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The helpfulness of lists in prioritization of goals

Mind KEY / Creativity  / The helpfulness of lists in prioritization of goals

The helpfulness of lists in prioritization of goals

In an article for Psychology Today, Carrie Barron, MD, author of “The Creativity Cure: How to Build Happiness With Your Own Two Hands” writes that lists are a way to “coalesce and conquer” the plethora of choices in today’s culture.  She adds that lists benefit productivity as well as creativity by working through questions and confusions, to prioritize and streamline, to determine direction, create action and to organize to minimize inner chaos.

Lists can help you organize your thoughts

Ultimately, lists are a way to better understand ourselves and the work that we’re doing. They help us create action plans, organize our thoughts and ultimately, drive us toward our goals.

I had the benefit of spending some time with the Belief Coach, Wendy Watson-Hallowell and her husband and fellow belief coach, Dave this holiday, and… like most of my conversations these days, pleasure spilled into talk about business and, before we knew it, Wendy was at her dining room table, pen and paper in hand, listing out all of the Mind Key concepts and endeavors.

Wendy’s lists were a beautiful thing.  They were more like mind maps, a concept touched upon this week in a review of a planner written by Tara Lesko.  The Dream Planner asks the reader to first create lists: of what is important, of goals, of dreams, of passions, of wishes…. And then create mind maps that help us visualize what those goals and dreams look like.  From there, it becomes easy to hash out weekly and daily to-do lists that drive us toward those goals.

This is what Wendy was doing with me.  The end result was fairly enlightening.  It organized everything that had been too difficult for me to verbalize in a simple conversation in such a way that I could now structure and organize not only my thoughts, but all of Mind Key in such a way that supporters and financial backers can get behind us, too.

Curious about what Mind Key is up to?  Let our goals inspire you to create your own list.  Maybe working with us will be one of them!


Danielle’s Goals for Mind Key in 2017

Build a strong online following for The Mind Key Project

Develop an in-person community in each of our three physical locations

Cultivate a community of supporters to run our endeavors

Get funding to run The Mind Key Project

Complete in-depth business plan

Apply for non-profit status

Publish our next anthology Tempest: Life Upturned

Host our first ever Mind Key Music Festival: Raise the Vibration

Compile a list of followers who have found direction on their path of health and happiness thanks to our work

Gather reviews for Mind Key Services

Danielle Rose
Founder, Mind Key

I help people follow their dreams! As the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Mind Key, Danielle has the skills and abilities to help you grow in your chosen career, or to launch the business of your dreams to the next level.


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