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Clean beauty products for spring

Clean beauty products for spring skin

by Magdalena Durkin, 13 year old student writer Clean beauty products are better for you and can help you bring your skin back to life in the spring. This article will include what is different about clean beauty products, what chemicals are bad in beauty products, clean beauty products brands and where to find them, and lastly how to make your own natural moisturizer. What chemicals are bad in beauty products Beauty products might make you look pretty, but the ingredients in them can be really bad for you. According to Business Insider some toxic ingredients are added during the making of beauty products, while product companies put other chemicals into the makeup to help with absorption, shine, shimmer, or a non-greasy feel. You may be surprised...

Next stage of personal growth

BLOOM: The Spring 2022 issue

by The Mind Key Editorial Team Flowers require an incredible amount of energy to bloom, and so does the process of blossoming as humans. Sometimes, when this is literally all we have energy for, other projects must be tabled until the next stage of personal growth is fully entered. In this issue, we will delve into this growth as we tackle topics on health, happiness and success. Blooming in this context could mean being spontaneous and branching into unknown places. In this issue we hope to offer insights for business and career growth, and how to bloom creatively. We share how to grow past health plateaus, and build better relationships with ourself and with others. We’ll also share our favorite suggestions for helping Mamma Earth bloom...

spiritual spring cleaning

Three ways to do a spiritual spring cleaning

by Sierra Vandervort If you thought spring cleaning was just for feather-dusting and clearing closets, think again. If you're feeling inspired to shift and change with the fresh energy of spring, you’re not alone. As the days grow longer and warmer, we’re naturally inclined to mimic Mother Earth and lighten our energetic field.  A spiritual spring cleaning could be a nice addition to your usual mid-May purge. Here are three ways a spiritual spring cleaning can help replenish your energy! Replenishing body, mind & soul: Timing is everything Seasonal connection is a practice that dates back thousands of years. Ancient Celts and Anglo-Saxons often marked their calendars with festivals to honor the solstices and equinoxes. In Ayurveda, early spring is Kapha season. Elements of water and earth are...

healthy relationship with exercise

Relationship with exercise = relationship with self

by Dana Chapman, The Diet Recovery Coach The word “exercise” is a loaded one that comes with a lot of emotional baggage. This is especially true when exercise is associated purely with weight loss efforts and goals. When you think you "should" exercise, a funny thing happens. You start to dread it, then you are far less likely to actually do it. Which is the opposite result of what you are going for. Today I want to show you another relationship with exercise, and a more freeing way to look at it. Healthy exercise motivation, step-by-step Here's a step-by-step process to get you started on building (or rebuilding) a healthier relationship with exercise, movement and your body…Even if you have had a tumultuous relationship with it for years. If...

What is a food desert?

Food desert explained: What are they and how are they created?

by Danielle Rose What is a food desert? There are many contributing factors to food deserts. They are places where residents have limited access to food, either because there are not many food stores available, or because the distance one must travel to reach food stores is significant. Food deserts are commonly found among low population areas, particularly those with a high rate of abandoned or vacant homes, low income, minimal education and high rates of unemployment. Although there is no sin­gle cause that creates a food desert, there are sev­er­al con­tribut­ing factors to food insecurity in America, including  income, transportation (like vehicle availability or access to public transportation) and education. These factors added to the rising cost of healthy eating make it hard for lower-income...

The Farm at Ketchikan

The Farm at Ketchikan is changing the face of local food

By Danielle Rose The Farm at Ketchikan is designed to grow and supply healthy, locally raised vegetables and produce to the local Alaskan community. Because Ketchikan is located in a food desert, owner Dr. Kevin Hall wanted to create a place where locals could find and purchase fresh, clean, and affordable locally-grown produce and vegetables that are both conscious and grown utilizing green energy. Food deserts are areas where residents have limited access to fresh, healthy food.  About The Farm at Ketchikan  The Farm at Ketchikan is housed at a 1914 farmhouse that was originally a bunkhouse for summer cannery workers. The 4600 square foot building is surrounded by 17 and a half acres. Dr. Hall particularly loves the tin architecture, and how spacious and sturdy the building...

wedding tips for couples

Love in Bloom: Wedding tips for couples

Christine McCullough, Non-denominational Celebrant With spring wedding season in full bloom, happy couples around the globe are preparing to tie the knot. But for newly engaged couples, planning a wedding can feel a bit daunting. Even after scouring the internet for wedding prep tips, you may wonder how to make your day unique and special. Below, find four wedding tips for couples that will help make your day as unique and precious as your love. Four Wedding Tips for Couples The seed of love is planted in astounding ways. Sometimes through a unique shared hobby , like skydiving. Sometimes it’s a quick glance across the room on girls’, or boys’ night out and you’re instantly entranced. Other times, you may have cultivated that seed since you shared a...

