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homemade rose cream recipe

Roses in bloom: A cramp-busting rose magnesium cream

By: Karen Talbot, Wild Gardener Magnesium deficiencies can cause a number of health concerns such as cramps, muscle aches and pains, restless leg syndrome, trouble sleeping, migraines and more. Because magnesium is important for the metabolization of Vitamin D, magnesium deficiencies can also result in symptoms of Vitamin D deficiencies. According to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), up to 50% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. This recipe for a rose-based magnesium cream can help ease muscle aches, migraines and more. This all-natural homemade rose cream recipe uses dried rose petals, water, magnesium chloride flakes and oils. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”- Abraham Lincoln Roses for cramps, aches and pains One of my favorite times of...

The Farm at Ketchikan

The Farm at Ketchikan is changing the face of local food

By Danielle Rose The Farm at Ketchikan is designed to grow and supply healthy, locally raised vegetables and produce to the local Alaskan community. Because Ketchikan is located in a food desert, owner Dr. Kevin Hall wanted to create a place where locals could find and purchase fresh, clean, and affordable locally-grown produce and vegetables that are both conscious and grown utilizing green energy. Food deserts are areas where residents have limited access to fresh, healthy food.  About The Farm at Ketchikan  The Farm at Ketchikan is housed at a 1914 farmhouse that was originally a bunkhouse for summer cannery workers. The 4600 square foot building is surrounded by 17 and a half acres. Dr. Hall particularly loves the tin architecture, and how spacious and sturdy the building...

What is a food desert?

Food desert explained: What are they and how are they created?

by Danielle Rose What is a food desert? There are many contributing factors to food deserts. They are places where residents have limited access to food, either because there are not many food stores available, or because the distance one must travel to reach food stores is significant. Food deserts are commonly found among low population areas, particularly those with a high rate of abandoned or vacant homes, low income, minimal education and high rates of unemployment. Although there is no sin­gle cause that creates a food desert, there are sev­er­al con­tribut­ing factors to food insecurity in America, including  income, transportation (like vehicle availability or access to public transportation) and education. These factors added to the rising cost of healthy eating make it hard for lower-income...

healthy relationship with exercise

Relationship with exercise = relationship with self

by Dana Chapman, The Diet Recovery Coach The word “exercise” is a loaded one that comes with a lot of emotional baggage. This is especially true when exercise is associated purely with weight loss efforts and goals. When you think you "should" exercise, a funny thing happens. You start to dread it, then you are far less likely to actually do it. Which is the opposite result of what you are going for. Today I want to show you another relationship with exercise, and a more freeing way to look at it. Healthy exercise motivation, step-by-step Here's a step-by-step process to get you started on building (or rebuilding) a healthier relationship with exercise, movement and your body…Even if you have had a tumultuous relationship with it for years. If...

Organic versus pesticide farming Chemical free food Organic foods

Salad with a side of piperonyl butoxide: Making the move to pesticide-free

Spring is a time of renewal of mind, body, spirit and environment. Many of us greet the new season by renewing our garden spaces in preparation for the growing season. Spring brings an abundance of fresh bitter greens at this time of year. The body craves these nutrients as it begins to shed winter fat. Becoming aware of pesticides, how they affect the body, and how to avoid them, is a timely focus for better health. This article, by registered dietician Melissa Kirdzik, was first published in Newport Naked. In it, Melissa explains the pervasive use of pesticides in our environment and why organic versus pesticide farming can be better for both your health and the environment. Making the move to pesticide-free By  Melissa Kirdzik for Eat...

nature as an ecosystem versus machine

Your body is nature: a guide to connecting with nature wherever you live

Our bodies reflect the patterns of nature. Each of us has an innate rhythm that responds to the time of day, the flow of seasons and the ecosystems we inhabit. Herbalism treats both the human body and nature as an ecosystem versus machine that resonates with the environment it inhabits, utilizing energetics to manage these connections. This article by herbalist, Sajah Poplum, discusses the role of energetics in herbalism and suggests techniques to more deeply connect with nature no matter where you live. By Sajah Poplum, School of Evolutionary Herbalism The body can be understood as either an ecosystem or as a machine.  The more you understand that your body is but a mirror to the natural world, the more you see the elemental and energetic cornerstones that form...

