooming passion. Image by Meredith Brower.

May: A month of passion

By Seshat Clairvoyant

Our May astrological forecast is predicting: Passion.

The winter was a long one full of challenges, obstacles and surprises we were not expecting. In truth, we knew deep down inside these changes were happening and are still happening.

We are still reeling from April’s energy, which is nothing short of surprises. If you read last month’s forecast, you know exactly what I am talking about. Some of us experienced hit after hit in home and career. Some faced issues from the past, while others have been working through trauma. Some faltered while Mercury was retrograding through Aries.

April was no joke, and I know you are hoping May will bring some blessings, and even a break in the intense energy. We are now five months into the year, and it just does not seem this intense energy will let up. I am here to say it won’t let up. This is because you are being reminded of what you want, of what your passion is. This is the month for it.


Focus new beginnings on the long run

By the time May rolls around, we are cheerful and looking forward to summer. Some of us are so engrossed with the spring weather we start imagining love everywhere. Single or not, love is on the mind for the majority of the population. Many of us are thinking of vacations while others are thinking of babies. Some of us are thinking of new beginnings and how to get them started.

While April brought us a lot of images of new beginnings, with May now here, we are all eager to get started. Nothing can hold us back from going after what we envision. Yet, our drive, our passion, can get the best of us if we aren’t careful. We want to make sure that what we are chasing is for the long-term and not some short-lived fantasy.


Passion ignites during May’s new moon

May 15th is the new moon in Taurus. During this day, stay focused on your goal. Do not waver, do not look back, and just plunge forward with intent.

Many don’t think of Taurus as a passionate sign but trust me, it is. When Taureans set their minds, eyes, heart and soul into something or someone, nothing can deter them or stop them from getting what they want. Their passion ignites and it is all or nothing for them. It does not matter if they are chasing dollars, a love interest, the latest trend, the newest restaurant or bar, once they get it, they savor every moment of it. Utilize Taurus energy during this new moon to seize your passions and goals.

The downfall of being caught up in your passion; however, is you can get blindsided. You will grow obsessed with attaining what you believe is yours and this new moon will be one of those savory moons that do just that.

During this new moon, you will want to go all out with your intentions and rituals. You will want to get the best of the best to perform your ritual. The color candles you will want to use for this new moon are brown, green, pink and white. You will want to use honey and light pink candles for whatever love intentions you want to set. Brown and green candles are great for money intentions for this new moon, while white candles will help any of you who feel stuck to move forward with positivity. Remember, you will want to keep your eye on the prize while setting these intentions.


Our May astrological forecast senses a shift in energies

On May 16th, Uranus shifts energy in Taurus for the next eight years.

What this means is everyone will have huge unexpected changes in money and career. What you thought was safe and secure no longer will be. What gave you motivation, drive and passion will now diminish and a new course of action will be had.

So, trust me when I tell you to set really good, tangible intentions and goals during the new moon the night before, and keep that focus these next coming of years. Those who are in power and who are stable with money can lose it all. Some will have to start from the bottom up, while others will be benefiting from all the hard work put in these last eight years.

Please, keep in mind that change, as erratic as it is, also brings many blessings.


Full moon momentum

May 29th is the full moon in Sagittarius, bringing us fortune, expansion and truth.

This full moon is in step with the planetary shifts happening this month. As much as Sagittarius loves a great party, to travel, to learn, to enjoy the finer things in life, it is also one of those signs that works hard in order to party hard. So, during this moon, don’t let anything distract you. Don’t let the naysayers put a damper on your goals. Recall the passion you had during the new moon and bring it forth during your rituals, meditations and releasement of this full moon.

Imagine big things including big career changes. Visualize big home changes, or even that big vacation you always dreamed about. Just imagine and let it go unto the Universe, and let it manifest.

Harness the energy of your passion into a purple candle. Write your fears down, write down the ties you want to break free from, and burn it all away. Let the fire of the candle ignite your passion for living, creating and exploring.

The May astrological forecast is surely pointing to a very interesting month. Money will be on everyone’s mind and agenda, but there are those whose passion burns so bright that nothing will stop them from getting their romantic partner. Commitments are a very real thing is month, career changes and financial changes (both bad and good) are all happenings this month.

Stay positive and determined.



Seshat Clairvoyant

Mind Key Community

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