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fall garden prep

Your fall checklist for winter garden prep

By Danielle Rose Summer is officially over, and although the changing leaves are stunning to watch, as they drop we’re left with a growing to-do list in the garden. First frost is generally a good guideline for completing any unfinished fall garden prep (and some can even wait until after), but the more that can be completed beforehand, the better. Our autumn checklist of items that absolutely need to be done before the first hard freeze, courtesy of Glenwild Garden Center, will help create a yard that’s beautiful and healthy come the spring thaw.  Overwintering container gardens If your houseplants or tropicals are still outside, now is the time to bring them in if you want to save them (and haven’t already done so). First, deadhead the flowers...

Healthy and all-natural sunscreen

Healthy and all-natural sunscreen options

We all understand the importance of sun protection. From avoiding painful (and embarrassing) burns, to preventing cancer in ourselves and our children, sunscreen is an important part of healthy skin, healthy aging and healthy living. But with the concern raised over chemicals, nanoparticles and other ingredients found in commonly purchased sunscreens, many wonder if there is a way to protect our skin from both the sun and the sun protectants we put on it. Thankfully, there is more than one healthy and all-natural sunscreen out there that not only work, but are also safe for you and the environment. From sun-worshiping to sun-careful by Cris McCullough In the 50’s, we grew up as sun worshipers! We played outside from dawn to dusk, chasing the ice cream truck and...

Anshi Transdermal Rubs

ANSHI Transdermal Rubs: Simple, natural and effective

The Mind Key editorial team Janelle Noble Donovan created ANSHI Transdermal Rubs after spending countless hours with her daughter at the hospital. Through her various bouts of illness, Janelle found that natural, topical solutions were a powerful way to aid in her daughter’s healing. Now her natural, handmade healing rubs have made their way into beloved vanities across the country. Donovan’s coveted ANSHI turmeric rub is cited on their webpage as “the first topical turmeric for health & beauty.” We had a few writers from The Daily Key give ANSHI a try, and share their experiences. About Anshi Transdermal Rubs “We believe in the power of natural ingredients, and we know that they can gently and effectively speed up the time it takes for your skin to heal,”...

Non-allergenic transdermal healing

ANSHI’s heart-centered approach to non-allergenic transdermal healing

By Danielle Rose Anshi means God’s gift in ancient Sanskrit. Janelle Noble Donovan, co-founder and CEO of ANSHI, was giving a gift to her daughter when she first started the company. What started as a few homeopathic remedies has now blossomed into a full line of non-allergenic transdermal healing medicine. “We believe in the power of natural ingredients, and we know that they can gently and effectively speed up the time it takes for your skin to heal,” Janelle said. Together with her good friend, Victoria, Janelle created ANSHI after spending many hours at the hospital, over a number of different occasions, with her young daughter, Regan. Her daughter’s needs while hospitalized varied. Sometimes she needed more fat and minerals, sometimes she needed to recover faster, and...

homemade rose cream recipe

Roses in bloom: A cramp-busting rose magnesium cream

By: Karen Talbot, Wild Gardener Magnesium deficiencies can cause a number of health concerns such as cramps, muscle aches and pains, restless leg syndrome, trouble sleeping, migraines and more. Because magnesium is important for the metabolization of Vitamin D, magnesium deficiencies can also result in symptoms of Vitamin D deficiencies. According to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), up to 50% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. This recipe for a rose-based magnesium cream can help ease muscle aches, migraines and more. This all-natural homemade rose cream recipe uses dried rose petals, water, magnesium chloride flakes and oils. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”- Abraham Lincoln Roses for cramps, aches and pains One of my favorite times of...

Collaborating with nature

Collaborating with nature for a healthy Earth

For meditation purposes, many will ground themselves in nature, an act that can be beneficial for your overall health. Grounding in nature offers a multitude of benefits for body, mind and soul. Since humans are constantly surrounded by nature, stewardship is a natural way to give back to ensure our own health and happiness. Collaborating with nature also offers this hope for future generations. Creating a mutual collaboration with the environment is the mission of the organization Partner With Nature.  Partner With Nature believes that by collaborating with nature, we can create a healthy environment for years to come. Learn more about communicating with nature, and building a simple and sustainable practice of stewardship in your own daily life. Partnering with nature through nature communication by Basia Alexander Once...

nature as an ecosystem versus machine

Your body is nature: a guide to connecting with nature wherever you live

Our bodies reflect the patterns of nature. Each of us has an innate rhythm that responds to the time of day, the flow of seasons and the ecosystems we inhabit. Herbalism treats both the human body and nature as an ecosystem versus machine that resonates with the environment it inhabits, utilizing energetics to manage these connections. This article by herbalist, Sajah Poplum, discusses the role of energetics in herbalism and suggests techniques to more deeply connect with nature no matter where you live. By Sajah Poplum, School of Evolutionary Herbalism The body can be understood as either an ecosystem or as a machine.  The more you understand that your body is but a mirror to the natural world, the more you see the elemental and energetic cornerstones that form...

daffodils for brighter days

Daffodils for Brighter Days

by John Hirshboek Daffodillion introduced their “Daffodils for Brighter Days” logo when Covid tragically became part of our lives two years ago. Most of us began our masking and quarantining that spring, but Newport’s over one million daffodils (a “daffodillion”) still exploded in a profusion of bright yellow glory, as they have each April.  Seeing the daffodils emerge, after a winter of Covid’s doom and gloom, brought a symbol of hope. They promised us brighter days ahead.  Buttressed with an outpouring of support and sentiment to continue our efforts, we sought donations to purchase more bulbs to give away in the fall of 2020 and again in 2021. Our community responded, both with contributions and then “sold-out” bulb giveaways each October.  As a result, an additional 100,000 Dutch Master...

