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create your best year in 2019

Learn to create the perfect year this January

By Seshat Clairvoyant Happy New Year! 2019 is bringing us so much new energy to learn from. This is the year to learn how to create a more positive life. When we add 2019 it adds up to three. Three years give us the energy to create. In numerology, the number three is all about creation, self-expression, optimism, joy and socializing. Perhaps most importantly, threes represent honing your spiritual practice. This is the time for expansion, illumination and plain old fun. The energies will show us how to create your best year in 2019. We will learn new ways of leading a healthier life—a more spiritual life...

cancer moon at the end of 2018 means its time for shadow work

Celebrate your hard work and honor its fruits in 2019

by Seshat Clairvoyant The holidays are here, and yet it feels like only yesterday we were ringing in the new year. How is it possible 2018 is almost over? This has certainly been a year to remember as many people went through huge changes. Many of us are happy to the see the end of 2018. Yes, it’s good to be hopeful for the new year but we must remember that 2018 is an eleven number year in numerology (2+0+1+8=11). Eleven years mean a lot of self work. We are in a shadow period of our individual work, healing and realization. Depending on how you viewed this year it will set the pace for 2019, which is a three year in numerology (2+0+1+9=12 / 1+2=3)....

November’s Astrological Forecast: Communication is key to manifesting our desires

By Seshat   November welcomes us with powerful, life-altering energy shifts that will continue to steer us for the remainder of the year. Life as you know it will no longer be the same. Everything you have ever wanted, desired, and needed will be presented to you. What is at the heart of your deepest desire? The trick question is not if you still want it, but if you are ready to gallop away with it once you have it? Are you ready to make it yours? Once it is yours, what will you do with it? November scorpio energy will demand you are clear so you can manifest your desire. New moon energy in Scorpio The 7th of November starts us off with the new moon in Scorpio....

Welcome the joyfully healing July days and experience the richness of summer’s power.

July Astrological report: The slow burn of a summer month

By Seshat Clairvoyant   This is a month of intense energy shifts, but it is also a time of lazy summer days, so get set for a joyfully healing July.   Retrogrades abound in the joyfully healing July sun Last month we had two more planets go into retrograde, and this month Mercury joins in on the fun. The good news is that at least Jupiter will be stationing direct this month since going into retrograde back in March. Jupiter will finally finish its deep introspection in Pluto on July 10. Visiting Pluto was a very reflective mode of deep soul healing. The shift in energy will be felt, as with it will come some shocking news. Past traumas will be healed, past wounds will be sealed,and optimism will shine through.   New...

June unearths fearlessness

June Astrological Report: Finding courage

By Seshat Clairvoyant   Happy Summer days are almost here This month’s astrological forecast shows that June unearths fearlessness, and we embark on the journey of finding courage. The days are longer and warmer now, and the nights seem endless. It’s time to hit the waves, go sightseeing, and get active once again. Forget staying inside doing tedious work. Now is the time to travel and do all the fun things you have been daydreaming about on those long cold days and nights. Spring has also brought us rain, which kept us indoors. We have been stir crazy, and full of energy for those long-awaited summer days.   June unearths fearlessness All those daydreams are screaming to get things moving. As a result, you may be acting quite erratic—doing things out...

Dive into our May astrological forecast to find out how passion can rule in your life this month!

May: A month of passion

By Seshat Clairvoyant Our May astrological forecast is predicting: Passion. The winter was a long one full of challenges, obstacles and surprises we were not expecting. In truth, we knew deep down inside these changes were happening and are still happening. We are still reeling from April’s energy, which is nothing short of surprises. If you read last month’s forecast, you know exactly what I am talking about. Some of us experienced hit after hit in home and career. Some faced issues from the past, while others have been working through trauma. Some faltered while Mercury was retrograding through Aries. April was no joke, and I know you are hoping May will bring some blessings, and even a break in the intense energy. We are now five...

Hone your focus; April astrological focus

April: A month of energy and a time to refocus

By Seshat Clairvoyant Our April astrological focus finds us highly energized. With the arrival of April, there is also a shock and energy that none of us know where to focus. Our attention last month was captured by so many different things happening that we’re wondering what to do next. Should we run and never stop? Should we disappear altogether? Perhaps we should just remain quiet and let this month happen without saying anything? Yet, the truth of the matter is, we have to deal with whatever shock was delivered to us in March. We can’t run and hide. We can’t disappear, and of course, we cannot remain silent. Remember we are still in retrograde energy this month. Two more planets will be retrograding this month...

