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Renew Your Innate Talents Through Understanding Past Lives

Mind KEY / Creativity  / Renew Your Innate Talents Through Understanding Past Lives
Renew your talents by understanding your past lives

Renew Your Innate Talents Through Understanding Past Lives

By Carlie Currier

In January, we featured an article about past life hypnosis. Some believe that individuals who have recalled past life memories have somehow tapped into a higher consciousness—one that can often lead to the development of new talents and creative abilities. Creativity can also help us in understanding past lives. In a 2014 study reviewed by the American Psychological Association found that those who reported having past life memories scored significantly higher on a variety of creativity measures. No matter how we use our creativity to achieve a flow state, we can all reach a similar realm of creation to draw inspiration and open up our minds to new concepts.


Channeling creativity and the transcendent

Kerstin Zettmar, professional artist and holistic healer, has witnessed her creative abilities transform through past life regression hypnosis. Through a vivid dream life, she is able to channel creativity that’s revealed through her unique artwork.

Kerstin is able to access a transcendent realm. By being exposed to otherworldly symbols in her dreams, she has gained knowledge that’s normally unaccessible in her waking life. For example, although they rarely found in Sweden, she often dreamed of nuns and priests when she was young. To dream about concepts that she wasn’t consciously exposed to, suggests that Kerstin was tapping into a higher power and source of consciousness.

Some of Kerstin’s most creative moments have sparked past life memories and meditative experiences. Painting has helped her reach trance states in which she claims to listen in on dreamlike scenarios that have no relevance with her current life, such as the nun dreams.


Accessing the depths through creativity

There’s deeper knowledge housed in our minds that can only be achieved when expressing ourselves creatively.  Danielle Rose describes her creativity and past life experiences in a similar way. She believes the power we channel during creative flow states is really our higher self.

Danielle uses writing to work out her understanding of past life memories and sudden flashes of insight. She explains that sometimes, her past lives reveal themselves in her writing. For example, one of the characters from her novel, Chimera, is someone she met in past lives. However, she didn’t recognize it until after writing about him. Once she intuitively sensed it was her past life story coming up, she began to connect personally to her writing in a way she hadn’t before.

She describes her novel work as a very magical process. In addition, it connected her to one of her spirit guides— a faery whom she considered an “imaginary friend” as a child. Not until he came to her as she wrote the story, did she realize that she had known the character her entire life. He left once she finished writing the story, but she still catches glimpses of him every once in a while.

“I think that if we had an understanding of our past lives in our waking life, we would go insane,” Danielle said.  “The physical body isn’t created for that capacity.  Therefore, if we are open enough to accept what comes through, we are given glimpses we can use to make sense of the life we currently live.  Having this information come through in its creative form (as fiction, or art) makes it a lot more palatable to the average human being (like myself).”


Talents can be renewed through understanding past lives

Artwork by Kerstin Zettmar


The in between places

Creative space is really a place of “softening,” Danielle said, similar to how hypnosis “softens” our vision so we can see the connections we’ve been missing–the connections that can help us live more fully in this life, or move past things we’ve chosen to work through.

“Even if the glimpse doesn’t come through the act of creating, the act of being creative helps us work it out so the message we need to receive becomes clearer,” Danielle said.

Vera Remes has also used hypnosis and self-hypnosis for many years to steady her nerves before competitions, overcome pain, and as part of her self-healing regimen. She describes shamanic journeying as: “A form of hypnosis wherein we can use our creative juices to craft solutions to problems and issues”.  

She believes all self-healing is a form of hypnosis which permits us to receive messages from spirit guides. In order to be hypnotized and heal ourselves, we must learn how to think creatively and visualize easily first.


Creativity as a healing tool comes in many forms

Vera volunteers at GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center as a member of the Board of Directors, a therapeutic riding instructor, equine specialist for mental health and learning, and a mentor. She strives to create new programs that will attract people to equine therapies and activities that will improve their lives. She’s recently been working on a program whose working title is “Let One of Our Horses Be Your Muse,” encouraging artists, writers, painters, photographers and anyone else interested in expanding their creativity, to visit the facility, meditate, and participate in experiential equine activities that will provide inspiration in their specific area of talent.   

Looking to access your own innate creativity centers? Past life regression can get your creative juices flowing. The Alchemy Institute suggests five ways to utilize past life hypnosis to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Tap into your innate creative reserves
2. Match your past life needs to current life needs
3. Discover and release your inner energy blocks
4. Merge your current and past life skills and abilities
5. Understand the power of your “personal mythos”

For a detailed description of each tip, read here.

Carlie Currier

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