Real Root Beer recipe for renewal, an old fashioned natural springtime soda recipe

Step into spring with delicious nutritious real root beer

By Karen Talbot, Wild Gardener Supplements and powders mixed into morning smoothies are helpful in keeping ourselves looking and feeling better. But the foundation of true self-care begins at ground level with unprocessed food and drink that can deeply nourish our health and wellbeing, as well as prevent a call to the doctor’s office. A North American recipe for old fashioned soda made from roots, barks, and herbs (we can call this the Real Root Beer recipe for renewal) is one herbal component of that foundation that benefits many bodily systems. But how did this natural springtime soda originate, and what are these healing plant ingredients? North American recipe for real root beer When colonists arrived in the new world, there were no familiar grains to homebrew “small...

support your adrenals

Support your adrenals to combat stress

It would not be an understatement to say that a majority of us have lived with some form of stress over the last two years. As Dr. Gary Kracoff notes in his article on how renew with adrenal support, short term stress is ok. Our “fight or flight” response kicks in; we handle what faces us and generally move on. But long term, constant stress is another story. It takes a toll on our emotional and physical bodies to our overall detriment. With this issue focusing on Renewal, it’s crucial to have methods available to combat stress, especially if they’re methods you’ve never even heard of. In this article from Natural Awakenings Boston, Dr. Kracoff offers tips for recovering our overall health through the support...

Athlete recovery methods help with training without injury

By Darren Cooper Athletes are willing to do anything to gain a competitive edge on their opponents. Today that even means stepping into a deep freeze. In the last few years, the world of athletic training has seen a new-found emphasis on recovery and renewal. It’s no longer all about how much weight you can push on a bench press bar. It’s about flexibility and the ability to keep training without injury. “I’d say in the last five years or so, recovery has become a huge focus,” said Mike Nunziato, owner of TNT Training in Paramus which has serviced professional athletes and college and high school stars. “We know that if kids are beat up all year, they’re not going to be able to practice hard.” Cryo has...

Clean beauty products for spring

Clean beauty products for spring skin

by Magdalena Durkin, 13 year old student writer Clean beauty products are better for you and can help you bring your skin back to life in the spring. This article will include what is different about clean beauty products, what chemicals are bad in beauty products, clean beauty products brands and where to find them, and lastly how to make your own natural moisturizer. What chemicals are bad in beauty products Beauty products might make you look pretty, but the ingredients in them can be really bad for you. According to Business Insider some toxic ingredients are added during the making of beauty products, while product companies put other chemicals into the makeup to help with absorption, shine, shimmer, or a non-greasy feel. You may be surprised...

Make eco-friendly and sustainable choices this holiday season

By Sandra Yeyati Several holiday traditions, while bringing joy to people, can also cause harm to the environment. The endless amount of paper used for wrappings, certain gifts being made of non-renewable material, and decorations that use a lot of electricity all can be detrimental to Earth in the long run. Strategic action is necessary in order to help this issue. Thankfully, advancements in technology have given us the opportunity to be able to celebrate the holidays while maintaining harm reduction. This Natural Awakenings article by Sandra Yeyati shows how you can engage in sustainable choices during the holidays, which includes eco-friendly decorating and responsible gifting. Greening the Holidays: How to Celebrate Sustainably With every record-setting storm and catastrophic fire, more people are realizing that we are embroiled...

digestive bitters are a natural upset stomach cure

Preempt holiday indulgences with a bottle of bitters

Bitters are an essential addition to my holiday survival toolkit. I will stash a bottle into my smallest purse rather than brave a dinner party without it. This article from Nature’s Goodness in Newport Rhode Island gives an overview this natural upset stomach cure, discussing the history of bitters as a cocktail ingredient, how they work, and where they can be found in foods. by Patty Lenz Bovie for Nature's Goodness Bitters are alcohol-based extracts of bark, roots, berries, leaves, or flowers of bitter-tasting plants. Known for the essential role they play in signature cocktails, they burst with a range of aromatic flavors such as zesty orange, tarragon spice, and nutty coffee. But taste is not their only perk. Research has shown that bitters may also be...

DIY cold and flu remedy made from pine

A Warming Elixir for surviving the Winter Blues

by Karen Talbot, wild gardener The fragrance wafting up from my hot cup of tea conjures up favorite evergreen memories as I write. I can still smell the balsam firs where we camped in New Hampshire years ago; discovering a magnificent blue spruce on a South County RI trail; and the pleasure of harvesting pine needles for this cup of tea outside my door. Pines are also my medicine for preventing and easing the symptoms of a cold and cough, building  the immune system, and especially preventing the flu. This DIY pine cough and flu remedy is a great herbal solution to survive winter and can be made with almost any evergreen available to you. Pine: It’s not just about holiday memories Evergreen needles are the main ingredient...

Winter healing with white pine

White pine medicine: Not just holiday magic

by Artemis Body & Soul Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) of the family Pinaceae is ideal for winter healing, predominately, because it can be gathered anytime of the year. Often branches of white pine are felled during winter storms, and as long as the needles are still green, it’s good to use. Plus, their medicinal and spiritual uses in boosting immunity and battling congestion and coughs while supporting the lungs comes in handy during the holiday and cold/flu season. So does its spiritual abilities to help the body move through grief, sadness and situations that require a peacemaker. Identifying the winter healer  Identifying white pine starts with recognizing the long bluish-green needles. Look closer, the needles are long and “flowy.” At an even closer look, you should notice...

