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Tips on finding time to be creative from Marie

Mind KEY / Creativity  / Tips on finding time to be creative from Marie
Paintbrushes ready for the creator The Tribulations of Mary

Tips on finding time to be creative from Marie

In our hectic world, it can be difficult to find creative time. Many artists and other creatives have explained that their ideas come to them suddenly, often fueled by strong emotion or intuition.

Wendy Watson-Hallowell, the Belief Coach, explains, “When I become inspired, I work hard to clear time in my immediate schedule to write since I know that the urge dissipates when I don’t follow it. Sometimes the creative push becomes so strong that I just have to stop and create, or it gets really uncomfortable. When I am not in that creative flow, sitting down to just ‘create’ because I said I would, isn’t very helpful. I find the lack of structure brings out the best in what I have to offer.”

So how can you balance between the moments when inspiration strikes and the time available in your busy day?

There are certain ways to “get it all down” to work on projects later. Amy Cousin of Amy Cousin Jewelry says, “Since I share a workspace, I have to navigate the time when I can actually create the pieces that dance around in my head.” She uses a sketchbook and Evernote to capture her ideas right away until she has time to create.

“I am all about productivity,” Mind Key artist and designer, Kelly Moran, adds. “So I will craft on ‘down time’ while catching up on my favorite shows.”

Marie, creator of The Tribulations of Mary, has came up with advice on how to prioritize your creativity and set aside time to let your self-expression flow.

Understand what are your barriers and clarify your goals

Taking pictures, painting, writing, knitting, cooking delicious, zero waste dishes… All of this is exciting but maybe you’re in my case: you have a daily job and at the end of the day, you just need to relax on your sofa. With a plaid blanket. And a cup of tea. Finding time to be creative is difficult, even if you have plenty of projects and ideas in mind. My name is Marie and I am going to introduce you some tips to help you find time to be creative.


Marie sitting down to paint

My creative experience as an engineer

For my part, I am an energy and environment engineer, working to build sustainable neighborhoods / cities. I love my job. But, I have always been very creative and it is not possible for me to put aside this part of my life. After several months working, I had the feeling that I will never find time to create. Too tired. Too complicated.

I missed being creative, I needed to find solutions and a plan.

I started looking for books and e-courses about organization for creatives and managed to implement some techniques in my daily life, and finally I breathed. I was able to create again without feeling too overwhelmed.

I even felt less stress and found more fresh ideas, including some great tools, a new morning routine, and more.  Click here for more…


painting closeup



How do you find time to be creative?  Please share your tips and tricks here. 

Who knows… you may be featured in our next article.


Carlie Currier

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