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Healthy and all-natural sunscreen

Healthy and all-natural sunscreen options

We all understand the importance of sun protection. From avoiding painful (and embarrassing) burns, to preventing cancer in ourselves and our children, sunscreen is an important part of healthy skin, healthy aging and healthy living. But with the concern raised over chemicals, nanoparticles and other ingredients found in commonly purchased sunscreens, many wonder if there is a way to protect our skin from both the sun and the sun protectants we put on it. Thankfully, there is more than one healthy and all-natural sunscreen out there that not only work, but are also safe for you and the environment. From sun-worshiping to sun-careful by Cris McCullough In the 50’s, we grew up as sun worshipers! We played outside from dawn to dusk, chasing the ice cream truck and...

Rhode Island time capsules

Roger Williams Park Zoo & People’s Credit Union celebrate anniversaries with a time capsule

Intro by Cris McCullough Last month, two iconic Rhode Island Institutions—Roger Williams Park Zoo and People’s Credit Union—celebrated landmark birthdays. In a serendipitous alignment, both brands chose to celebrate the big day with Rhode Island time capsules. It’s a way for both institutions to commemorate their achievements and celebrate their history. In a sense, both Roger Williams Park Zoo and People’s Credit Union are honoring their past by anticipating the future. Memories and Rhode Island time capsules Back in 1872, in a park designed by famed landscape designer William Law Olmstead, a zoo was established to entertain and educate the people. I remember it back in the 1950’s when it consisted of caged animals scattered across the scenic landscape. My dad would drive mom and 6 kids past...

Old growth forest in Rhode Island

Portsmouth Forest in Rhode Island receives national recognition

There’s a new Old-Growth Forest in Rhode Island. The Oakland Forest of American Beech trees in Portsmouth RI was recently inducted into the national Old-Growth Forest Network. This is the first Rhode Island forest to join the nationally recognized Old-Growth network, and it offers opportunity for hiking among the trees. The Rhode Island Old-Growth Forest is an unique ecosystem of American beech trees. Thanks to a tree coring project done back in 2000, some of the trees are estimated to be between 200 - 300 years old. The Aquidneck Land Trust has worked to preserve the land for over 20 years. Now, they have a plaque and nationally acclaimed title to reward them for their efforts. Old Growth Forest in Rhode Island gets National Recognition From Newport Daily...

Murder mystery in Newport RI

Murder, mystery and mayhem in Newport, RI

By Cris McCullough Murder Mystery in Newport, Rhode Island? Newport has been the home of numerous mysteries throughout the decades. A number of books have been written about murders in the extravagant mansions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Some are true accounts, and others fiction, but each story shines in the opulence of historic Newport. Looking to experience your own murder mystery in Newport RI amid a unique theater experience? As we emerge into the season, eager to laugh and become physically engaged with our surroundings, the Marley Bridges Theatre Company offers immersion into a world of mystery and mayhem. Discover how at Beechwood Manor and beyond where spectators are encouraged to take on the role of sleuth. History and imagination collide The Marley Bridges...

Things to do in the Hudson Valley

Things to do in the Hudson Valley

By Joseph Gonzalez The Hudson Valley (where I’ve lived for my whole life) is home to a myriad of activities, whether you’re looking for a break from city life, or if you’re generally looking for new experiences. They can give you an opportunity to find ways to renew yourself going into the spring. Things to do in the Hudson Valley As the northeast comes out of this brutal winter into warm weather, we remember that spring goes hand in hand with making a refreshing change for yourself. Now that the sun actually stays up past 5 PM, you have endless possibilities in regard to trying new things. If this is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. The things to...

Clean ocean access supports local artists

Artists Supporting Clean Ocean Access opening reception

by Danielle Rose Clean Ocean Access [COA] is opening their office doors for a reception from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday, March 31. Instead of business as usual, Clean Ocean Access supports local artists with a full display of artwork. "Creations for the Ocean: Artists Supporting Clean Ocean Access" is centered around various media works inspired by the power of the local environment. The belief is that storytelling in all forms is essential to our sharing and understanding of the natural world. “We look forward to sharing our first artist-focused event around our vision of a clean, healthy ocean that is accessible to all,” according to COA. Attendees will have light refreshments and an opportunity to meet and chat with the artists. The original works will...

Ancient christmas traditions

Light the darkness: Grasp the Common Spirit of Holiday Traditions

By Cris McCullough Ho! Ho! Ho! It is Christmastide, Hunnakah, Dwali, Los Posadas, Kwanzaa… The world over, there are some sort of holiday traditions for hope and celebration of light and generosity, during this festive time of year. We associate the season with so many traditions—decorating a Christmas tree with lights, placing candles in the window, parties and the giving of presents… and ultimately a deep-seated belief in Santa, a jolly old fat man with a bottomless bag of gifts who can fly through the air and visit the entire world in one night! Holiday Miracles! Besides being made famous by Clement Moore’s beloved poem, The Night Before Christmas, these holiday traditions stretch back across time and continents, and ultimately point to an annual astronomical phenomenon,...

Winter healing with white pine

White pine medicine: Not just holiday magic

by Artemis Body & Soul Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) of the family Pinaceae is ideal for winter healing, predominately, because it can be gathered anytime of the year. Often branches of white pine are felled during winter storms, and as long as the needles are still green, it’s good to use. Plus, their medicinal and spiritual uses in boosting immunity and battling congestion and coughs while supporting the lungs comes in handy during the holiday and cold/flu season. So does its spiritual abilities to help the body move through grief, sadness and situations that require a peacemaker. Identifying the winter healer  Identifying white pine starts with recognizing the long bluish-green needles. Look closer, the needles are long and “flowy.” At an even closer look, you should notice...

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