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ANSHI Transdermal Rubs: Simple, natural and effective

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Anshi Transdermal Rubs
ANSHI Transdermal Rubs are beloved in vanities across the country. The ANSHI turmeric rub is cited as “the first topical turmeric for health & beauty.” Photo via ANSHI Transdermal Rubs

ANSHI Transdermal Rubs: Simple, natural and effective

The Mind Key editorial team

Janelle Noble Donovan created ANSHI Transdermal Rubs after spending countless hours with her daughter at the hospital. Through her various bouts of illness, Janelle found that natural, topical solutions were a powerful way to aid in her daughter’s healing. Now her natural, handmade healing rubs have made their way into beloved vanities across the country. Donovan’s coveted ANSHI turmeric rub is cited on their webpage as “the first topical turmeric for health & beauty.” We had a few writers from The Daily Key give ANSHI a try, and share their experiences.

About Anshi Transdermal Rubs

“We believe in the power of natural ingredients, and we know that they can gently and effectively speed up the time it takes for your skin to heal,” Donovan says. 

Gentleness and effectiveness seem to be at the heart of ANSHI. The product began with a simple base of oil and himalayan sea salt. From this base, each different product only adds one more beneficial ingredient: turmeric, aloe or peppermint. Small but mighty, the simplicity of ANSHI products still pack a big punch. While interviewing Donovan for this piece, she was in South America on a retreat. Instead of carrying numerous bottles and toiletries, she brought only a jar of peppermint ANSHI. She used it in the shower a scrub, in the morning as a moisturizing face wash, to banish the stuffiness in her head and body from traveling, to ease headaches, as a moisturizer, a shave cream, and a nail lotion. Similarly, the ANSHI turmeric rub can be used for everything from a soothing massage and pain relief, to healing toenail fungus. 

ANSHI Reviews

ANSHI Lavender Rub

“After a successful trial of using Anshi’s Turmeric Rub for joint pain, I was eager to try Anshi’s Transdermal Lavender Salt Rub. Lavender is known as a powerful healing herb, with the quality of bringing calm and lessening anxiety. I used this treatment daily for a month in the shower, rubbing it all over my body and then showering it off. The scent was indeed heavenly! I did register a sense of calm for at least 15 minutes after using the product. However, I did not notice any lasting improvements or changes in skin smoothness, softness or elasticity over that period of time. I would rate it a “5” on a scale of 1-10” – Cris McCullough, The Daily Key writer

ANSHI Turmeric Rub

“Exactly one month ago I began using the ANSHI turmeric rub to address issues dealing with joint pain, swelling and itching due to severe arthritis. In 2012, I underwent a double makoplasty, a partial joint replacement procedure, on both my knees. As the years have progressed, the other side of the joint has succumbed to severe arthritis, bone spurs, and connective tissue loss.

For relief I have experienced almost all the over-the-counter pain relief products first hand. To my surprise, the ANSHI turmeric rub has out-performed them all! Using the ANSHI turmeric rub has mitigated joint pain and swelling and severe itching on my legs due to nerve pain. I would rate this 10 out of 10.”  – Cris McCullough, The Daily Key writer

ANSHI turmeric rub
“For relief I have experienced almost all the over-the-counter pain relief products first hand. To my surprise, the ANSHI turmeric rub has out-performed them all!” image by ANSHI Transdermal Rubs

“Of the three rubs I tried, my favorite is the ANSHI turmeric rub. The first reason for this is the addition of the infused turmeric oil. The oil gives the cream a soft, spreadable consistency. It also has a pungent scent that, although strange at first, I’ve grown to love. I was very much afraid of staining, as even the cream itself takes on turmeric’s hallmark golden hue. However, there was absolutely no transfer of the color to my skin or clothing. I’ve replaced my rotating infused oil moisturizers with the turmeric rub. It says it will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I haven’t seen that yet, but my skin does feel softer and healthier… and I like that I’m giving it a gentle exfoliating scrub while ensuring that the moisturization does not simply sit on top of my skin, but is worked deeply into the tissues of my face. The turmeric rub was also a godsend during a particularly difficult weekend of yard work. After hauling trees and rocks around my yard, I took a hot shower and rubbed the turmeric over my aching muscles. It did not completely alleviate the pain, but it certainly allowed me to relax and let my muscles heal deeply. If I were to bring only one of these three items with me on vacation, I would choose turmeric.”  – Danielle Rose, The Daily Key editor

ANSHI Peppermint Rub

“I used Anshi Peppermint during my recovery from Covid. For about two months after Covid I had intermittent lung congestion. I started using the ANSHI peppermint for cold and flu topically on my chest and I did notice immediate subtle improvement. My congestion cleared completely within a month of using ANSHI. It’s a little hard to rub in, but the overall quality of the product is very good. I would recommend this to anyone looking for natural remedies.”  – Nina Maxwell, The Daily Key writer

“The peppermint rub is my go-to when I’m flirting with a migraine. I use it in addition to my supplement and self-care regimen when I’m well enough to avoid taking a migraine med, but still feeling yucky enough to want to lie down. I rub about a teaspoon onto my neck, shoulders, throat, chest and behind my ears immediately after taking a shower. As with all of the ANSHI transdermal rubs, it works best if you continue to massage the product in until all of the salt has dissolved.” – Danielle Rose, The Daily Key editor

ANSHI Aloe Rub

“At first, I thought that the aloe would be beneficial for my dry skin… and it was. But further inspection of the jar indicated that its primary intention was for moving fluids through the body. I tried it for digestion, rubbing a small amount in a counterclockwise fashion over my abdomen at night to ensure my bowels moved properly in the morning. Admittedly, I used less than the recommended one tablespoon, which may be why the results were not consistent… However, if nothing else, I loved how calming and settling the rub was at night, and it certainly seemed to provide a small level of hydration. I was able to use the aloe on a light sunburn I received while gardening, and it was incredibly soothing. Because it contains salt, be careful not to rub too deeply on burns. I wouldn’t recommend it for a strong burn.”  – Danielle Rose, The Daily Key editor

Overall, ANSHI Transdermal Rubs are a simple but effective way to streamline your beauty counter. Take a look at their roster of products, noting the multi-functional benefits of each, and decide which one is right for you. At the time of writing, they’re offering free shipping on all orders and a special sale on both the Natural Pain Relief and 4-pack gift sets.

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