Why You Should Use a Travel Guide

Why you should use a travel guide

By Cris McCullough With restrictions lifting around the globe, new travel adventures are calling to many. While it’s true that many of us may be out of travel practice, you don’t have to do it alone. Hiring a travel guide is a great way to get the most out of your experience. Here’s why you should use a travel guide post-COVID when planning your next trip. Why is a tour guide important? After two years of isolation, a majority of folk are taking to the highways, skyways and sea to experience the many flavors of our world. A veritable blossoming of renewed interest in the bouquet of variety offered by other cultures and other places. The sights, sounds, tastes and smells beckon our senses and our curiosity. Should...

Affordable family activities in Hudson Valley NY

Things to do in the Hudson Valley: Affordable activities for families

By Joseph Gonzalez Are you considering giving your family a fun vacation, but aren’t able to dish out money to go to expensive destinations? According to a poll published by Bank Rate this is more common than one might think. Places like Disney World aren’t exactly the easiest to access, especially if you have more than one child. Luckily, there happens to be one general area with many affordable things to do: the Hudson Valley in New York. From Orange County to Kingston to Goshen, there’s a variety of places to visit. Many of them are not only affordable for the whole family, but also a fun time for all ages and tastes. Your bank won’t be broken with these affordable family activities in Hudson Valley,...

Summer activities at Bethel Woods NY

Bethel Woods: A historic venue and museum with activities for everyone

By Joseph Gonzalez As the summer approaches, many of us want to spend as much time outside as possible. The ideal situation would be to get out and catch some sun, while also doing something fun at the same time. Something that would fulfill both of these needs is discovering summer activities at Bethel Woods NY. Located in upstate New York, this idyllic Center for the Arts was once the original Woodstock site, but today, it has something for everyone. They have preserved the historic site and continue to hold concerts and festivals. However, as a nonprofit, they also believe that arts and culture are critical to the strength of the community. They offer youth, teen, adult and group programs for education and wellness programs, museum...

Save the Bay is for the children

Save the Bay’s Exploratorium has a lifelong impact

By Cris McCullough Save the Bay’s Exploration Center and Aquarium located at Easton’s Beach in Newport, RI, has been teaching visitors about the abundance and variety of sea life found in Narragansett Bay since 2006. The mission of the Exploration Center is to impart an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of sea life and how the health of our oceans affects our own wellbeing on shore. Through its many outreach programs, Save the Bay invites citizens to participate in the work to protect and improve the Bay. Most of those visitors are children, whose first encounter touching a sand shark or horseshoe crab at the Aquarium’s touch tank has often blossomed into a lifelong dedication to supporting the environmental health of the Bay; from this, we...

Old growth forest in Rhode Island

Portsmouth Forest in Rhode Island receives national recognition

There’s a new Old-Growth Forest in Rhode Island. The Oakland Forest of American Beech trees in Portsmouth RI was recently inducted into the national Old-Growth Forest Network. This is the first Rhode Island forest to join the nationally recognized Old-Growth network, and it offers opportunity for hiking among the trees. The Rhode Island Old-Growth Forest is an unique ecosystem of American beech trees. Thanks to a tree coring project done back in 2000, some of the trees are estimated to be between 200 - 300 years old. The Aquidneck Land Trust has worked to preserve the land for over 20 years. Now, they have a plaque and nationally acclaimed title to reward them for their efforts. Old Growth Forest in Rhode Island gets National Recognition From Newport Daily...

Rhode Island time capsules

Roger Williams Park Zoo & People’s Credit Union celebrate anniversaries with a time capsule

Intro by Cris McCullough Last month, two iconic Rhode Island Institutions—Roger Williams Park Zoo and People’s Credit Union—celebrated landmark birthdays. In a serendipitous alignment, both brands chose to celebrate the big day with Rhode Island time capsules. It’s a way for both institutions to commemorate their achievements and celebrate their history. In a sense, both Roger Williams Park Zoo and People’s Credit Union are honoring their past by anticipating the future. Memories and Rhode Island time capsules Back in 1872, in a park designed by famed landscape designer William Law Olmstead, a zoo was established to entertain and educate the people. I remember it back in the 1950’s when it consisted of caged animals scattered across the scenic landscape. My dad would drive mom and 6 kids past...

homemade rose cream recipe

Roses in bloom: A cramp-busting rose magnesium cream

By: Karen Talbot, Wild Gardener Magnesium deficiencies can cause a number of health concerns such as cramps, muscle aches and pains, restless leg syndrome, trouble sleeping, migraines and more. Because magnesium is important for the metabolization of Vitamin D, magnesium deficiencies can also result in symptoms of Vitamin D deficiencies. According to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), up to 50% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. This recipe for a rose-based magnesium cream can help ease muscle aches, migraines and more. This all-natural homemade rose cream recipe uses dried rose petals, water, magnesium chloride flakes and oils. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”- Abraham Lincoln Roses for cramps, aches and pains One of my favorite times of...

Bloom into a career change

Discover what’s possible with a successful career shift

By Joseph Gonzalez Your job should be something you enjoy. If you’re someone that works full-time, 40 hours a week, it’s not ideal or healthy to be looking at the clock every 5 minutes, constantly wondering when it’s 5 p.m. Unfortunately, this seems to be reality for a lot of people. According to a Gallup world poll, only 15% of people worldwide feel “engaged” at their job.  If you’re one of the many people that feel either unhappy or dissatisfied with work, and you’ve exhausted the possibilities within your current employment, perhaps it’s time to consider the first steps of a career change. The paradigm is shifting, and while it was once considered career suicide to shift jobs midway through your journey, today that’s no longer...

