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Replenish yourself in the Hudson Valley, NY

Replenish yourself with things to do in the Hudson Valley

By Joseph Gonzalez The summer is generally known for relaxation, and it seems many of us need to relax more than ever nowadays According to a survey done by Princess Cruises, many Americans only spend an hour a day relaxing, which seems miniscule compared to the amount of work we put into our jobs, family life, and other things. If we plan on living our lives happily and with as little stress as possible, then it would help to have at least one method of relaxation; I can tell you first-hand that this is possible in the Hudson Valley. The Daily Key has covered cool things to do in the Hudson Valley before, but this time, we’ll look at some places that’ll require minimum effort to...

Old growth forest in Rhode Island

Portsmouth Forest in Rhode Island receives national recognition

There’s a new Old-Growth Forest in Rhode Island. The Oakland Forest of American Beech trees in Portsmouth RI was recently inducted into the national Old-Growth Forest Network. This is the first Rhode Island forest to join the nationally recognized Old-Growth network, and it offers opportunity for hiking among the trees. The Rhode Island Old-Growth Forest is an unique ecosystem of American beech trees. Thanks to a tree coring project done back in 2000, some of the trees are estimated to be between 200 - 300 years old. The Aquidneck Land Trust has worked to preserve the land for over 20 years. Now, they have a plaque and nationally acclaimed title to reward them for their efforts. Old Growth Forest in Rhode Island gets National Recognition From Newport Daily...

Affordable family activities in Hudson Valley NY

Things to do in the Hudson Valley: Affordable activities for families

By Joseph Gonzalez Are you considering giving your family a fun vacation, but aren’t able to dish out money to go to expensive destinations? According to a poll published by Bank Rate this is more common than one might think. Places like Disney World aren’t exactly the easiest to access, especially if you have more than one child. Luckily, there happens to be one general area with many affordable things to do: the Hudson Valley in New York. From Orange County to Kingston to Goshen, there’s a variety of places to visit. Many of them are not only affordable for the whole family, but also a fun time for all ages and tastes. Your bank won’t be broken with these affordable family activities in Hudson Valley,...

Why You Should Use a Travel Guide

Why you should use a travel guide

By Cris McCullough With restrictions lifting around the globe, new travel adventures are calling to many. While it’s true that many of us may be out of travel practice, you don’t have to do it alone. Hiring a travel guide is a great way to get the most out of your experience. Here’s why you should use a travel guide post-COVID when planning your next trip. Why is a tour guide important? After two years of isolation, a majority of folk are taking to the highways, skyways and sea to experience the many flavors of our world. A veritable blossoming of renewed interest in the bouquet of variety offered by other cultures and other places. The sights, sounds, tastes and smells beckon our senses and our curiosity. Should...

Murder mystery in Newport RI

Murder, mystery and mayhem in Newport, RI

By Cris McCullough Murder Mystery in Newport, Rhode Island? Newport has been the home of numerous mysteries throughout the decades. A number of books have been written about murders in the extravagant mansions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Some are true accounts, and others fiction, but each story shines in the opulence of historic Newport. Looking to experience your own murder mystery in Newport RI amid a unique theater experience? As we emerge into the season, eager to laugh and become physically engaged with our surroundings, the Marley Bridges Theatre Company offers immersion into a world of mystery and mayhem. Discover how at Beechwood Manor and beyond where spectators are encouraged to take on the role of sleuth. History and imagination collide The Marley Bridges...

mini-guide to storm king art center

A hidden Hudson Valley gem: Storm King Art Center

One of the best ways in the steps to renewing yourself is traveling to a new place. For those not ready to travel, a simple change of scenery may be the key. New York's Hudson Valley is home to a number of unique locations, one of which is New Windsor's Storm King Art Center. This outside/inside exhibit, is part art museum, part nature walk. This unique art experience is a refreshing way to experience artwork. Even those who aren’t huge on art will find something to enjoy. This mini guide to Storm King Art Center This article done by takes you through an average visit of the center, and even gives you directions on how to get there! Your mini guide to Storm King Art Center ​​By...

