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november 2022 astrology report

A Change in Direction: November’s astrology report

By Oneyda Salazar November offers the change direction we all desperately need. Since the beginning of this year we have all been experiencing intense change. Life isn’t the same anymore and it will continue to be like this. Many welcome November with hesitation and the awareness that we are in Scorpio season. Fortunately, many planets have stationed direct, facilitating the much needed change of direction in our lives. So many were resisting these changes. Hopefully, you adjusted and didn’t resist too hard because the real fun is here. Keep reading for your November 2022 astrology report.  The full moon on Taurus on November 8th is also an eclipse, which will bring lots of uncomfortable energy. The days leading up to the full moon will feel particularly chaotic...

wedding tips for couples

Love in Bloom: Wedding tips for couples

Christine McCullough, Non-denominational Celebrant With spring wedding season in full bloom, happy couples around the globe are preparing to tie the knot. But for newly engaged couples, planning a wedding can feel a bit daunting. Even after scouring the internet for wedding prep tips, you may wonder how to make your day unique and special. Below, find four wedding tips for couples that will help make your day as unique and precious as your love. Four Wedding Tips for Couples The seed of love is planted in astounding ways. Sometimes through a unique shared hobby , like skydiving. Sometimes it’s a quick glance across the room on girls’, or boys’ night out and you’re instantly entranced. Other times, you may have cultivated that seed since you shared a...

One tip for overcoming heartbreak is to sing and dance the hurt away

Three tips for overcoming heartbreak, fast

by Danielle Rose Heartbreak hurts! Overcoming heartbreak hurts more. Sometimes gaining the perspective you need to move past your ex isn’t so simple. It can be so easy to want to ignore the pain, the hurt, to forget that part of your life as if it didn’t exist. Sometimes we make bad choices when our hearts are broken because it feels better to do something that feels good in the moment, rather than feel the hurt for one second longer. However, clearing the hurt rather than shoving it down will help you grow into the person you’re meant to be so that you can find the partner meant for you. Here, we offer our three best tips that you can use right now for overcoming heartbreak...

Discover your female power by abolishing the menstrual cycle taboo in your own life.

Shifting focus: Your perception of your cycle may be keeping you stuck

By Danielle Rose The menstrual cycle taboo has been present for centuries. As a writer and avid reader of fantasy and historical fiction, I have always been amazed at how all bodily functions and bloody experiences are described in stories—sometimes quite vividly. The menstrual cycle, however, seems to not exist at all. It wasn’t always this way. At one time, women’s bodies and cycles were revered and honored—as perhaps they should be. However, it’s hard to honor something that is perceived as taboo, unclean or a burden. Not to mention, some of us are crippled with a painful or heavy flow. These symptoms seem to shut our lives down for days or weeks on end. As a result,  women create so much stagnant energy around their...

Five communication tips for seeing your partner’s point of view

By Joseph Gonzalez Relationships are complex, and relationship communication is one of the most difficult aspects of any relationship. Whether romantic, platonic, or familial, they require effort. The ego and how we were raised plays a large part in how we perceive our partners. They also play a role in our relationships at large. Successful relationship communication shifts how the ego filters our interactions with our loved ones. This can help avoid undue judgment and result in greater relationship satisfaction. Allow the following approaches to enrich your relationships. Allow them to open your mind to new possibilities for strengthening the bond of love.   [caption id="attachment_6761" align="alignleft" width="206"] Relationship communication is key. Image by Kennedy Shenberg.[/caption] 1. Think about where they’ve come from It can be easy to forget how different...

Holistic consultant helps you discover the best resources for health, business and life.

Your right to health, happiness and success

By Joseph Gonzalez What are your 2019 goals? Whether you’re seeking to improve your health and feel better, bring your business or career to the next level, or simply refocus the next step of your life, Mind Key is here to support you. We believe everyone has the right to health, happiness and success. We also believe that these integral elements of humanity do not exist in isolation, but are intricately and delicately connected. That’s why we offer numerous ways to help you discover and understand the best resources for your body, business and life. Not only that, but we trust your inner guidance system, and want to help you hone it so that you are better equipped to determine which resources are worth your time...

