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Winter immunity tips for body, mind and soul

Strengthen body, mind & soul with these winter immunity tips

by Cris McCullough With winter comes a new slew of stressors. The holidays, shorter days, cold weather, midterms and flu season all combine with other life stressors of the season to create weakened immune systems. Boosting immunity isn’t as simple as taking a supplement, not when so many factors come into play. These winter immunity tips go beyond the common and cover all aspects of one’s mental and physical well being with a focus on body, mind and spirit. Good health is more than just a healthy body Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Gottfried reiterates the importance of each individual’s body, mind, spirit connection in addressing immunity.  “Think in terms of enhancing your mind, body, and spirit (known as psychoneuroimmunology),” he said. “Try some of the following suggestions and see what...

Jahmu Chai Tea for health and peace of mind this holiday season

Last-minute Christmas shopping and weather-caused delays can combine for an eventful season. Being constantly on the move means your coffee Keurig might not see an off-day until the new year. Outside of coffee, you may be hard-pressed to find beverages that are both quick-to-make, and not too bad for you health-wise. Then, of course, there’s Jahmu Chai tea. Made with good-for-you turmeric and ginger, Jahmu’s flavorful turmeric tea benefits the body and soul in so many ways—from inflammation to blood sugar, to digestion and sleep. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. We like to whip this instant version of India’s golden milk into a fashionable turmeric latte, or mull it with cider or wine for a warm, healthy and tasty drink...

Middletown Aquidneck Growers Market

Each Saturday enjoy locally grown produce and support the local community. This will be the 22nd season of the market and over 20 vendors will be there with guest artisans and live music. Get some delicious healthy food for the day and once you finish up grocery shopping go in for a wine tasting!...

This month’s passion issue has us looking at all sorts of characters. Mallory Harte Underwood talks success.

Story of Success: Mallory Harte Underwood

By Libby Reilly Stories of Success Mallory Harte Underwood talks success as we delve into this month’s theme of passion. One common thing that comes to mind when thinking about passion is someone who has chased a goal or dream, and is now living their passion through their work. Mallory, the powerhouse entrepreneur behind Hartewood Professionals, a unique virtual assistant business, has done this. Mallory and her family of four reside in Phoenix, Arizona and strive to soak up all that life has to offer. Through her previous work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, meditation and yoga practice, several cross-country moves and now raising two children, there were many instances that lead to her taking the leap into entrepreneurship. In this interview, Mallory shares the scoop on...

Nothing like a good challenge to shift your view of life

By Barbara Steingas We all need challenges to help us grow and expand our thoughts and beliefs. We tend to get caught up in limiting perspectives in life and can remain victims of our circumstances. When faced with tumultuous situations, we have an opportunity to see things in a new and different light. Challenging perspectives can change what we previously thought was impossible, to possible. Challenging perspectives, and expansion of thought This is what happened to me when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and was told my condition was incurable. Initially, I believed this to be fact. Then I was faced with a crossroads decision: my doctor wanted to put me on an immunosuppressive drug. He advised that the medicine would shut off my defense mechanisms, and I...

gratitude tea meditation

Gratitude and your cup of tea: bringing in abundance, gratitude and peace

Jessica Filkins is a health coach and owner of Jahmu Chai, a healing turmeric ginger tea. Each month, she shares a tea meditation that can be done quickly and easily during your morning cup of coffee or tea to bring more peace, abundance, joy and healing into all areas of your life. As we look forward into 2018, this gratitude tea meditation helps us recognize all that’s come before to bring us to this place, so we can continue to grow forward.   By Jessica Filkins A daily meditation practice can increase your happiness, hone your focus and improve your health. Despite the growing body of scientific research on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices, most Americans do not incorporate meditation into their daily lives. However, most...

The Milk, The Myth, The Legend!

by Amanda Hollenbeck, Fall 2016 graduate of William Paterson University, NJ Milk, health and hormones? It is believed that in American culture, dairy has become a factor in the decline of health due to hormones and contaminants that can cause obesity, cancer, and even osteoporosis. A poll completed by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service showed that in 2015 alone, Americans consumed 28 million pounds of low fat milk, which is sometimes assumed to be the healthier alternative to whole milk. Although the link between milk and health problems grows stronger with more revealing research, milk consumption continues to thrive while health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer loom over America like a heavyweight. The connection between milk and common health concerns According to the Physicians Committee, a...

Finding the Chai: A review of Jahmu, turmeric and ginger spice blend

By Charla Dury I first discovered Jahmu on Mind Key’s Marketplace. I have always loved chai tea and, after purchasing chai spices from a local spice shop and discovering I needed more ingredients I didn’t have, I was looking for a simple way to make it at home. What mostly attracted me to Jahmu; however, was owner, Jessica Filkins’, Tea Meditation Project. Stemming from her love of Jahmu, Jessica encourages the idea of meditating during the simple act of drinking a cup of tea, and this seemed like a perfect fit for my life at the time. The combination of meditation, turmeric and spices makes Jahmu more than just a healthy spice tea. What is Jahmu? Jahmu Chai is an instant turmeric and ginger chai tea inspired by...

Balancing energies: Chinese Medicine as a Path to Fertility

By Anna Plavnicky, WPUNJ student writer From a young age, women are influenced to remain abstinent out of fear of pregnancy.  But what happens when the fear changes to, “why can’t I get pregnant?” Luckily, there are many natural fertility options that balance both masculine and feminine energies to promote conception.   While many westerners regard sex as pleasure-based, Eastern medicine focuses on successful reproduction. New drugs and treatments enter the western market daily, but Eastern Medicine achieved herbal treatments for infertility since 200 A.D. While the U.S. focuses on medication and artificial insemination, Eastern medicine strives to aid in overall fertility. Therefore placing their focus through balanced energies and traditional holistic methodology.   Traditional Chinese Medicine and fertility   Traditional Eastern Medicine grounds itself in the balance of energies known as...

The Yin and Yang of food: Balancing the energies of what we eat

by Ana Valentin, WPUNJ student writer When was the last time you acknowledged where your body stood in relation to energy (also known as Qi)? When was the last time you chose to focus on the positive, or minimize negativity? Was it at a time of balance or imbalance? Perhaps it was with the goal of starting a new diet because the body felt broken down and sluggish? This represents a symptom of imbalance in the body. Energy and food go hand in hand to create balanced health. What if you were told  balancing out these energies is as simple as eating more of certain foods?   In Taoist belief, the concept of yin and yang represents balance. It is vital in every aspect of life, including...

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