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Spring renewal for health and success

RENEWAL Issue of The Daily Key

by The Mind Key Editorial Team Spring is invariably coupled with the idea of this issue’s theme of Renewal. Each spring, harbingers of growth and birth appear across the earth, and ecology grabs our attention. We renew promises to ourselves to stick with the diet, or get out and exercise more or make other improvements in our bodies and our environment as a whole. Our issue’s theme of spring renewal for health and success means it’s never too late to start fresh and make major, or even minor changes in your life. Renewing yourself can be as simple as trying something new or visiting new places; the main idea is to prioritize your well being. These little actions can become bigger steps in growth and renewal...

Renewal reading for transformation

Spring into the season with deep transformation

Each season offers a chance to shift and change. Seasonal readings are one way to energetically and spiritually connect with what’s happening in our environment, the world at large, and the universe as a whole. Each issue, The Daily Key will bring you an energetic reading to help you align with the coming season. This spring renewal reading for transformation explores indicators beyond those typical of change. It encourages us to recognize the signs of deep transfiguration and asks that we focus on what’s happening internally. Our personal energy is, after all, a microcosm for the changes happening in the macrocosm of our lives.  Renewal reading for transformation This spring’s reading discusses how our personal energies align with what’s happening in our environments. The card pulled was...

labyrinth spring renewal ritual

Celebrate spring with a labyrinth walk

by Cris McCullough, Certified Labyrinth Facilitator Spring equinox is a yearly astrological event which occurs when day and night are of equal length, this year occurring at around noon (EDT) on March 20th. A labyrinth spring renewal ritual is an easy, mindful and simple meditative way to bring intention and hope into the coming season. Traditionally the spring equinox has focused on prosperity and thanksgiving for new growth and new opportunities. After a two year world hiatus due to Covid, I think we could all use a little hope. Walking a labyrinth, alone or with a group, is a beautiful way to affirm a return to the positive in your world. Your personal labyrinth spring renewal ritual  Ritual is a way to keep us mindful, focused and in...

Clean ocean access supports local artists

Artists Supporting Clean Ocean Access opening reception

by Danielle Rose Clean Ocean Access [COA] is opening their office doors for a reception from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday, March 31. Instead of business as usual, Clean Ocean Access supports local artists with a full display of artwork. "Creations for the Ocean: Artists Supporting Clean Ocean Access" is centered around various media works inspired by the power of the local environment. The belief is that storytelling in all forms is essential to our sharing and understanding of the natural world. “We look forward to sharing our first artist-focused event around our vision of a clean, healthy ocean that is accessible to all,” according to COA. Attendees will have light refreshments and an opportunity to meet and chat with the artists. The original works will...

Athlete recovery methods help with training without injury

By Darren Cooper Athletes are willing to do anything to gain a competitive edge on their opponents. Today that even means stepping into a deep freeze. In the last few years, the world of athletic training has seen a new-found emphasis on recovery and renewal. It’s no longer all about how much weight you can push on a bench press bar. It’s about flexibility and the ability to keep training without injury. “I’d say in the last five years or so, recovery has become a huge focus,” said Mike Nunziato, owner of TNT Training in Paramus which has serviced professional athletes and college and high school stars. “We know that if kids are beat up all year, they’re not going to be able to practice hard.” Cryo has...

Take a breath: Walking the labyrinth for stress reduction

We have managed to thrive during the tumult that is the holiday season. As we enter a New Year, filled with both hope and uncertainty, we may need a gentle prompt to reclaim mindfulness. The action of walking the labyrinth can be seen as a metaphorical journey. It gets us out of our heads and into our hearts, from the stress of the day-to-day grind and into a state of peace. Walking the labyrinth for stress reduction is as easy as breathing in and breathing out. It is perfect for maintaining peace of mind. Walking the Labyrinth for Stress Reduction A labyrinth is a walking meditation that centers our mind and brings us calm. At first glance it may seem like a puzzling and confusing pathway of...

daffodils for brighter days

Daffodils for Brighter Days

by John Hirshboek Daffodillion introduced their “Daffodils for Brighter Days” logo when Covid tragically became part of our lives two years ago. Most of us began our masking and quarantining that spring, but Newport’s over one million daffodils (a “daffodillion”) still exploded in a profusion of bright yellow glory, as they have each April.  Seeing the daffodils emerge, after a winter of Covid’s doom and gloom, brought a symbol of hope. They promised us brighter days ahead.  Buttressed with an outpouring of support and sentiment to continue our efforts, we sought donations to purchase more bulbs to give away in the fall of 2020 and again in 2021. Our community responded, both with contributions and then “sold-out” bulb giveaways each October.  As a result, an additional 100,000 Dutch Master...

