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Port Markers represent African American history in Newport

What is Juneteenth and why is it important?

Port Markers represent African American History in Newport Newport, RI has so much history attached to it, going all the way back centuries in American history; this is history that may not be known to many. The Newport Middle Passage Port Marker Project’s mission is to teach locals and visitors about this history, and in 2020, this organization fundraised for commemorations for multiple events in history regarding enslaved African-Americans. This includes both the African-Americans that died during the voyage to America, and the 1619 project as well. Port Markers represent African American History in Newport, and the Port Marker project gives Newport residents an opportunity to learn about African American history, and ensure that the atrocities that happened so long ago won’t be forgotten. Check it out...

Summer activities at Bethel Woods NY

Bethel Woods: A historic venue and museum with activities for everyone

By Joseph Gonzalez As the summer approaches, many of us want to spend as much time outside as possible. The ideal situation would be to get out and catch some sun, while also doing something fun at the same time. Something that would fulfill both of these needs is discovering summer activities at Bethel Woods NY. Located in upstate New York, this idyllic Center for the Arts was once the original Woodstock site, but today, it has something for everyone. They have preserved the historic site and continue to hold concerts and festivals. However, as a nonprofit, they also believe that arts and culture are critical to the strength of the community. They offer youth, teen, adult and group programs for education and wellness programs, museum...

Affordable family activities in Hudson Valley NY

Things to do in the Hudson Valley: Affordable activities for families

By Joseph Gonzalez Are you considering giving your family a fun vacation, but aren’t able to dish out money to go to expensive destinations? According to a poll published by Bank Rate this is more common than one might think. Places like Disney World aren’t exactly the easiest to access, especially if you have more than one child. Luckily, there happens to be one general area with many affordable things to do: the Hudson Valley in New York. From Orange County to Kingston to Goshen, there’s a variety of places to visit. Many of them are not only affordable for the whole family, but also a fun time for all ages and tastes. Your bank won’t be broken with these affordable family activities in Hudson Valley,...

Murder mystery in Newport RI

Murder, mystery and mayhem in Newport, RI

By Cris McCullough Murder Mystery in Newport, Rhode Island? Newport has been the home of numerous mysteries throughout the decades. A number of books have been written about murders in the extravagant mansions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Some are true accounts, and others fiction, but each story shines in the opulence of historic Newport. Looking to experience your own murder mystery in Newport RI amid a unique theater experience? As we emerge into the season, eager to laugh and become physically engaged with our surroundings, the Marley Bridges Theatre Company offers immersion into a world of mystery and mayhem. Discover how at Beechwood Manor and beyond where spectators are encouraged to take on the role of sleuth. History and imagination collide The Marley Bridges...

mini-guide to storm king art center

A hidden Hudson Valley gem: Storm King Art Center

One of the best ways in the steps to renewing yourself is traveling to a new place. For those not ready to travel, a simple change of scenery may be the key. New York's Hudson Valley is home to a number of unique locations, one of which is New Windsor's Storm King Art Center. This outside/inside exhibit, is part art museum, part nature walk. This unique art experience is a refreshing way to experience artwork. Even those who aren’t huge on art will find something to enjoy. This mini guide to Storm King Art Center This article done by takes you through an average visit of the center, and even gives you directions on how to get there! Your mini guide to Storm King Art Center ​​By...

Things to do in the Hudson Valley

Things to do in the Hudson Valley

By Joseph Gonzalez The Hudson Valley (where I’ve lived for my whole life) is home to a myriad of activities, whether you’re looking for a break from city life, or if you’re generally looking for new experiences. They can give you an opportunity to find ways to renew yourself going into the spring. Things to do in the Hudson Valley As the northeast comes out of this brutal winter into warm weather, we remember that spring goes hand in hand with making a refreshing change for yourself. Now that the sun actually stays up past 5 PM, you have endless possibilities in regard to trying new things. If this is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. The things to...

daffodils for brighter days

Daffodils for Brighter Days

by John Hirshboek Daffodillion introduced their “Daffodils for Brighter Days” logo when Covid tragically became part of our lives two years ago. Most of us began our masking and quarantining that spring, but Newport’s over one million daffodils (a “daffodillion”) still exploded in a profusion of bright yellow glory, as they have each April.  Seeing the daffodils emerge, after a winter of Covid’s doom and gloom, brought a symbol of hope. They promised us brighter days ahead.  Buttressed with an outpouring of support and sentiment to continue our efforts, we sought donations to purchase more bulbs to give away in the fall of 2020 and again in 2021. Our community responded, both with contributions and then “sold-out” bulb giveaways each October.  As a result, an additional 100,000 Dutch Master...

Make eco-friendly and sustainable choices this holiday season

By Sandra Yeyati Several holiday traditions, while bringing joy to people, can also cause harm to the environment. The endless amount of paper used for wrappings, certain gifts being made of non-renewable material, and decorations that use a lot of electricity all can be detrimental to Earth in the long run. Strategic action is necessary in order to help this issue. Thankfully, advancements in technology have given us the opportunity to be able to celebrate the holidays while maintaining harm reduction. This Natural Awakenings article by Sandra Yeyati shows how you can engage in sustainable choices during the holidays, which includes eco-friendly decorating and responsible gifting. Greening the Holidays: How to Celebrate Sustainably With every record-setting storm and catastrophic fire, more people are realizing that we are embroiled...

Ancient christmas traditions

Light the darkness: Grasp the Common Spirit of Holiday Traditions

By Cris McCullough Ho! Ho! Ho! It is Christmastide, Hunnakah, Dwali, Los Posadas, Kwanzaa… The world over, there are some sort of holiday traditions for hope and celebration of light and generosity, during this festive time of year. We associate the season with so many traditions—decorating a Christmas tree with lights, placing candles in the window, parties and the giving of presents… and ultimately a deep-seated belief in Santa, a jolly old fat man with a bottomless bag of gifts who can fly through the air and visit the entire world in one night! Holiday Miracles! Besides being made famous by Clement Moore’s beloved poem, The Night Before Christmas, these holiday traditions stretch back across time and continents, and ultimately point to an annual astronomical phenomenon,...

Seasonal tips to thrive this holiday

Thriving through the holidays: Tips for a well-balanced holiday season

by Cris McCullough & the Mind Key Editor Team We have all survived a year filled with challenges and now another challenge looms...

cancer moon at the end of 2018 means its time for shadow work

Celebrate your hard work and honor its fruits in 2019

by Seshat Clairvoyant The holidays are here, and yet it feels like only yesterday we were ringing in the new year. How is it possible 2018 is almost over? This has certainly been a year to remember as many people went through huge changes. Many of us are happy to the see the end of 2018. Yes, it’s good to be hopeful for the new year but we must remember that 2018 is an eleven number year in numerology (2+0+1+8=11). Eleven years mean a lot of self work. We are in a shadow period of our individual work, healing and realization. Depending on how you viewed this year it will set the pace for 2019, which is a three year in numerology (2+0+1+9=12 / 1+2=3)....

Faerie card readings with Danielle Rose: A review

By Danielle Rose Krista experienced a faerie card reading with Danielle Rose back in August 2014. Since then, she has received a number of readings from Danielle. In this interview, Krista discusses her experience with Danielle and how her life has changed since then. All this as a result of card readings for self discovery.   The First Time Where did you first learn about Danielle's readings?   I was first introduced to Danielle Rose's readings through the Trinity Summerfest psychic fair in Sussex County, NJ. I saw a faerie card reader [Danielle], and being a long time lover of fae, I had to get a reading!   What made you want to try it?   Simply put: I love faeries and I love card readings. I was even more excited to find out the...

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