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Mind KEY / Posts tagged "poetry"

NJ EVENT: St. Catherine Art Expo March 11th-13th

St. Catherine of Bologna, Patron of the Arts Association is holding their This is a wonderful event that encourages us to use art to stay connected,  touching those parts inside us we don't give enough attention. Amateur and professional artists of all mediums will have their work displayed in this juried exhibition.  Live music and free hors devours each evening, and a poetry reading at 7pm Saturday.  Free admission, donations gratefully accepted. For more information, visit or stop by to view this and other great events. ******************************************** If you are interested in having your event, business, product, or idea highlighted on Mind Key, visit

Getting back on the “Wheelbarrow”

so much depends  upon    a red wheel  barrow    glazed with rain  water    beside the white  chickens - William Carlos Williams As a part-time professor of English, I teach this poem every semester. Keep in mind many of my students have not been in a classroom for a number of years. The wide-eyed looks of bafflement never cease to put a big smile on my face. Never mind that every time I teach this poem it’s around 7 pm on a weeknight. I am fried, and so are they. Still, this poem tends to spark a much welcomed blaze of conversation.  I have to make it clear in the beginning of the lesson that this is, in fact, the ENTIRE poem. Much of William’s work is obscure but widely read and taught. “The Red Wheelbarrow” has...

Wearing and living your enchanted muse with avalove

Ms. Ava Hu"I hope to be able to inspire others to feel good when they wear avalove, and live their dream!"Ava Hu is a writer and artist and businesswoman who is most passionate about the moment creation happens.  She has contributed four poems to Mind Key's Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance and is a wildly successful clothing artist in New York City.  Ava's muse, spirit, and inspiration is the moment creation happens. (Click HERE to read a review of her poetry and accompanying art in Yin and Yang).Inspired by music and nature—by branches, bodies of water, flowers, birds and botanics, and feathers of all shapes and sizes—Ava's life has been dedicated to following the song of her heart and her soul to create...

The power of simple words, images, and art: Ava M. Hu in Yin and Yang

Photography by JoAnna SchillaciYin and Yang poet, Ava M. Hu, is an artist and poet currently residing in NYC.  She designs her own clothing line called avalove with a shop in Artists & Fleas in Chelsea Market, NYC. She creates one poem, one metaphor at a time. Ava received the Amy Award from Poets & Writers magazine as best woman poet under 30 in NYC, and Jane Hirshfield picked her poem, Varanasi, as first place for the America's Review Poetry contest.Ava M. HuShe has submitted a number of simple poems for inclusion in Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance.  Ava's word choice is exquisite, eliciting raw, and often nostalgic emotion from a few short lines of descriptive language. She does this in all her pieces, whether...

Celtic Poetry of Place

A total connection with the present is a difficult thing to obtain. Our worlds are shaped by our tumultuous histories, and our triumphs are often overshadowed by our worst enemies - ourselves. Daily planning and routine trumps most spontaneity. As a result, many turn to myths, rituals, and metaphysical practices to gain a better sense of what it means to embrace the present and savor every moment in a significant place, whether that place be physical or mental. The poetry associated with the Celtic tradition offers boundless outlets for anyone seeking connectedness. Here is simply a taste of what the Irish have to offer.The Lake Isle of InnisfreeI will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,And a small cabin build there, of clay...

Charla’s story of Mind Key – Charla Dury

I’ve been blogging off and on for nine years.  That’s right, I said 9 whole years!  I started on MySpace (can you believe that I mentioned MySpace to a younger coworker today and he had no idea what I was talking about?) and I gained a tremendous following.  Over 300 subscribers.  I blogged about  family, friends, life, politics, love, kids, poetry (and poetry games) and personal experiences. Pretty much anything.  Except fiction.  I read fiction, I don’t write much of it.   Sadly sinking MySpace I blogged on MySpace for a few years, making many new friends along the way.  I created Charlapalooza and Walk The Word (incredibly attended and insanely popular poetry games,) was picked up as a weekly poet on and, with...