Living fearlessly successfully requires self-knowledge

Living Fearlessly: finding freedom from within

Contributing authors: Kimberly Marsh, Jonathan Dury, Danielle Rose, and Theresa Birmingham   Living fearlessly successfully requires finding freedom from within and understanding your strengths and weakness as well as your passions.   Outside your comfort zone Are you merely existing, going through your daily motions with apprehension and timidly? Or are you living boldly, abolishing fear and conquering life with an unquenchable thirst? To live fearlessly is to make commitments outside of your comfort zone, to seek out experiences that may scare you—and may also change you. How can you get to a place where you look fear in the face and boldly move forward? How can you work toward living life fearlessly and accomplishing things that help you grow? For the month of June, we’ll explore ways to do...

Avoiding arguments by removing ego can increase relationship wealth and health

Are you committed to being right (Ego based) or your relationship (heart based)?

By Barbara Steingas Marriage, I have found, is about compromise and avoiding arguments by removing ego. About twenty years ago, my late husband and I went to the Big Island of Hawaii to attend an Anthony Robbins multi-day seminar called Life Mastery. It covered five main areas including relationships. Here, we discovered that the quality of our lives, particularly of our relationships, is based on the questions we ask ourselves.   The importance of questions From the time we are young, most of us are taught to ask disempowering victim-based questions. Questions such as, “Why are people doing that to me?” Or “Why are people being such jerks?” These types of questions revolve around our ego and create a separation between us and the other person. They also cause...

Personal Story: Finding Gratitude in Divorce

It can be difficult finding gratitude in divorce, and peace and confidence are hard to come by during the challenging seasons of life.With nearly half of all first-time marriages ending in divorce, this topic is one many are personally affected by. For Danielle, her preconceived notions about marriage and divorce brought personal judgment and feelings of guilt; however, she was able to gain support, confidence, and a new outlook on life after finding gratitude for divorce.   By Danielle B. Long before finding gratitude in divorce, I was a 26-year-old newlywed. On my honeymoon, I got pregnant. My husband and I worked opposite shifts when we were first married and did not spend a lot of quality time together. I was sleeping while he was at work and he was sleeping...

breaking patterns with Aries energy

Breaking patterns of self-sabotage

By Seshat Ixchel Autumn has arrived! With it comes crisp air, ushering us into Libra season. The time of fairness and love is here. The days get colder and nights shorter while our thoughts are wandering about warmth and partnerships. The month of the bruja (witch) is one of the most revered amongst women and children. Plans of Halloween costumes and parties are underway. Decorations and pumpkin spice is visible anywhere you go. The oranges and reds of the changing leaves ushers in so much beauty it's no wonder so many love fall. Yet, this full moon in the early month of October is bringing so much attention to areas in our lives that must be burned away, breaking patterns and cycles that no longer serve...

Balancing energies: Chinese Medicine as a Path to Fertility

By Anna Plavnicky, WPUNJ student writer From a young age, women are influenced to remain abstinent out of fear of pregnancy.  But what happens when the fear changes to, “why can’t I get pregnant?” Luckily, there are many natural fertility options that balance both masculine and feminine energies to promote conception.   While many westerners regard sex as pleasure-based, Eastern medicine focuses on successful reproduction. New drugs and treatments enter the western market daily, but Eastern Medicine achieved herbal treatments for infertility since 200 A.D. While the U.S. focuses on medication and artificial insemination, Eastern medicine strives to aid in overall fertility. Therefore placing their focus through balanced energies and traditional holistic methodology.   Traditional Chinese Medicine and fertility   Traditional Eastern Medicine grounds itself in the balance of energies known as...

sexual dysfunction is usually stemmed in spirituality and energy issues

Sexual dysfunction: A physical or energetic representation of health?