Reaching students in the classroom 1

On reaching students in the classroom: Leave them room to bloom

by Darren Cooper Sometimes, reaching students in the classroom seems nearly impossible. Ever wonder why teachers do it? Why they put up with the immaturity, the bureaucracy and the lunacy? It’s for those a-ha moments. That moment of bloom, that moment of joy and excitement when a child, young or old, has their mind opened to a new concept, or a new thought. These teaching tips for new teachers will help bring on those lightbulb moments by offering tips on how to inspire students and how to get students engaged.  “There is nothing like the look in the eyes of a child when you see they are starting to understand what you’re teaching,” said long-time Essex County teacher Chrystine Gaffney. “Those moments don’t happen every day, but...

finding inspiration in others

On being a Creative: Finding inspiration in others

By Josephine Belliveau Art, in all of its mediums, is individual in every way. No two people interpret it the same, and no artist creates with the same mind. There is only one thing that all art has in common, and it is that every piece is inspired and inspiring. For me, the most crucial beginning to my creative journey was finding inspiration in others. Psychologist Andrew J. Elliot writes for Harvard Business Review that, “The heights of human motivation spring from the beauty and goodness that precede us and awaken us to better possibilities.”   Art encourages us to see beauty in the mundane or unpleasant aspects of life. Consuming it gives us the power to interpret it into our own context and see that we are not...

The MET High School

How the MET High School helped a trans student find acceptance

Introduction by Cris McCullough In 1995 the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center (The MET) opened its doors in Providence, RI. It was the creation of two transformative thinkers and educators, Dennis Littky and Eliot Washor. They had a vision to redesign education in a way that, “put students at the center of their own learning.” As it’s blossomed, The MET High School has become a space for acceptance, community and encouragement. One of the driving philosophies of The MET is making sure students feel part of a culture in an environment that cultivates an, “everyone knows everyone” climate, and puts learners at the center of the educational experience. Ours was a happily homeschooled family. But I realized my three very precocious kids needed more opportunity. The MET...

Social media alternatives

Four social media alternatives for small business owners

by Danielle Rose In a tumultuous digital world, social media fatigue is running high these days. Unfortunately, business owners and small organizations often rely on social media to help their businesses succeed. This isn’t ideal for everyone. On the vast wide web, there are endless options for everything, even social media. Perhaps there are some social media alternatives for businesses as well.  Not everyone can be on social media Social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, or any of the other dozens of growing open-platform sites, are household terms these days. A 2013 Pew Research report found that 97 percent of organizations have a social media profile. Many of these companies utilize the pages for marketing efforts. Although there were no available statistics on the matter,...

easy curbside composting in RI

Clean Ocean Access’s mission helps both land and sea with natural remedies

By Danielle Rose Newport, Rhode Island, “The City by the Sea,” has a history that is inexorably tied to Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Clean Ocean Access (COA) is an environmental organization with a mission to educate local communities to engage in more environmentally responsible habits. They bring awareness to how our actions on land affect our waterways. The link between the health of land and the health of the sea begins with people; easy curbside composting in RI is the key to helping the environment. Through a concerted plan of action, COA is bringing awareness to our community. Compost: from garbage to garden, a zero waste initiative Compost is decayed or rotting organic material (such as plants) that returns nutrients back to the soil for plants...

Non-allergenic transdermal healing

ANSHI’s heart-centered approach to non-allergenic transdermal healing

By Danielle Rose Anshi means God’s gift in ancient Sanskrit. Janelle Noble Donovan, co-founder and CEO of ANSHI, was giving a gift to her daughter when she first started the company. What started as a few homeopathic remedies has now blossomed into a full line of non-allergenic transdermal healing medicine. “We believe in the power of natural ingredients, and we know that they can gently and effectively speed up the time it takes for your skin to heal,” Janelle said. Together with her good friend, Victoria, Janelle created ANSHI after spending many hours at the hospital, over a number of different occasions, with her young daughter, Regan. Her daughter’s needs while hospitalized varied. Sometimes she needed more fat and minerals, sometimes she needed to recover faster, and...

Anshi Transdermal Rubs

ANSHI Transdermal Rubs: Simple, natural and effective

The Mind Key editorial team Janelle Noble Donovan created ANSHI Transdermal Rubs after spending countless hours with her daughter at the hospital. Through her various bouts of illness, Janelle found that natural, topical solutions were a powerful way to aid in her daughter’s healing. Now her natural, handmade healing rubs have made their way into beloved vanities across the country. Donovan’s coveted ANSHI turmeric rub is cited on their webpage as “the first topical turmeric for health & beauty.” We had a few writers from The Daily Key give ANSHI a try, and share their experiences. About Anshi Transdermal Rubs “We believe in the power of natural ingredients, and we know that they can gently and effectively speed up the time it takes for your skin to heal,”...

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