digestive bitters are a natural upset stomach cure

Preempt holiday indulgences with a bottle of bitters

Bitters are an essential addition to my holiday survival toolkit. I will stash a bottle into my smallest purse rather than brave a dinner party without it. This article from Nature’s Goodness in Newport Rhode Island gives an overview this natural upset stomach cure, discussing the history of bitters as a cocktail ingredient, how they work, and where they can be found in foods. by Patty Lenz Bovie for Nature's Goodness Bitters are alcohol-based extracts of bark, roots, berries, leaves, or flowers of bitter-tasting plants. Known for the essential role they play in signature cocktails, they burst with a range of aromatic flavors such as zesty orange, tarragon spice, and nutty coffee. But taste is not their only perk. Research has shown that bitters may also be...

DIY cold and flu remedy made from pine

A Warming Elixir for surviving the Winter Blues

by Karen Talbot, wild gardener The fragrance wafting up from my hot cup of tea conjures up favorite evergreen memories as I write. I can still smell the balsam firs where we camped in New Hampshire years ago; discovering a magnificent blue spruce on a South County RI trail; and the pleasure of harvesting pine needles for this cup of tea outside my door. Pines are also my medicine for preventing and easing the symptoms of a cold and cough, building  the immune system, and especially preventing the flu. This DIY pine cough and flu remedy is a great herbal solution to survive winter and can be made with almost any evergreen available to you. Pine: It’s not just about holiday memories Evergreen needles are the main ingredient...

Winter healing with white pine

White pine medicine: Not just holiday magic

by Artemis Body & Soul Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) of the family Pinaceae is ideal for winter healing, predominately, because it can be gathered anytime of the year. Often branches of white pine are felled during winter storms, and as long as the needles are still green, it’s good to use. Plus, their medicinal and spiritual uses in boosting immunity and battling congestion and coughs while supporting the lungs comes in handy during the holiday and cold/flu season. So does its spiritual abilities to help the body move through grief, sadness and situations that require a peacemaker. Identifying the winter healer  Identifying white pine starts with recognizing the long bluish-green needles. Look closer, the needles are long and “flowy.” At an even closer look, you should notice...

Meet The Village Shaman at the Mind Key Winter Solstice Celebration 11/21/15

We are pleased to announce The Village Shaman as one of our vendors and healers at the Mind Key Winter Solstice Festival in West Milford, NJ this Saturday  Today, Kieran of The Village Shaman shares The Village Shaman's philosophy and offerings:"The whole is more than the sum of its parts".                                                               ~ AristotleHolistic care addresses not only imbalances of the physical body, but encourages harmony within the entire being, body, mind and spirit. The Village Shaman believes that the best healing occurs within a partnership between client and practitioner, in which the client is educated and inspired to take an active part in sustaining their well-being in all aspects of life.  Through a variety of modalities, we offer an opportunity to rediscover health, peace and empowerment....

Flowers of Fall–Harvesting strength for body, heart and soul

As my all-time favorite season, spring seemed to hold the most award winning blooms.  Fall is ordained by the leaves, spring is for the flowers.Not until I became an herbalist did I find a true appreciation for autumn flowers. Now my yard is full of goldenrod, queen ann's lace, evening primrose and flowering artemisia—plants I never gave much notice before. making evening primrose flower essenceEach of these plants have their blessings and beauty in both the medicine cabinet as well as the garden. They are bright and cheery, and these attributes are mirrored in their emotional and physical benefits, perhaps to strengthen us for the winter ahead.Evening primroseEvening Primrose in Watercolor by D. RoseShe is known on the shelves for women's hormonal support. Evening primrose...

Flowers Healing Body & Mind

The scents of their oils, the sight of their colors, and their simple presence in our environment have phenomenal yet unrecognized healing powers. Many align with certain chakras as well. For example...

Meet the Community: Danielle Rose

We each have the ability to change our life, create our future, heal ourselves,and achieve our dreams.Danielle Rose is many things, but conventional is not one of them.  She identifies herself as a writer, herbalist, intuitive reader and faerie healer, but she's so much more."I've been talking to trees and faeries ever since I could remember," Danielle says. Her connection to the fae and to nature has taken her down life's path less traveled.Danielle grew up in a dark place.  "I don't really remember much about my childhood anymore, probably because I've blocked a lot of it out," Danielle says.  In a family plagued by emotional abuse, Danielle turned to her connection to nature and to her writing and journaling as a way to actually heal."This was a huge breakthrough for...

The Dark Summer

Where has summer gone?Although I was prepared to launch into a new stage of Mind Key development during the summer months, June and July have turned into the regeneration period of the Dark Lady.  This card has been coming up in readings lately, and it seems many of us are frustrated with the stagnancy and slow-movement of our life paths.The same goes for me.  Summer has traditionally been a period of soaking in as much sun and salt water as I can (lake water works in a pinch).  Today I spend my days doing craft and story time, pulling dunked children out of the water, and searching the sand for missing beach toys.  It may not seem dark, but as The Dark Lady says, it...

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