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March: This season’s astrological lion

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March 2023 astrological report

March: This season’s astrological lion

by Oneyda Salazar

March has arrived and life as we knew it has all but disappeared. Nothing is the same anymore; all the changes we went through these three years were for now. All those inclinations, indications, changes and stressful moments were meant to make you stronger and wiser for this new life changing event. March is going to be the beginning of a new life for everyone.  Keep reading for our March 2023 astrological report.

2nd: Mercury enters Pisces

The second of March, Mercury enters Pisces for a very short period of time. However, this transit is going to be quite frustrating. As many will be not paying attention, they will be lost in their heads with that faraway look, and yet some will be avoiding all types of conversations. To get a straight answer from anyone will be havoc. Nothing will make sense and what does seems impossible to those hearing it. Patience will be your friend at this time. 

Hang in there, because on the seventh we have two transits happening which are very important. 

7th: Full moon in Virgo

The seventh’s full moon in Virgo will push you to feel all the remnants you are still holding onto. All types of emotions may surface while dreaming to let you know you still have healing to do. I suggest working with plants, the colors brown, green, and yellow. Go out for a walk and most importantly take a bath during this full moon. It will help you to flow and assess things better. 

7th: Saturn enters Pisces 

Also on the seventh, Saturn enters Pisces, and will remain there for about three years. I wish you all luck, including myself, as this will not be easy peasy. This transit is the one I have been preparing all of my followers and clients since Saturn entered Aquarius back in 2020.

Now, we will all be experiencing reality checks, things that were made in illusions, delusion, and lies will burst. Many will not be able to handle this transit as it will be affecting us outside and inside. Yes, I said it backwards because our outside world is what is changing without our control, and so our inside will also feel out of control. Many will succumb to mental health issues, addictions, escapism, and infidelity so take care of your mental health. Also, Saturn will be delivering karma in real time not five years from now. So, think before you speak otherwise you will be learning that what you do ricochets unto others. You have been warned. 

11th & 16th: Activity in Taurus

The eleventh, Juno enters Taurus. At this time we will be faced with our comfort in our current relationships. New partnerships will be made based on our comfort levels and income. Many will be traversing new pastures out of boredom and discontentment. While, others will be solidifying lucrative contracts, deals, and partnerships. Just make sure everyone is comfortable with this and it’s not out of greed, jealousy, or selfishness. 

On the sixteenth, Venus also will be entering Taurus where she will be at home once again. Many will be questioning their choices thus far. Many will find they aren’t happy or comfortable with their partnerships. This will be a battle as the Goddess of Love loves to be worshiped and to do for herself. If you find you are getting the short end of the stick the probability of you exploding is very likely. So, make sure you are doing things from the heart, because you want to. Be solid in that, and be comfortable with what you are getting yourself into. 

19th & 21: Stellium in Aries

On the nineteenth, Mercury enters Aries. This transit is going to be rough because we will be in a Aries stellium, meaning more than three planets reside in one zodiac sign. This means be mindful of your words. Everyone is on edge and angry with the current world. You will offend others, you will provoke others, and people are taking things personally as it seems the world is out to destroy them. Being delicate and compassionate will gain you peace. Now, I know I am saying “you,” but by this I mean everyone is sensitive at this time. Words aren’t enough for people anymore and all it is doing is causing conflict. So, be mindful and ask yourself is it necessarily, can it wait, is it love, and most importantly is it true. 

The twenty-first is the new moon in Aries adds to the stellium. This is also the day the sun moves into Aries, making it Aries season and the first day of the astrological calendar. It’s also the first full day of spring. Stay home if you can! If you can’t, then be on guard. Keep to yourself and stay by yourself today; trust me this will serve you well. You will need the time for yourself in order to really understand what is happening. Work with the colors black for protection and releasing, pink for compassion, red for motivation, and white for clarity and peace. Opportunities for self employment are high so explore them. New job openings are worth looking into. A more fun and creative way of making money will be presented as well. 

22nd: Ceres retrogrades

On the twenty-second, Ceres retrogrades in Virgo. This transit is a blessing in disguise, as it will help you to be patient and to pay attention to detail when it comes to manifesting your dreams into this new reality we are all in. You gotta remember things should take time and not be rushed. But, you will be feeling like you need to rush or keep up or do it right now. I am here to say that is not the right move. So, slow down and remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. 

23rd: Pluto enters Aquarius

On the twenty-third, Pluto enters Aquarius after being in Capricorn since 2008. Think back to what you were doing and all the changes you went through up until this point. This transit will change the world. Pluto stays in a sign for 12 to 20 years so, get comfortable with all the changes the world will go through. Fixed signs, you will be heavily affected by this transit and all those who have heavy fixed sign placements in their charts. The old is gone as the new comes into play. No more phoenix moments as this transit is about destruction, revolutionizing, reinventing, and soaring with the changing of the winds. Eagles and snakes will be your power animals and your guides throughout this transit. 

25th: Mars enters Cancer

Finally, the 25th Mars enters Cancer after being in Gemini since August of 2022. Aries and Gemini rejoice as now you can finally move forward at the pace you want. However, always remember Mars is a fire planet and it really does not like being put out and at times water only makes it worse. Cancer being the water sign it is this transit will be an emotional one. Things can get messy and out of control. Yet, there is hope in our homes. Moving or making your home more comfortable will be a priority. Working from home and being creative at home will bring in revenue. 

March 2023 astrological report

If you made it this far in our March 2023 astrological report, I hope you aren’t scared and see these challenging times as a way to build a stronger foundation and go after your dreams. 



Danielle Rose
Founder, Mind Key

I help people follow their dreams! As the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Mind Key, Danielle has the skills and abilities to help you grow in your chosen career, or to launch the business of your dreams to the next level.

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