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A Change in Direction: November’s astrology report

Mind KEY / Energy  / A Change in Direction: November’s astrology report
november 2022 astrology report

A Change in Direction: November’s astrology report

By Oneyda Salazar

November offers the change direction we all desperately need. Since the beginning of this year we have all been experiencing intense change. Life isn’t the same anymore and it will continue to be like this. Many welcome November with hesitation and the awareness that we are in Scorpio season. Fortunately, many planets have stationed direct, facilitating the much needed change of direction in our lives. So many were resisting these changes. Hopefully, you adjusted and didn’t resist too hard because the real fun is here. Keep reading for your November 2022 astrology report. 

The full moon on Taurus on November 8th is also an eclipse, which will bring lots of uncomfortable energy. The days leading up to the full moon will feel particularly chaotic due to Mars beginning to retrograde in Gemini. Read more on the full moon eclipse energies in our FULL MOON REPORT (which goes live November 4th).

November 16th: Shattering the rose-colored glasses 

On the 16th Venus enters Sagittarius, paving the way for the cosmic stellium in Sagittarius. A cosmic stellium is when three or more planets team up in a single zodiac sign or astrological house. I know what you are thinking… “isn’t this a good thing, Venus being in Sagittarius? This must mean travel and having a good time since the holidays are almost around the corner.” 

Well, think again, and perhaps think about those holidays coming up. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, or to put you in fear, but Jupiter is still in retrograde. Its placement in Pisces (along with Neptune, who is also still in retrograde in Pisces) adds some color to Venus’ placement in Sag. 

In other words, if you’ve been wearing rose-tinted glasses about certain people and relationships in your life, it’s all going to start cracking. You will be able to see things a bit clearer, discover truths, and learn things you didn’t know before. Things aren’t always what they seem, and it is even worse when we idolize people or situations or make them to be something they are not. 

Be careful not to blame those you idolized for your mistakes! This transit is about owning up to our idealism of people, relationships, and our own desires, wants and needs created under false pretense. You will learn much about yourself and how you handle relating to people. It won’t be a fun one, that’s for sure; however, whatever new relationships come to be or get renewed during this time should prove to be quite fruitful. 

November 17th: Finding your truth

The 17th Mercury enters Sagittarius, and communication and curiosity will be front and center. Just knowing the truth isn’t enough anymore, now you are going to want proof. 

Your curiosity can lead you down many roads, which can all just be forks in the roads or simply dead ends. Disagreements will occur, and so will every distraction you can possibly think of. 

This is all a test of will; how much are you willing to gamble in order to win at all costs? Will you risk it all, or will you temper yourself and your impulses? Mind your words and practice a lot of patience because you aren’t the only one looking to speak your truth, or find it. 

November 20: Finding focus and commitment 

On the 20th Vesta enters Pisces, shifting us into focus when it comes to family and commitment. Whatever shocking events happened with your commitments or family (whether blood relatives or not) while Vesta was in Aquarius with your commitments will now be experienced are a thing of the past. 

Now, in our November 2022 astrology report, we are finding ourselves in a whole new environment with new commitments, and possibly new people, and even a new sense of commitment with your family. 

The new reality you are in is exactly where you need to be. More compassion, understanding, and a deeper sense of loyalty will emerge and hopefully it’s with all the right people. But then again, who is to say what is right or wrong? Perhaps, it’s just luck that paved this new road before you. 

November 23 New Moon brings luck for the open minded

The 23rd is a very big day. The new moon in Sagittarius will bring us all the luck that we need for the opportunities before us. If no opportunity has been presented, today would be the day, so keep an open eye and mind! 

This new moon is also about expansion and higher learning. For today, forget the truth and focus on learning something that will expand your mind, your abilities, your career or your business. Don’t limit yourself, because if you do, you will be sitting in regret soon. Colors to work with are blue, magenta, and purple. Trust me, you want to take advantage of this energy, as it will ignite the fire you need to get whatever started. You will feel lucky, blessed, and like you are on top of the world. That is because at this point we have four planets all in Sagittarius. So, be positive today and envision the future you want. Lady luck is by your side. 

Jupiter stations direct: November 2022 astrology report

On the new moon Jupiter also stations direct in Pisces; thank the gods that it has. Now, things will be even more clear and you will have everything you need to continue your movement forward. 

While Jupiter was retrograde in both Aries and Pisces we were challenged big time. There was no running from it or hiding. You had to be brave and face it, otherwise you knew you would have made things even worse. Now with Jupiter direct, we get to see some of our manifestations realized. Those visions you had are now reality, and if you are not happy with this then you must know it’s your own doing. Simply put, you did nothing and so Universe had to do something for you because you were going nowhere fast. 

You are probably wondering why you were holding on so tightly to something that wasn’t working, and now you will receive your answer (whether you like the answer or not!). Papa Jupiter doesn’t play, especially when you are blaming everything but yourself for what is occurring, or you aren’t being grateful. You will know where you stand in this because your manifestations will prove to be either a dream come true or a recurring nightmare. I do hope it’s your dream realized and not a new nightmare.

November 30: A time of caution & preparation

The 30th Pallas will retrograde in Cancer. This is a time of caution, as those around us will be on edge. Emotions will be intense and cause fights to break out. Some will be more erratic than usual, some might even hideout for even longer than normal, while others might be so confused by their own feelings it will cause chaos all around. Dreams will be vivid and psychic in nature. Many will discover new abilities and some might find that they are off with theirs. Don’t fret though, as things really aren’t that bad. You are just being asked to learn to control your feelings and not succumb to others’ atrocities. Take as many baths as you can muster and drink lots of water. I would stay away from alcohol, as it won’t bring you anything good. 

I do hope you all find peace during November and don’t stress out if this Thanksgiving holiday seems a bit off. It might just be the break you need in order to regain your footing in this new reality we are all in. 

Thank you for reading our November 2022 astrology report. Stay tuned for another next month, and feel free to let us know what guidance you’re seeking in the comments.



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