The Mind Key Midsummer Festival is Tomorrow, Saturday June 20th

The Mind Key Midsummer Festival is an opportunity for the Community at large to meet vendors and educators whose goal is to help you find healing and passion.  At Mind Key, we believe that when you are on a path that leaves you fulfilled, inspired, and always striving for the next best thing, then health and happiness follow.  We’ve planned a day of events with this belief in mind.  Self discovery through dream interpretation, creative activity, and different health modalities are only a few of the ways we’re sharing our path with you.  Musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments and play at our open mic.  Poets and writers can read their work between demonstrations throughout the day.  Children will have an opportunity to explore...

Meet the Community: Tara Ann Lesko

“I live my life between my ears.”Tara Ann LeskoTara Ann LeskoIn sixth grade Mind Key writer Tara Ann Lesko’s elementary school librarian asked the class to write a story based off a picture prompt of a dove that looked like it was flying off the page.  What ensued was a story about a motherless girl who watched the doves on her wallpaper disappear one by one, until one day she saw them flying outside her window.  Tara’s story brought her teacher to tears.  “[Writing has] been who I am ever since,” Tara said.  “It’s defining of who I am.”A teacher and tutor of English, Tara admits that she was a writer first and last.  “My identity is comprised of poetry and prose,” Tara said. This...

The Mind Key Community: Meet Sarah

Mind Key Member, Sarah LoukosIf you’re so psychic tell me when my birthday is. When people ask me questions like that, I know they don’t understand what being psychic really means.Sarah LoukosAlthough a deeply connected Mind Key Member, Sarah Loukos is more than just a psychic.  She picks up on the subtleties of humanity, particularly those of the emotional variety.  “I can’t read your mind,” she clarifies. But as an empath, she can energetically read the emotional signals each person’s body and aura transmits.  Once aware of a person’s dominant feelings she uses her clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), and claircognizance (psychic knowing) to decipher what is happening to trigger the emotion—the loss of a pet or friend, or news of a marriage or...

Charlapalooza Memories

October, 2006. The gauntlet had been thrown, and Charla and I prepared for the mental gymnastics that were soon to follow. Two poets enter. . . well, two poets leave. As far as I know, no one’s brain has ever exploded from Charlapalooza. But only one poet will be victorious, their reward the knowledge that they have mastered the art of pulling a poem out of their ass. It didn’t matter that my highest level of poetic training was high school AP English, or that I had never willingly written a poem in my life. What mattered was the blood-thirsty fans that threw the most ridiculous topics at us, yet not once did I cry uncle– not even when the topic of BANANA HAMMOCKS was...

How Charlapalooza rocked my world

Danielle Rose and Charla Dury in 2007Strict guidelines, ridiculous suggestions, and sometimes tight forms totally stretched my creative muscle back in 2006 when I first (most willingly) fell victim to Charlapalooza.  First of all, I met and became great friends with Mind Key Member, and creator of Charlapalooza, Charla Dury.  Secondly, of my best poems—a few of which were subsequently published—ensued.  Not only that, but Charlapalooza gave my writing exposure I had never experienced.  A ton of new readers, a spot on a Blog Talk radio show, publication, and editor positions were all to follow as a direct result of my participation.   From there I was invited to and traveled to poetry festivals, further building my network and my social networking skills both in person...

The origins of Charlapalooza and what it means to me

Charlapalooza is a blog game that sprouted on my old Myspace blog back in 2006.  I was writing a semi-successful blog about life, the universe and everything and wanted to be more interactive with my audience.  Back on the Space, people would actually comment on blogs but I wanted more.  I figured that I enjoy challenging myself and, since I am NOT a poet – or don’t think of myself as one – but love words, I decided this would be a good way to do it.  So, I got my friend Medussa on board and we called for topics from my many blog subscribers.  Lots of people showed up!Suggestions ranged from the serious to the silly and Medussaand I furiously wracked our brains...

Charlapalooza 2.0 is open for suggestions!!!

Awesome Charlapalooza banner!!!Welcome one and all to Charlapalooza 2.0!!!  Charlapalooza is a blog game where a challenger and I take suggestions of topics on which to write poems.  Begun on myspace circa 2006, we're resurrecting the game for Mind Key. To see some of the old suggestions and poems we wrote way back when, check out my warning post from last week.  This week my challenger is Danielle Rose. She and I will be writing poems based on your suggestions.    We have decided to go with a website called Formsite for both the suggestions and the voting.  I've embedded the code below to allow you to suggest right here in the blog.Whew!  This is so much more darned work!  (Mostly for Danielle.  Even though this is called...

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