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Can’t Afford a Vacation? Self renew with shamanism

Mind KEY / Energy  / Can’t Afford a Vacation? Self renew with shamanism
Self renew by trying shamanism

Can’t Afford a Vacation? Self renew with shamanism

by Vera Remes

When I hear the word renewal, I picture a battery-operated toy running out of juice, and the batteries being recharged or replaced so it continue on its way.  For some people a massage offers a renewal, for others it’s a good night sleep. I have felt re-charged, renewed, after a Caribbean vacation.   What if we could renew ourselves whenever we felt we needed it? I haven’t had a vacation or massage in years.  I think I figured out how to self renew without even knowing it.  


Everything is energy and energy is everything.

With his famous equation E= mc2, Albert Einstein proved that, when you come right down to it, everything in the universe is energy. Both the physical reality of matter, and the abstract reality of our mind are made up of energy patterns. Experiments in the scientific theory of quantum physics, supports the theory that when we think positive and negative thoughts, each have a different impact on our surrounding environment.  

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, professor of physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia, has demonstrated that our thoughts can physically impact the world. Since 2001 Dr. Korotkov has investigated the remote mental influence of a healer on water samples from different distances and in different modes. Numerous experiments of his have demonstrated that mental influence results in statistically significant changes of the electrophotonic quality (the ‘glow’) of water. His experiments have been repeated at Princeton University’s PEAR program.

In these experiments, a random number generator electronically flipped a coin and recorded the results.  When you add an observer who wished that result be changed, there was a small but measurable difference that was in step with the desired result.  Both the mind of the observer and the random number generator seem to be entering into some kind of dialogue which influences both the machine and the mind.  You can read about these experiments in depth at  Hard to believe there is scientifically measurable results to support this understanding of energy that I have been taught through Shamanism.

Suffice to say that our minds and how we think, are powerful tools. We can use them to not only achieve inner peace but to physically change our bodies and the planet.

The incredible power of the mind

Sending thoughts of love, healing intent, prayer, good intention, and more, can have a powerful influence on the destination of those thoughts.  In a Sandra Ingermann’s course on Shamanism, one exercise included group concentration on the growth of a plant halfway round the world.  This plant had always been slow to develop new leaves, and some of the leaves had brown spots on them. Two and a half weeks after the focused concentration,however, the plant was found to have measurable increases in activity. Additionally, new leaves had sprouted, and there was a significant reduction in spotting. This happened without changing any of the watering routines or maintenance of the plant. Termed “transfiguration,” the results of concentrated energy, even over vast distances, is measurable.  Ms. Ingerman’s website, Transmutation News, will keep you up to date about further experiments.

My own shamanic practice includes techniques of journeying, counseling, extraction healing, and recapitulation Another well-known shaman, Deborah King, describes the technique of recapitulation succinctly on her website. One of the one most useful techniques for renewing ourselves, however, is dismemberment and reassembly.  A short description of the process can be found at  and . All of these techniques, which have been in existence for millennia, are examples of what scientists have recently proved: we can influence our environment with our minds.  


What is dismemberment?

All shamanic cultures recognize  dismemberment healing as a powerful tool. It can dissolve the limitations of the mind, and show how death and rebirth are all one cycle. The process of dismemberment can also teach how to experience our divine light so that great work can be done and that we live a life of unity where we are connected to the divine.  Dismemberment happens for people in dreams. It happens for people  on vision quests and spontaneously in journeys. It happens for people getting dismembered by life itself. Although there are different ways that it can happen, we can actually ask for dismemberment.

A dismemberment journey is a healing, and after the journey you can feel very different. On a shamanic dismemberment journey your power animal, or teacher, breaks you into pieces, sometimes gently, sometimes not so gentle, but always in endlessly creative ways. Sometimes the helping spirits will put you back together (re-member you), but not as the same being. Whether you seek a physical or emotional healing, the spirit will re-member you without any illness. Every shamanic healer has had this happen to them one or more times, and no one’s story is same as another.


Why dismember?

Asking for dismemberment in a Shamanic journey has a few different purposes. It can lead you to a new part of your spiritual path, or assist with dealing with a physical illness. In the latter you are devoured spiritually, and you are cleansed by helping spirits. And when you’re “re-membered,” or put back together again, all of your illness has left your body.

In my shamanic counseling practice, I worked with teaching people how to journey to work through their own issues. Dismemberment journeys help with grief, death of a loved one, losing a partner, or the breakup of a relationship.   It is a real way to support the healing process.

For a step by step instruction about how to journey for dismemberment go to:


Self renew–It’s all about connection

Dismemberment is about disintegration. It’s about moving into a place of illumination, of experiencing the oneness and the light of the universe. We remember that we’re not just this individual personality but the universe is our connection to all of life. Then the helping spirits reconstruct us. They leave out anything that’s unhealthy or that does not serve us anymore, and then we’re reborn. We reemerge as a person more evolved, more connected, healthier, and whole.  Although it sounds gruesome, it’s a beautiful and peaceful healing experience.  As part of my shamanic counseling practice I’d be happy to provide this experience to anyone who is ready.

Scientific experiments support the concept that intentions and thoughts can impact the physical world. Why not explore the boundaries of how far this can go? It is my belief that we create our realities with our thoughts and intentions. Science has confirmed this and in time we will realize the true power of our minds and intentions.  Japanese Chi Master, Kanzawa Sensei, demonstrates the effect of our mind on the physical world in his ability to put animals to sleep by manipulating the chi around him. Although this seems unbelievable, the videos below show clear examples of this practice repeated over and over again with llamas and buffalo.

If and when you need a vacation to recharge your batteries, consider a shamanic alternative… A spiritual journey to “re-membering” yourself without imperfections or illnesses.

Vera Remes

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