You need fresh produce in your healthy lifestyle.

The dark side of weight loss: Embracing passion, overcoming hype

By Amanda Hollenbeck How commercialism affects your health The term “weight loss” is often met with frustration, especially when we so often need to unravel weight loss commercialism myths. The idea of having to endure mental and physical self control does not have to become a prison before the journey even begins. A weight loss journey can become a healthy, lifelong and passion-driven decision. Fad diets and the diet industry are cashing in on our need to be thin. They are also fostering an unsustainable practice driven by commercialism and not passion. In the book Encyclopedia of Fad Diets, authors Marjolijn Bijlefeld and Sharon K. Zoumbaris state that diet products are a huge business that rakes in billions of dollars from hopefuls who desire the perfect image...

tips and tricks to beat the holiday blues

Ways to beat the holiday blues

Looking to beat the holiday blues this season? We know how you feel. The holiday blues can actually be bad for your health. Here are some tried and true tips to feel strong all season long.   Tips to beat the holiday blues Spiritual Attend worship services. Even if you're not religious, sometimes a quiet candlelit service can be exactly what you need to center and balance. Take part in a volunteer effort or local charity. Giving back feels so good, you'll forget you did it to beat the blues. Physical Find a good workout routine. When in doubt, do something you love--hike, swim, dance. Movement feels good and moves your energy as well as your body. Get back to nature. Nature has proven health benefits, both mental and physical. Take...

Holistic consultant helps you discover the best resources for health, business and life.

Your right to health, happiness and success

By Joseph Gonzalez What are your 2019 goals? Whether you’re seeking to improve your health and feel better, bring your business or career to the next level, or simply refocus the next step of your life, Mind Key is here to support you. We believe everyone has the right to health, happiness and success. We also believe that these integral elements of humanity do not exist in isolation, but are intricately and delicately connected. That’s why we offer numerous ways to help you discover and understand the best resources for your body, business and life. Not only that, but we trust your inner guidance system, and want to help you hone it so that you are better equipped to determine which resources are worth your time...

The chemistry behind cannabis: An overview

Understanding and researching cannabis’ chemical breakdown and structure is important to comprehending the overall cannabis debate. What exactly is cannabis? What is its chemical makeup? What’s the difference between the terms, marijuana, hemp, THC and CBD? Are they all names for the same thing? How does this psychoactive drug offer medical relief? What parts of the plant are used, and what properties do they have? What are the plant’s chemical constituents and how do they work within the body? To answer all of these questions would take a series of books, never mind a series of articles. However, Mind Key correspondent, Joey Morelli, attempts to give an overview of this complex, and often misunderstood plant, and how it works.   By Joey Morelli   The historical use of cannabis Cannabis...

You can jettison healthy weight change and still have a good time.

3 Tips for staying passionate during weight loss

By Jessica McWhirt Staying Passionate During Weight Loss Deep down, we’re creatures of habit; however, knowing that our habits are making us unhealthy may be enough to jettison healthy weight change. It’s difficult and challenging to drop fat. If you want it bad enough, though, there are ways to make changes. That being said, a lot of us are set in our routines, and change is hard. If losing weight was easy, everyone would be doing it. In high school, healthy eating and exercise weren’t on my radar. I didn’t care about them and thought it was for the birds. Then, I found cycling and fell in love with the sport. It completely changed my life. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and I’m passionate about staying healthy. Yes,...

full potential comes from building the new

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want

By Barbara Steingas From the time we are born, we are taught our limitations and we are broken of our full potential. Our parents and caretakers, although well-meaning, tell us what we can’t or shouldn’t do in hopes of protecting us. Even though this is intended for our benefit, it teaches us to focus mainly on our limitations. Rather than focusing on our full potential and what we want to have happen, we instead focus on what we don’t want. For example, we are often told, “Don’t forget (something),” rather than, “Remember (something).” We also have the word “no” said to us an incredible amount of times by the time we are about ten years old. The book What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by...

From “hard on yourself” to “supporting yourself”

Dr. Doni Wilson, N.D. offers simple tips for making positive changes in your life – and how to break the cycle of being hard on yourself so you can start to rely on yourself. Gain support for breaking bad habits through these simple tips for breaking the cycle. Support for breaking bad habits By Dr. Doni Wilson Making a change in your lifestyle can be challenging. We get into habits that are hard to break. For instance, when helping patients change their diet, they often tell me that they can be very “hard on themselves” when they eat something they know will make them feel worse. Have you experienced the “hard on yourself” vicious cycle? As you can imagine, it doesn’t do you much good. I encourage my patients to...

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