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BLOOM: The Spring 2022 issue

Mind KEY / Issues  / Bloom  / BLOOM: The Spring 2022 issue
Next stage of personal growth

BLOOM: The Spring 2022 issue

by The Mind Key Editorial Team

Flowers require an incredible amount of energy to bloom, and so does the process of blossoming as humans. Sometimes, when this is literally all we have energy for, other projects must be tabled until the next stage of personal growth is fully entered. In this issue, we will delve into this growth as we tackle topics on health, happiness and success. Blooming in this context could mean being spontaneous and branching into unknown places. In this issue we hope to offer insights for business and career growth, and how to bloom creatively. We share how to grow past health plateaus, and build better relationships with ourself and with others. We’ll also share our favorite suggestions for helping Mamma Earth bloom this spring! 

Defining “Bloom” as personal growth

“Bloom” has a myriad of meanings. A couple definitions include:

1: a mass of wrought iron from the forge or puddling furnace

2: a state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor

3: to mature into achievement of one’s potential

We grabbed the idea of BLOOM for the issue theme because of its power as a verb. The verb form of the word is where we are tempered and pushed to grow. This is where we make the most change: in our personal lives, and in the world at large.

As The Daily Key moves from “RENEWAL” (the “maiden” from a triple goddess perspective) to “BLOOM” (representing the “mother” aspect), we are growing into a strengthened form of self. Bloom represents growth and there’s nothing we cannot achieve in the BLOOM stages of life.

Blooming into the next stage of personal growth

Whether career related, health related, or anything associated with your happiness, bloom can also reference your next stage of personal growth. Plans made in the winter can be fully realized in the spring, but what seeds have we planted? How do we cultivate the metaphorical shoots springing forth? What wonders will blossom if we remain awake and mindful? Although these metaphors are meant to be figurative, we will also touch on some of our favorite aspects of the season. Stay tuned for stories on blooms of a more traditional kind.

In this edition, we touch on stories to support growth in your career. We share stories to build your relationships through insight and personal development. We discuss the importance of creativity in the next stage of personal growth. Of course, we also share information and resources for health and sustainability. This is the work that taps out our energy reserves because it’s so hard! But at the same time, this is where we see how strong we are. 

What to expect in BLOOM

We see this edition of The Daily Key representing the next stage of personal growth. Not just in regard to achievement and success, but also the need for rest and self-care. Although the metaphorical flower we have carefully cultivated may wither and die, what comes from the energy invested into and provided by it lasts much longer. 

BLOOM Table of Contents

  1. BLOOM: The Spring 2022 issue
  2. Three ways to do a spiritual spring cleaning
  3. Relationship with exercise = relationship with self
  4. Food desert explained: What are they and how are they created?
  5. The Farm at Ketchikan is changing the face of local food
  6. Love in Bloom: Wedding tips for couples
  7. Why you should use a travel guide
  8. Things to do in the Hudson Valley: Affordable activities for families
  9. Bethel Woods: A historic venue and museum with activities for everyone
  10. Save the Bay’s Exploratorium has a lifelong impact
  11. Portsmouth Forest in Rhode Island receives national recognition
  12. Roger Williams Park Zoo & People’s Credit Union celebrate anniversaries with a time capsule
  13. Roses in bloom: A cramp-busting rose magnesium cream
  14. Discover what’s possible with a successful career shift
  15. On reaching students in the classroom: Leave them room to bloom
  16. On being a Creative: Finding inspiration in others
  17. Social media alternatives for small business owners
  18. Clean Ocean Access’s mission helps both land and sea with natural remedies
  19. ANSHI’s heart-centered approach to non-allergenic transdermal healing
  20. ANSHI Transdermal Rubs: Simple, natural and effective

Our month’s issue is sponsored by The Farm at Ketchikan

the farm at ketchikan

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