Be bold but don’t let your ego lead you

March: An Ego Driven Month

by Seshat Clairvoyant Don’t let your ego lead you With spring in the air, it’s easy to get caught up in change, but don’t let your ego lead you astray. The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, the weather feels warmer and people are emerging from their winter slumber. The arrival of March brings hope to many. The winter was harsh and these past two months were oftentimes anything but a joy ride. January brought emotional hit after hit, we saw the women in our family go through some challenges, and reality sunk in. February was a month of unexpected surprises, change, news and very revealing dreams with the eclipse on the 15th. March brings on some chaotic energy and, if you are not prepared...

February: The month of knowledge, revelation, and the Chinese New Year

By Seshat Clairvoyant Blessings to everyone. I hope January was an easy month for you, but now here we are in February wondering what the hell just happened. We had two full moons last month, which brought up many emotional blockages, as well as the purging of these emotions. Our desires seemed to take center stage. It felt like an erratic month, but this was only to prepare you for the month to come.   Where’s the full moon, February? February does not bring us a full moon because we had two of them in January. We experienced one January full moon in Cancer and the second one in Leo. January really cemented the year before and made us realize a lot of things. We had to...

January: The Month of Emotional Perspective

By: Seshat Clairvoyant Happy New Year to all! Hopefully you all have survived the holidays and are now setting intentions for the new year. 2017 was a year to remember with lots of ups and downs. Lots of lessons were learned that might have shifted your perspective in certain things. In our January astrological report, you'll discover that 2018 will also be a year to remember. What to expect in 2018 In numerology, the year 2018 adds up to the number 11. This is a master number that highlights spirituality, enlightenment, psychic awareness and heightened intuition. However, it also highlights high levels of anxiety, Happy New Year to all! Hopefully you all have survived the holidays and are now setting intentions for the new year. 2017 was a...

Make the most of December’s astrological vibrations

 By Seshat Ixchel A note to December Hello, December; you are here at last. We have all been dreading but yet waiting for your return. The year came and went while spinning us out of control and taking so much from us. We are drained but yet hopeful. Who would have thought 2017, the year of manifestation and the fire rooster, would be so catastrophic. So many bridges burned. So many collapsed. So many people screamed in agony, but yet we still stand. Our December astrological report, proves that despite the craziness of 2017, we will in fact finish the year on a high vibrational note! There is hope for high spirits this holiday, despite the at-times overwhelming stress of the season. December Supermoon On December 3rd we will...

Allow an attitude of gratitude to be your roadmap this month

By Seshat Ixchel The days grow shorter as they get colder. Everyone is preparing for the holidays. This is a month of gratitude for everything that has transpired throughout the year. As we get closer to finishing the year, reflection starts to set in. What are we truly thankful for? Did we accomplish everything we set out to do this year? As the days get colder our, minds wander to our personal relationships. Are we even happy being around the people in our circles? November's astrological report will offer guidance on how to take the current shifting energies of the universe and turn them your way through the simple act of feeling grateful. Full moon: bringing gratitude for life's unwelcome lessons November 4th is the full moon in...

breaking patterns with Aries energy

Breaking patterns of self-sabotage

By Seshat Ixchel Autumn has arrived! With it comes crisp air, ushering us into Libra season. The time of fairness and love is here. The days get colder and nights shorter while our thoughts are wandering about warmth and partnerships. The month of the bruja (witch) is one of the most revered amongst women and children. Plans of Halloween costumes and parties are underway. Decorations and pumpkin spice is visible anywhere you go. The oranges and reds of the changing leaves ushers in so much beauty it's no wonder so many love fall. Yet, this full moon in the early month of October is bringing so much attention to areas in our lives that must be burned away, breaking patterns and cycles that no longer serve...

September: the Month of Wishes

By Seshat Ixchel   The calm after the storm of eclipses and retrogrades has arrived, and with it a new set of energies emerge. August was a very intense month of purging, self realization, meticulous self-evaluation, and listening to your body. August gave us two eclipses which illuminated and activated us into proper action when it came to self-care. The month came and went on a steady pace, but with it came a lot of healing. This month, as we focus on wishes, know that the moon and wishes make a powerful pairing. We’ll offer some insight on how you can use the ever-flowing energy of the heavens to make those wishes come true in a solid and healthy way.   Calm among shifting energy September starts with Mercury in...

August: Yin, Yang, and Retrogrades

The start of August brings us a whirlwind of energy. In a blink of an eye, July came and went. The shift in Leo energy was felt and anticipated by all. Everyone’s egos are up and centered, ready to pounce. Cancer season was an emotional upheaval with many changes in the home front. As we enter Leo season, we are being asked to check our powerful yang energy. Retrogrades and eclipses are here to illuminate us and our actions. We start August with Uranus retrograding in Aries, where it will stay until January. With this said, be sure to watch your temper and your words. Think about your actions. Uranus, the planet of surprises, rapid change, and interconnectedness, is here to remind you of your...

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