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Faerie card readings with Danielle Rose: A review

Mind KEY / Energy  / Faerie card readings with Danielle Rose: A review
Faerie Cards by Danielle Rose

Faerie card readings with Danielle Rose: A review

By Danielle Rose

Krista experienced a faerie card reading with Danielle Rose back in August 2014. Since then, she has received a number of readings from Danielle. In this interview, Krista discusses her experience with Danielle and how her life has changed since then. All this as a result of card readings for self discovery.


The First Time

Where did you first learn about Danielle’s readings?


I was first introduced to Danielle Rose’s readings through the Trinity Summerfest psychic fair in Sussex County, NJ. I saw a faerie card reader [Danielle], and being a long time lover of fae, I had to get a reading!


What made you want to try it?


Simply put: I love faeries and I love card readings. I was even more excited to find out the artwork on Danielle’s cards was by Brian Froud. I’ve been a big fan of his work since I was a child and saw Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (which he also helped design).


What was your experience with card readings and/or intuitives prior to meeting Danielle?


I’m pretty sure Danielle was my first card reading. I don’t think I’d had any card readings at that point. Before then, I’d only ever really known of Tarot, but Danielle’s cards are not traditional Tarot cards at all. Afterward, I went on to play with Oracle cards like Danielle’s. I’m also hoping to get the hang of Tarot myself some day.

Card Reading: The Outcome

How was your expectations of Danielle’s reading colored by you prior understanding of tarot and divination?


Honestly, I  didn’t know what to expect. I don’t recall having any kind of divination cards used for me before. I was pleasantly surprised.


What did you hope to get learn from the reading?


In August 2014, I was beginning a phase of self discovery in my life. Then, I’d just had a very serious illness which to this day, I’m still not sure what it was. I only know that I wound up 82 pounds and in the hospital that June. After that, I started to bounce back. In July, I went to a Native American Pow Wow at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in NJ. There I began to feel renewed with my spirituality. It took off more when I began seeing Jacqui Geary and sped up with Danielle’s reading and a reading by Jane Doherty at the Summerfest that weekend.


In short, I was looking to learn about myself and to learn more about what turned out to be my Twin Flame who had passed away. I wanted to see what kind of path I was on. I was warned I would probably be learning stuff about myself in the future I might not like…and that turned out to be true in a major way. Not so much that what I did was bad, but there were things I had to change about my life for the better that was going to be, and ended up being, very hard. In order to get out of my situation, someone’s feelings were going to get hurt and I felt awful for that.


I also realized mistakes I had made in my own life. Danielle’s reading saw stuff like that coming almost three years in advance of when I finally changed some of the bigger things around (like leaving an unhealthy relationship). In later readings, I was given sound advice that made more sense both for me personally and things to do with my twin flame in Spirit.


What was your experience with Danielle like?


My experiences with Danielle has always been extremely pleasant. I wish I could have more readings with her than I have had thus far. While sometimes you get a message you may not want to hear from the Faeries (like how I was going to discover things about myself I might not like), it is always something that has helped me grow or understand my current or future situations better. We always somehow end up having a laugh or ending up in a conversation as a result of the readings. She’s always very pleasant and fun to listen to and talk to.


I really didn’t know how much I believed in card readings until I had the first one with Danielle. I was quite impressed. She sort of opened the can of worms about my Twin Flame. He had died months before and she told me how he was coming to terms with something to do with me from when he was still alive. I will never forget her saying this to me because the next day, after talking to a psychic medium, I found out he’d had feelings for me and later found out he was, indeed, my Twin Flame. I had suspected this briefly before he died, but didn’t want to acknowledge at the time.


Thank you Danielle for letting the faeries open that can of worms because the path it took me down changed my life…maybe even saved it in some respects.

About Danielle Rose

Please tell us about your first impression of Danielle.  If and how did that impression change after your reading with her?


My first impression of her was that she seemed very sweet. That opinion only multiplied after our first reading. So if it changed, it did only in the sense that she was even more awesome than I thought. It’s hard for me to see a woman wearing faerie wings and not think “I can get along with this person” (I like to wear wings too lol). We seemed to hit it off and have some things in common. I enjoy watching her daily live readings on Facebook when I can.


Since then, curiosity about spirituality, health and energy led me to sign up for the Mind Key newsletter and purchase their most recent Anthology: Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance. I very much enjoy all of it.


Danielle gives live card readings on Facebook every morning, and encourages her watchers to ask for a card for themselves. If you’d like your own reading, visit Danielle on Facebook  every day at 9 a.m., or get your own private reading at Private or group readings are done in one minute increments at $1/minute.  However, as a thank you, use the coupon code WISHES to get a 20% discount off your reading with Danielle today!

Danielle Rose
Founder, Mind Key

I help people follow their dreams! As the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Mind Key, Danielle has the skills and abilities to help you grow in your chosen career, or to launch the business of your dreams to the next level.

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