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Prep and Plan

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remedies for seasonal affective disorder

Remedies for SAD, just in time for the Holidays

By Claybourne DiCosmo During the holidays, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can hit hard. Many who are afflicted can feel sun-starved and isolated. Remedies for seasonal affective disorder can help as you bob and weave through those feelings. Found friends, good family, therapy lamps and sleep/wake regulation. SAD is no undefeated weed nor beast, it can be tamed and the mental health garden one has cultivated will be prepared for the coming spring. Remedies for seasonal affective disorder Some people don’t understand how many people are affected by this seasonal depression. In a 2016 article published in Psychology Today, Dr. Marlynn Wei, board-certified Harvard and Yale-trained psychiatrist and yoga teacher said, “For about 3 percent of people, this mood downturn is so severe that they have something called seasonal...

Make your own yogurt

Make your own homemade yogurt (in a cooler!)

by Karen Talbot, Wild Gardener When I was a young hippie mom in the early 1970’s, I looked for frugal ways to cut expenses and feed my family. Cooking from scratch, making clothes, baking bread, and growing vegetables are some examples. I wanted to learn to make your own yogurt, since my family liked it so much. It is a healthy fermented food that could even be strained to make a simple cheese. Everything I read at the time seemed to describe a finicky process and required a special thermometer to maintain the temperature. Product pages in the back of magazines advertised an electric yogurt machine with little plastic cups that did everything for you, but it was an expense I couldn’t afford. The good news...

Winter immunity tips for body, mind and soul

Strengthen body, mind & soul with these winter immunity tips

by Cris McCullough With winter comes a new slew of stressors. The holidays, shorter days, cold weather, midterms and flu season all combine with other life stressors of the season to create weakened immune systems. Boosting immunity isn’t as simple as taking a supplement, not when so many factors come into play. These winter immunity tips go beyond the common and cover all aspects of one’s mental and physical well being with a focus on body, mind and spirit. Good health is more than just a healthy body Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Gottfried reiterates the importance of each individual’s body, mind, spirit connection in addressing immunity.  “Think in terms of enhancing your mind, body, and spirit (known as psychoneuroimmunology),” he said. “Try some of the following suggestions and see what...

fall garden prep

Your fall checklist for winter garden prep

By Danielle Rose Summer is officially over, and although the changing leaves are stunning to watch, as they drop we’re left with a growing to-do list in the garden. First frost is generally a good guideline for completing any unfinished fall garden prep (and some can even wait until after), but the more that can be completed beforehand, the better. Our autumn checklist of items that absolutely need to be done before the first hard freeze, courtesy of Glenwild Garden Center, will help create a yard that’s beautiful and healthy come the spring thaw.  Overwintering container gardens If your houseplants or tropicals are still outside, now is the time to bring them in if you want to save them (and haven’t already done so). First, deadhead the flowers...

how to prepare

PREPARE for winter with The Daily Key

by Cris McCullough PREPARE, the title of this month’s issue, is predicated on the hidden power of expectation/anticipation for an event, and our very human need to retain a modicum of control over the unknown. As we welcome a change of seasons, and the changes that inevitably face us as we move into the future, The Daily Key offers insights on how to prepare for those changes.  Preparing for the ebb and flow of change The seasons are part of a Universal “tide.” We go inward, and then move outward. There is a flow to everything. When humans find their flow within their own life, everyone around them benefits. We harvest what we have planted… be that an idea, a piece of art, money, food, or investments of time,...

november 2022 full moon report

A Taurus lunar eclipse brings change this November

By Oneyda Salazar The 8th is the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus and the energy of this is going to be really uncomfortable. The days leading up to this eclipse will be chaotic because Scorpio-ruled Mars will be in retrograde motion in Gemini. Keep reading to learn more in our November 2022 full moon report Polar opposites rile the emotions You must be wondering what Mars has to do with Taurus. Well, traditionally Mars rules Scorpio and it amplifies the emotional state of the Scorpio. What does this mean for the full moon in Taurus? It means emotions will be running amok. Scorpio and Taurus are polar opposites and where Scorpio doesn't mind showing, telling, and making you feel how they feel, Taurus will have you wondering...

november 2022 astrology report

A Change in Direction: November’s astrology report

By Oneyda Salazar November offers the change direction we all desperately need. Since the beginning of this year we have all been experiencing intense change. Life isn’t the same anymore and it will continue to be like this. Many welcome November with hesitation and the awareness that we are in Scorpio season. Fortunately, many planets have stationed direct, facilitating the much needed change of direction in our lives. So many were resisting these changes. Hopefully, you adjusted and didn’t resist too hard because the real fun is here. Keep reading for your November 2022 astrology report.  The full moon on Taurus on November 8th is also an eclipse, which will bring lots of uncomfortable energy. The days leading up to the full moon will feel particularly chaotic...

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