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A Taurus lunar eclipse brings change this November

Mind KEY / Energy  / A Taurus lunar eclipse brings change this November
november 2022 full moon report
This month’s full moon in Taurus has us all in for some stubborn change that’s been a long time coming. Photos by Marcos Ferreira and Photo by Jack Taylor

A Taurus lunar eclipse brings change this November

By Oneyda Salazar

The 8th is the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus and the energy of this is going to be really uncomfortable. The days leading up to this eclipse will be chaotic because Scorpio-ruled Mars will be in retrograde motion in Gemini. Keep reading to learn more in our November 2022 full moon report

Polar opposites rile the emotions

You must be wondering what Mars has to do with Taurus. Well, traditionally Mars rules Scorpio and it amplifies the emotional state of the Scorpio. What does this mean for the full moon in Taurus? It means emotions will be running amok. Scorpio and Taurus are polar opposites and where Scorpio doesn’t mind showing, telling, and making you feel how they feel, Taurus will have you wondering about their feelings, and yours to be honest. This eclipse could have you wondering about a lot of peoples’ feelings, intentions, and what exactly it is that they want or need. 

Do not be surprised if you feel frustrated, angered, brutal, and uncomfortable. This will be normal throughout this eclipse period. The important thing is to be careful about how you express these emotions. You might start a fight, or come off as a bully, but do your best to stay grounded. You may be thinking: “but Taurus energy is all about food, being beautiful, and feeling good!” 

But have you ever seen a Taurus who feels you have wronged them? There’s nothing chill or beautiful about them (a bull enraged is not a beauty to behold), and they make you feel like the lowest of the lowest scum. 

A Taurus  also never forgets, and are quite vengeful. Although not as impulsive as Leo, sadistic as Scorpio, or as calculated as Aquarius, Taurus are tactical. Remember Venus rules them so they are good at strategizing and starting an argument with you just so they can get the revenge they seek. During this Taurus full moon, this energy will be amplified in all of us. 

Shocking change means thinking out of the box

This full moon is also being amplified by Uranus. Uranus has been in retrograde motion in Taurus since August. Think back to August and see where you have been resisting the change that is occurring in your life right now. This is a good time to look through your journal and reevaluate those things you were processing then! 

Of course if you have been adjusting to the changes, then the full moon total eclipse is going to reward you quite nicely. If, on the other hand, you have been struggling or resisting the change then this full moon will show you why you are struggling. It will also show you quite an unexpected way of adjusting to the change.

 You might think where you are being led is crazy, out of the box and even unstable but remember Uranus is the planet of shock and revolution, and humanity is all about thinking outside of the box. That Uranus in retrograde will only amplify the way we process its energy. 

Choose not to remain the same just because this energy makes you comfortable. Change and growth is all about being uncomfortable in order to transmute negative energy into a positive. Yes, there’s always the possibility of buckling under the pressure, but remember even if you crumble with this full moon you will have the chance later in the month to pick up the pieces when Papa Jupiter reigns free in the cosmos. Check out more in our November 2022 astrology report.  

November 2022 Full Moon report: Working with the Taurus moon 

Colors to work with during this total lunar eclipse full moon in Taurus are black, green, pink, and even red. Spending time outdoors would be very beneficial …actually walking and moving your energy, not just grounding. I mean of course you can do grounding work if this is what your intuition is guiding you to do. However, exercise and perhaps eating something light will energize you during this time. 

I would avoid working with water but if you feel you must, then you must. Otherwise, water will amplify everything you are feeling, and you might not like how you are feeling. However, as always please do what you intuition is asking of you. 
Want more? Check out this month’s astrology report to get insight into the new moon on November 23rd, plus more astrological insights to guide your November.

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