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Resolve your past life: Fix your present

Mind KEY / Energy  / Resolve your past life: Fix your present
Image by Kely Luzio-Cardona

Resolve your past life: Fix your present

by Carlie Currier

Do you believe we get more than one chance to get this human life right?

Massage therapist, yoga instructor, Rosen method practitioner and artist, Kerstin Zettmar, explains that past life regression hypnosis is similar to regression therapy.  Instead of focusing on childhood memories, however, it goes much, much deeper.

Vera Remes, owner of Raven Reiki and Mind Key member and writer, started her own practice in hypno-counseling 5 years ago. Past lives have been a significant part of that practice, and she has since become certified to guide clients in past life regression. She believes in the power of visiting past lives to help with issues in your current situations and describes past lives as a, “font of knowledge for inner growth”.

New theories on time and past lives have grown popularity lately. According to a Pew Research poll, 25% of Americans believe that our souls are reincarnated when we die.

Dr. Ian Pretyman Stevenson, known for his reincarnation research, even connected birthmarks to past lives. Vera and others believe that birthmarks are sometimes indicative of past life trauma. Read Vera’s article from earlier this week for an example of how trauma (past, present, or future) can affect our bodies and our health today.

It is all about your perception of time.

With recent leaps in quantum psychics, more people are opening up to a different perception of time. Many believe it’s cyclical rather than linear, or that past, present, and future is happening all at once.

“We are multidimensional beings,” Kerstin said, “Although it helps us in this 3D reality to have a linear sense of time, time itself is really just a hologram. Recently, the veils between dimensions are beginning to thin. Thus, people are having more experiences, and consequently, more people are starting to believe more.”

Kerstin’s small-group, past life regression sessions have even received higher turnout than her group stress reduction hypnosis, further proof that people are opening their minds up to a reality outside this dimension.

Unlock the doors to your subconscious through hypnosis. Image by Kely Luzio-Cardona for Mind Key’s 1st Anthology

How can past life regressions help us heal?

Awareness of past lives can aid in our waking life. By comparing our past life personalities to our present ones, we can examine unconscious habits and patterns that are not presently serving us. Kerstin and Vera both claim regressions can alleviate physical ailments and phobias, such as sleeping and eating disorders, by determining the root causes and emotional issues attached.

Knowing the origins of irrational fears can help overcome them, Vera explains. Although the regression may not change present issues, an understanding of their basis can alleviate guilt, or help relieve symptoms.

Kerstin trained in past life regression hypnosis under Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters. Vera also was greatly inspired by this book, and attended one of his seminars. She recommends Brian’s YouTube videos and other books, as he is a guru of the field.

According to Kerstin, Brian discovered past life regressions while working with his first client, Catharine, who suffered from many different and severe phobias. To help with the physical repercussions of this, he began childhood regression therapy. Instead of going to her childhood while under hypnosis, she regressed to a traumatic incident that happened thousands of years ago. The regression helped her heal her fear of drowning, and subsequent regressions of different past lives began healing her phobias one by one.

Does that emotion belong to you?

Sometimes the emotions we feel don’t really belong to us. Kerstin offered sessions to a man that woke up every morning of his life with immense grief. He was able to recall memories of being a Native American woman who had to flee for safety without saying goodbye to her family. Kerstin guided him to the moment of death in that life, and in that regression, he left the woman’s body. After that, his past incarnation was at peace and his daily grief was alleviated.
Hypnosis can bring us into what we perceive as the future, too. Vera also offers future life progressions, which entail visualizing the future and thinking about how it was achieved in order to become open to changing one’s life. You can read about that here.
Kerstin also worked with a client who was having trouble with intimate relationships. During her session, the client saw herself in the future, in a new life where it felt visceral to be in a loving relationship. From then on, she no longer experienced the same relationship issues.

Kerstin herself has experienced many past life memories. One of the most influential was that of “Julia Heatherton,” a woman living on an estate in 1800s Ireland. With a sick husband who was unable to work, she was forced into an affair with the estate owner in order to provide for her children. In her present day life, she has done what she can not to be financially dependent from a man in order to not have to go along with demands that would not feel right for her.

How can past lives help us judge less?

Another benefit to past life regressions is they can teach us to become more accepting of those around us. We judge others less because we see them as reflections ourselves. As Kerstin states, “We’ve all been all of it, there’s no need to judge.”
Karma states that all of our souls have played opposite roles in different lives. For example, a bank robber may return as a store owner who was stolen from, or vice versa. Whatever we give, we receive, and we may be the victims in one incarnation and perpetrators in another.
Past life regressions can help bring harmony to humanity, because it shows we’ve all experienced several cultures in our lives. We possess similarities regardless of our race, gender, or religion.

Surprisingly enough, Vera says clients have even experienced past lives as an animal, proving that we’re all one and interconnected even across different species.

How can past lives help us fear less?

Past lives show us that there is no real finality in death. By re-experiencing death experiences, we learn that there really is nothing to fear. Everything is temporary, yet everything is eternal.

“There’s no such thing as death, only transformation”, Kerstin said.
This realization can affect our attachments to others, as we lose our fear of loss. Our soul family are other souls that we’ve established karmic ties with, and they may play different roles each time. Vera explains that she’s met people that she recognizes from her present life in her past lives hypnosis sessions.

During her first regression, Vera was a male French trapper living in a log cabin with another trapper that she recognized as her husband. She always had a feeling that they were friends long before they met in her present life.

As Kerstin puts it, “Soul mates are not just romantic, and it’s not always a pleasure cruise when we meet them. Life is a school, we’re here to learn, and push each other to grow.”
With no more emotional ties to our subjective past or future, we become free to be fully present.

So maybe our teachers were right when they told us, history repeats itself.

Interested in a session with Vera or Kerstin?

Click here to reach Vera Remes at Raven Reiki.

Click here to reach Kerstin.

Carlie Currier

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