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Jahmu Chai Tea for health and peace of mind this holiday season

Mind KEY / Health  / Jahmu Chai Tea for health and peace of mind this holiday season

Jahmu Chai Tea for health and peace of mind this holiday season

Last-minute Christmas shopping and weather-caused delays can combine for an eventful season. Being constantly on the move means your coffee Keurig might not see an off-day until the new year. Outside of coffee, you may be hard-pressed to find beverages that are both quick-to-make, and not too bad for you health-wise. Then, of course, there’s Jahmu Chai tea. Made with good-for-you turmeric and ginger, Jahmu’s flavorful turmeric tea benefits the body and soul in so many ways—from inflammation to blood sugar, to digestion and sleep. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. We like to whip this instant version of India’s golden milk into a fashionable turmeric latte, or mull it with cider or wine for a warm, healthy and tasty drink at your next holiday gathering. Keep reading for more health benefits and recipes for our favorite instant turmeric tea.


Turmeric tea benefits body and soul

Turmeric is a hot spice with a variety of full body benefits for health, immunity, inflammation, digestion and more. Ginger is well known for its ability to facilitate digestive fire and ease digestion, while also boosting immunity. Ginger can also help you feel satiated, which is a boon whether you’re running on empty, or are caught in a holiday pattern of overindulgence. Combined with a list of beneficial spices, the ginger and turmeric in Jahmu offer a powerhouse of nutrients and actives that benefit overall health.

Jahmu Chai is an organic blend of one-third turmeric, one-third ginger, and one-third spices (cardamom, fennel, fenugreek, cloves, cayenne pepper, black pepper). About half the ingredients are fair trade, and all of the ingredients are certified organic. Its instant formula makes it easy to make—just add hot or cold water or beverage of choice and stir. It comes in a convenient shaker jar that’s great for travel, mason jars perfect for your countertop or pantry, or in small pouches that fit perfectly into pockets and purses while you’re traveling, or on-the-go this season.

Forget indulging in caffeine-heavy beverages that leave you either over-stimulated or crashing. Whether you choose a the traditional Caffeine-Free Jahmu, or Jahmu Caffeinated with instant yerba mate, Jahmu is sure to give you that extra boost you need. Plus, Jahmu’s tagline: “Liquid Sunshine” is exactly that—a feel-good drink that leaves you feeling warm and bright.

Visit to learn more.

Turmeric and the holidays—a perfect match

Outside of its multitude of health benefits, Jahmu is everything you could ask for in a tea. It’s instant, which makes it perfect for adding to smoothies, drinks or for on-the-go. It’s sugar-free, giving you the choice of adding any sweetener you please. It can not only spare you the crash of caffeine, but can actually help you get a better night’s sleep, all while boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation and burning fat. Jahmu’s spice blend provides a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional cold-weather drinks like coffee, tea or cocoa. In fact, Jahmu is so good, you can add it to your coffee, tea or cocoa for added flavor and health benefits!

Toby Dury of Colorado, loves the energy Jahmu gives him every morning, and began touting his favorite variety, Golden Milk, as a morning boost to his friends and family.

Thanks to the proprietary blend of spices Jahmu, unlike coffee or other caffeine-based energy drinks, won’t leave you wired when you’re ready to sleep, either.

Mother, teacher and Rhode Islander, Laura Berard said, “I made myself a cup [of Jahmu] one night and had the best night’s sleep, which is amazing since I never sleep through the night and often start my day exhausted.”

Something for everyone

Although the classic caffeine-free and with-caffeine varieties are always 100% vegan and organic, vegans will surely enjoy the creamy instant Vegan Coconut Golden Milk, as well. For those who have a sweet-tooth, there’s also a lightly sweetened turmeric chai with coconut sugar that’s perfect for traveling or on-the-go.

Combined with a traditional powdered matcha tea, Jahmu’s Matchai is a twist on a long-standing tradition of green tea. Jahmu has also placed their signature on another long standing tradition—hot cocoa. Jahmu Chocolate blend is made with rich Balinese raw cacao, Jahmu’s proprietary blend of spices, and is lightly sweetened with coconut sugar.

Find all of Jahmu’s varieties for sale this season at the Mind Key Marketplace, and enjoy 15% off your purchase with coupon code HOLIDAY15. Go to to purchase today.

Sign up for Jahmu’s newsletter, which is chock-full of recipes and information on how Jahmu works, and get an additional 10% discount on your next order.

Ways to use Jahmu this holiday

Jahmu is an instant beverage that is a healthy addition to your active lifestyle. However, you can use the ingredients to create some of your own drinks.

If you’re looking for a cold beverage, it only takes some cold water, almond milk, and maple sugar along with Jahmu mix to make yourself some Iced Creamy Chai. Or try a new twist on a holiday favorite with turmeric eggnog.

Looking for something warm? Try substituting Jahmu for your traditional cider or mulled wine spices for a warm holiday treat that is sure to warm your guests. Sometimes, less is more.

For those who like a bit of spice in their coffee or cocoa, adding a half teaspoon of caffeine-free Jahmu goes a long way to adding dynamic depth to your favorite drink. Not only that, but Jahmu will help your body calm the inflammation caused by all those holiday cookies that seem to be everywhere (including in your cup of coffee).

Jahmu also works as a healthy and flavorful spice for your holiday cooking and baking. Try sprinkling it in mashed potatoes and pumpkin or apple pie. Use it as the centerpiece ingredient in your baked squash, or use it as a glaze or rub for your Christmas ham or turkey. It makes a great addition to ginger cookies, too!

Try making anything using your organic products, and your holiday season will be that more tolerable once you take that first sip. Visit Jahmu’s recipe page to discover other ways to incorporate Jahmu into your drinks and recipe.

About Jahmu

The idea of Jahmu was first conceived in 2011 when Rhode Island resident, Jessica Filkins, discovered the benefits of ginger and tumeric. When she was living in Indonesia in 2013, Jessica discovered “jamu,” which is the word “herb” in Indonesian. Drinking this new-found beverage also helped relieve health problems that were not fully responding to prescribed antibiotics.

From that point on, Jessica made it her goal to show how turmeric and ginger could help the Western world in ways that weren’t thought to be possible. Her mission through Jahmu is more than just to present a great product. Jess’s goal is to provide love and healing with each vendor show, talk and demonstration given, and each jar of Jahmu sold. That’s why she created the company as a Public Benefit Corporation, and why each batch of Jahmu is hand sifted, and blessed with reiki healing.

To learn more, visit Jahmu’s website, or visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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