Things to do in the Hudson Valley

Things to do in the Hudson Valley

By Joseph Gonzalez The Hudson Valley (where I’ve lived for my whole life) is home to a myriad of activities, whether you’re looking for a break from city life, or if you’re generally looking for new experiences. They can give you an opportunity to find ways to renew yourself going into the spring. Things to do in the Hudson Valley As the northeast comes out of this brutal winter into warm weather, we remember that spring goes hand in hand with making a refreshing change for yourself. Now that the sun actually stays up past 5 PM, you have endless possibilities in regard to trying new things. If this is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. The things to...

Holistic consultant helps you discover the best resources for health, business and life.

Your right to health, happiness and success

By Joseph Gonzalez What are your 2019 goals? Whether you’re seeking to improve your health and feel better, bring your business or career to the next level, or simply refocus the next step of your life, Mind Key is here to support you. We believe everyone has the right to health, happiness and success. We also believe that these integral elements of humanity do not exist in isolation, but are intricately and delicately connected. That’s why we offer numerous ways to help you discover and understand the best resources for your body, business and life. Not only that, but we trust your inner guidance system, and want to help you hone it so that you are better equipped to determine which resources are worth your time...

Don’t be an avoidant destination junkie. Be present.

Conquer your fear of the present: a personal story

By Theresa Birmingham Confession: My name is Theresa, and I’ve been an avoidant destination junkie. I’ve spent most of my life seeking adventure after adventure, focused solely on the future. Because of this, I’ve struggled with situations where I must be present. But I’m kind of converted now. . . I still love to travel, of course. I’m still looking forward to the Sam Hunt concert I’m hitting at the end of the month. But my conversion isn’t about feeling or not feeling anticipation for the future. This recovery has been about understanding that the future is not the only thing that can bring me pleasure and joy. I need to be present, something I’ve struggled with for thirty-three years (yes, that’s my whole life).   Why I’ve avoided...

Life a life of adventure no matter where you are

Ten Ways to Travel With Less Baggage

By Theresa Birmingham Many of us could do with a little less baggage. We’ve all got things we can’t help but bring with us, however, so how do we find that balance? This month, we’ve discussed ego in its many forms, but one thing that is clear is that in relationships, we bring everything we’ve got. Sometimes, what we bring is good, clean, and useful. But other things we bring can be harmful. Just as in relationships, our life and world travels, we need to be aware of how our baggage is healing or harming us. In my own life, I’ve broken a lot, mended a lot, lived a lot…and as a result, I’ve accumulated a lot. My own all-consuming drive for adventure has brought me many...

Exercise: It’s not just movement, it’s vibration

Ian Rose--Mind Key intern and Senior at the University of Rhode Island Vibrations are a complex phenomenon that cannot be easily defined. When giving or receiving  positive vibrations, you'll certainly know. The same is true with negative energy. Much debate focuses on how one can improve these energies and cultivate positive vibrations into the greater world. Physical activity in the natural world is directly linked to the raising and tempering of our vibrational frequency, which makes raising your vibration with sports a great option for those who want to cultivate good vibes in a very real and comfortable way. Starting with the simple things, the ones that bring you the most enjoyment, is the easiest path to expressing positive vibes. For many, the best way to begin...

Self renew by trying shamanism

Can’t Afford a Vacation? Self renew with shamanism

by Vera Remes When I hear the word renewal, I picture a battery-operated toy running out of juice, and the batteries being recharged or replaced so it continue on its way.  For some people a massage offers a renewal, for others it’s a good night sleep. I have felt re-charged, renewed, after a Caribbean vacation.   What if we could renew ourselves whenever we felt we needed it? I haven’t had a vacation or massage in years.  I think I figured out how to self renew without even knowing it.     Everything is energy and energy is everything. With his famous equation E= mc2, Albert Einstein proved that, when you come right down to it, everything in the universe is energy. Both the physical reality of matter, and...

The best time of year to travel – look to the weather

I love to travel.  From visiting nearby cities and states, to traveling far away, the experience of travel is worth its weight in gold.  If you were to ask me when would be the best time to travel, I’d say any and all the time. I do understand, however, that some times of year are seen as better than others.  Many base their choices on the weather. [caption id="attachment_5264" align="alignleft" width="300"] Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Image by Charla Dury[/caption] How can the weather be so important, you ask?  It’s all about preference. Wouldn’t a vacation be more enjoyable during calm weather when you can enjoy excursions?  I know I would prefer to drive on clear roads instead of ice if I have the option. While some desirable destinations such...

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