Things to do in the Hudson Valley

Things to do in the Hudson Valley

By Joseph Gonzalez The Hudson Valley (where I’ve lived for my whole life) is home to a myriad of activities, whether you’re looking for a break from city life, or if you’re generally looking for new experiences. They can give you an opportunity to find ways to renew yourself going into the spring. Things to do in the Hudson Valley As the northeast comes out of this brutal winter into warm weather, we remember that spring goes hand in hand with making a refreshing change for yourself. Now that the sun actually stays up past 5 PM, you have endless possibilities in regard to trying new things. If this is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. The things to...

Renew with self-compassion

Renewal brings a kinder and compassionate you

by D. Isadora Grisanzio  This is a time to start fresh. To shake off the old, and welcome in a new you. As we emerge from isolation into an endemic Covid world, we find ourselves wanting to “spread our wings” and get back to the tried and true habits and experiences—like going to the gym—that familiar rush of “do, do, do” which we often drop off after a month or so into a New Year. Instead, this year, perhaps try giving yourself a gift—renew with self-compassion to not only start fresh, but to also learn self-forgiveness and improve your connection to others. How do you renew with self-compassion? We are often our own worst critics and can be harsh on ourselves, cutting ourselves down constantly with our own...

Take a social media break

Springtime self-care: balancing your priorities

By Josephine Belliveau Are you the type of person who is all work and no play, and a part of you feels like you should prioritize your well-being? In this day and age, many aspects of our life take place on a phone screen. Everyone has the opportunity to project themselves through the media. While it is an easily accessible way to stay connected to loved ones and even take inspiration from people you don’t know, it’s easier for lines to blur between the two perspectives of social media and real life. When you’re only seeing the best parts of everyone’s lives, it puts pressure on us to do more and try to measure up to the perfect standard we see all around us. Springtime is...

support your adrenals

Support your adrenals to combat stress

It would not be an understatement to say that a majority of us have lived with some form of stress over the last two years. As Dr. Gary Kracoff notes in his article on how renew with adrenal support, short term stress is ok. Our “fight or flight” response kicks in; we handle what faces us and generally move on. But long term, constant stress is another story. It takes a toll on our emotional and physical bodies to our overall detriment. With this issue focusing on Renewal, it’s crucial to have methods available to combat stress, especially if they’re methods you’ve never even heard of. In this article from Natural Awakenings Boston, Dr. Kracoff offers tips for recovering our overall health through the support...

Real Root Beer recipe for renewal, an old fashioned natural springtime soda recipe

Step into spring with delicious nutritious real root beer

By Karen Talbot, Wild Gardener Supplements and powders mixed into morning smoothies are helpful in keeping ourselves looking and feeling better. But the foundation of true self-care begins at ground level with unprocessed food and drink that can deeply nourish our health and wellbeing, as well as prevent a call to the doctor’s office. A North American recipe for old fashioned soda made from roots, barks, and herbs (we can call this the Real Root Beer recipe for renewal) is one herbal component of that foundation that benefits many bodily systems. But how did this natural springtime soda originate, and what are these healing plant ingredients? North American recipe for real root beer When colonists arrived in the new world, there were no familiar grains to homebrew “small...

nature as an ecosystem versus machine

Your body is nature: a guide to connecting with nature wherever you live

Our bodies reflect the patterns of nature. Each of us has an innate rhythm that responds to the time of day, the flow of seasons and the ecosystems we inhabit. Herbalism treats both the human body and nature as an ecosystem versus machine that resonates with the environment it inhabits, utilizing energetics to manage these connections. This article by herbalist, Sajah Poplum, discusses the role of energetics in herbalism and suggests techniques to more deeply connect with nature no matter where you live. By Sajah Poplum, School of Evolutionary Herbalism The body can be understood as either an ecosystem or as a machine.  The more you understand that your body is but a mirror to the natural world, the more you see the elemental and energetic cornerstones that form...

Organic versus pesticide farming Chemical free food Organic foods

Salad with a side of piperonyl butoxide: Making the move to pesticide-free

Spring is a time of renewal of mind, body, spirit and environment. Many of us greet the new season by renewing our garden spaces in preparation for the growing season. Spring brings an abundance of fresh bitter greens at this time of year. The body craves these nutrients as it begins to shed winter fat. Becoming aware of pesticides, how they affect the body, and how to avoid them, is a timely focus for better health. This article, by registered dietician Melissa Kirdzik, was first published in Newport Naked. In it, Melissa explains the pervasive use of pesticides in our environment and why organic versus pesticide farming can be better for both your health and the environment. Making the move to pesticide-free By  Melissa Kirdzik for Eat...

