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Connect the dots–make the most of time

Mind KEY / Career  / Connect the dots–make the most of time
time is limitless
Time is limitless

Connect the dots–make the most of time

We can’t believe how fast this month has flown by. And that’s just what January’s theme was all about–shifting our perceptions of time to better serve us. No matter what your perception, our society depends on a linear model for almost everything. Can that line be changed?

Some articles this month asked readers to challenge their definition of chronology. Others offered guidance on how to make the most of the traditional linear view. Our goal was to help you organize, feel more centered, and incorporate more productivity into your lifestyle.

Week One–center yourself

In Plan to achieve your dreams, creative journaling becomes a means to be more focused and organized in 2017. Improve productivity and creativity, organize thoughts, and achieve your goals with The helpfulness of lists. Also, since January is Stress Reduction Month, we highlighted a stress remedy group program with Dr. Donielle Wilson, as a way to recover from post-holiday stress.

Dr. Doni Wilson’s Stress Remedy Program

Week Two–time as a construct.

Perspective determines whether time feels like a friend or a foe, and in Shifting the patterns we have the ability to choose and control how we feel about its passing. Vera Remes is Living on reiki time. By working with reiki clients she has discovered it is a continuum that represents a constant flow of energy. Does Time heal all wounds? In this article Dr. Lisa Avila challenges the age-old belief that time dictates healing. Dr. Avila teaches us how forgiveness–for others, and for ourselves–can do the heavy lifting.

Adara's Hands by Sean David Wright

Adara’s Hands by Sean David Wright

Energy and healing gurus Kerstin Zettmar and Vera Remes share how you can Resolve your past life: Fix your present, by facing unexplained phobias, physical symptoms, habits, and thinking patterns. Meanwhile, Taraleigh Weathers’ course “Rock Your Year,” offers everything you need to manifest 2017 into your most magical year yet. We also teamed up with Jessica Filkins of Jahmu Chai to bring you a new type of meditation that’s easy to incorporate into your busy routine in Morning meditation for those short on time.

Week Three–organization
Amy Oestricher's one-woman-show "Gutless and Grateful"

Watch “Gutless and Grateful” this weekend and get a free Mind Key gift!

Five Time-Saving Tips for Smartphone Users helps you save, rather than waste time. Tips on finding time to be creative offers suggestions from Mind Key’s artists and writers, helping creativity flow. Lori Ramas of Lion LinQ talks Social Media Posting: Timing Strategies Uncovered to make the most of your social media posts. Don’t be a zombie–Improve Email Productivity shows us how not let an inbox full of emails overrun us. In Best time of year to travel-look to the weather Charla talks about the timing for your best travel experience.

Creative visionary, Amy Oestreicher, told us how she is Not waiting for life. She is presenting her one-woman-show in New York City this weekend, despite multiple surgeries that left her unable to eat for six years. Take time to appreciate the best moments in your life and be more grounded in the present by Logging time to make the most of it.
Please let us know if any of these stories resonated for you, and how your perception is changing in this changing world.

Danielle Rose
Founder, Mind Key

I help people follow their dreams! As the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Mind Key, Danielle has the skills and abilities to help you grow in your chosen career, or to launch the business of your dreams to the next level.

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