by Dr. Lisa Avila [caption id="attachment_5543" align="alignright" width="244"] To truly express our sexuality, we must release any latent judgements we may have been conditioned to believe about what’s acceptable or unacceptable sexually. Art by Sean David Wright[/caption] When I first read this quote by Caroline Myss, one of my earlier teachers and mentors, I didn't know what to do with it. Most of my life has been devoted to finding the root causes of what ails the body and the mind. As a healthcare practitioner, I found endless opportunities to explore the validity of the above quote. Later in my career, I spent time exploring the bridges between physical discomfort, emotional/spiritual distress, and body chemistry balance. In examining sexual dysfunction, I learned that the interplay between sex...

women in cloaks by Alma Carel

Sex in two worlds: A Middle Eastern perspective on intimacy

By Colleen Jennings If you are from a Western country, you probably have never stopped to consider the amount of contact you have with the opposite sex throughout the course of your daily life. You went to school with boys and girls and spent all your days with friends and family members of both sexes. Sex, and the understanding of it, is flavored by each of these experiences and encounters. However, if you grew up in the Middle East sex no longer looks the same, as contact with members of the opposite sex was most likely severely limited. How does understanding this perspective offer our more open culture insight into improving the quality of the sexual experiences? In most Middle Eastern countries—but particularly in the more conservative,...

letting go of toxic relationships

When relationships hold you back–Letting go of the limiting beliefs, not the connection

Toxic relationships take energy away from our personal path of growth. Ending a relationship that no longer serves us, however, can be a difficult journey. Someone once said to me, “Some people are easy to love, as long as they are in Australia.”  Some people I can only love as long as they live on Mars. The point is that sometimes toxic relationships make it impossible to do that which we love.  When that happens, we have two choices: try to change the relationship, or change the way we experience it. Wendy Watson-Hallowell, Mind Key’s own Belief Coach, shares how we can self-fulfill that which our relationships do not provide, and thereby forge a richer relationship with ourselves, and with those we love most.   Letting go of toxic...

attachment style is formed in youth, and follows us into adulthood

Heal the wounds of youth through romantic relationships

Falling in love means devoting energy into what another person is thinking or feeling. Research indicates that the childhood attachment style we develop have a lasting effect on our adult romantic relationships. Intimate partners often resemble either, or both parents in a variety of ways. Childhood experiences, whether positive or negative, impact the attachments formed in adult relationships, as discussed in a 2005 study published in the journal of Attachment and Human Development.   How childhood relationships affect intimacy as an adult According to the Center for Disease Control, 40-50% of first marriages end in divorce, meaning that few children witness healthy relationships and conflict resolution, leading many to fall into the same conditioned habits and behaviors of their parents. According to a review published by R. Chris Fraley of...

Motherhood: The ultimate relationship-with-self

Motherhood changed me. Danielle Rose as a brand new mother of two That's kind of funny to say, isn't it?  I mean, doesn't it go without saying?  Where there was once one, now there are two… two bodies sharing a body, two schedules to navigate, and two egos competing for space (and despite what anyone says, babies' egos are huge!). Then there came two… two children that is.  And no one tells you that having two kids isn't twice the work of having one—it's ten times the work.  Because with one blissful baby it's impossible to see how the intersection of bodies, schedules, and egos multiply exponentially. Ultimately, what happened was that I lost myself in the wild tangle of everything childhood.  Motherhood became an all-encompassing title that didn't...

Love yourself to love others

             I used to think that if I took time to care for my needs, that I was being selfish.  So I would give of myself to a fault to others. I people pleased in lieu of listening to what I needed or wanted. As a result, this depleted my energy and contributed to me developing an autoimmune disease.             Women, especially in our society, are looked at as the caretakers, causing many wives and mothers to use all their energy, focus and resources fulfilling the needs of their family and neglect to properly take care of themselves.             This can cause underlying resentment and family dysfunction. I found this to be true for myself.  I would take that resentment and internalize it, beating myself up and causing...

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