Post-covid reintegration

Hacks for reintegrating into a post-covid world

By Cris McCullough, MA, Holistic Counselor Post-covid reintegration  It’s been a challenging two years! But here we are, gazing into what has been described as, “the new normal.” We all have made sacrifices of one kind or another, and now we are faced with the challenge of reintegrating and finding our personal rhythm that helps us be and stay healthy. There are many ways to find healing that can assist us in embracing the new normal. The Daily Key editorial team asked some of our trusted colleagues from various disciplines the question: “What are your suggestions/tips/hacks to help folks recover, renew, and master the act of post-covid reintegration?” Reintegrating with New York State therapist James M.:  How can isolation affect a person’s well being? For many, at the start of the...

enjoy the great outdoors for renewal

Use nature to combat covid stress syndrome

The National Institutes of Health identified COVID stress syndrome as a legitimate disorder which has made a debilitating impact on our children especially. Hippocrates said, “Nature itself is the best physician,” as Joann Ayuso, a fitness trainer and health coach from Providence, RI, well knows. In 2018, she founded Movement Education Outdoors to provide opportunities for all children, especially those of color and with limited resources, to enjoy the great outdoors for renewal, and begin to recover themselves and, hopefully, regain a sense of normalcy. See why time in nature is not only a balm to the soul, but also an important key to our on-going physical, emotional, and mental well-being and just maybe a way to save and inspire the next generation. R.I. Programs Explore...

Imagery with art and words: Building a creative meditation practice

By Kathy Mack, "wholistic" life coach and expressive art therapist Humans are wired for connection and community, but maintaining safety and survival has often meant foregoing these in the past 24 or more months. Given the acute challenges of modern times, many of us have had to make compensations and choices to survive differently during the pandemic. There is a need to renew and reconnect, but how to begin? Building a creative meditation practice is a tool renewal during difficult times. Learn how this simple and creative act can reconnect us with ourselves, our community, and even our inner circle. Creative meditation practice for renewal during difficult times Times of stress, fear, lack of connection, or count-on-able norms and routines that fall away pretty much summarizes our living...

mini-guide to storm king art center

A hidden Hudson Valley gem: Storm King Art Center

One of the best ways in the steps to renewing yourself is traveling to a new place. For those not ready to travel, a simple change of scenery may be the key. New York's Hudson Valley is home to a number of unique locations, one of which is New Windsor's Storm King Art Center. This outside/inside exhibit, is part art museum, part nature walk. This unique art experience is a refreshing way to experience artwork. Even those who aren’t huge on art will find something to enjoy. This mini guide to Storm King Art Center This article done by takes you through an average visit of the center, and even gives you directions on how to get there! Your mini guide to Storm King Art Center ​​By...

Collaborating with nature

Collaborating with nature for a healthy Earth

For meditation purposes, many will ground themselves in nature, an act that can be beneficial for your overall health. Grounding in nature offers a multitude of benefits for body, mind and soul. Since humans are constantly surrounded by nature, stewardship is a natural way to give back to ensure our own health and happiness. Collaborating with nature also offers this hope for future generations. Creating a mutual collaboration with the environment is the mission of the organization Partner With Nature.  Partner With Nature believes that by collaborating with nature, we can create a healthy environment for years to come. Learn more about communicating with nature, and building a simple and sustainable practice of stewardship in your own daily life. Partnering with nature through nature communication by Basia Alexander Once...

Murder mystery in Newport RI

Murder, mystery and mayhem in Newport, RI

By Cris McCullough Murder Mystery in Newport, Rhode Island? Newport has been the home of numerous mysteries throughout the decades. A number of books have been written about murders in the extravagant mansions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Some are true accounts, and others fiction, but each story shines in the opulence of historic Newport. Looking to experience your own murder mystery in Newport RI amid a unique theater experience? As we emerge into the season, eager to laugh and become physically engaged with our surroundings, the Marley Bridges Theatre Company offers immersion into a world of mystery and mayhem. Discover how at Beechwood Manor and beyond where spectators are encouraged to take on the role of sleuth. History and imagination collide The Marley Bridges...

Celebrating Beltaine and trees

Beltaine and Arbor Day: Celebration of Earth in bloom

By Cris McCullough Beltaine. May Day. Many of us associate mid-spring with the quaint traditions of dancing around a May Pole or the crowning of the May Queen. This is a time of exchange with nature, a time to celebrate renewal in all its forms. Buds begin to form on the trees, encouraging us to slow down and pay attention. Celebrating Beltaine and trees is an ancient tradition, one that translates contemporarily to a sweet stop in the woods. Anyone who has placed a hand on a tree to intuitively “listen” to the sap beginning to flow can agree. Even exchange: Celebrating Beltaine and trees Beltaine is an ancient Celtic festival of renewal and fertility dating from Roman times. Entire villages would gather and sleep under the stars,...

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