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Special dog training

My training adventure with Mochi

by Mei B., 10 year old student writer My mom said we would never get a third dog.  Lucky for me, my mom looks at puppies on Instagram. Not so lucky for me, my endocrine system stinks. Because of this I have type 1 diabetes, celiac, and hyperthyroidism. This means my pancreas doesn't work properly, my body doesn't like wheat, and my thyroid hormones cause anxiety. My mom decided to consider getting a puppy to train to be an  emotional support animal for my anxiety. We found a small dog that we liked and I got to pick him out but that was only the beginning.  In order to take him with me everywhere he needs to get special dog training.  Early training Early training I did myself....

save the earth by gardening

Gardening is Great!

by Juliet M.C.M., 8 year old student writer This article is dedicated to my Papa, who loves gardening 👨🏽‍🌾 I love him so much. J.M.C.M. I am writing about gardening because it is good physical activity, you can save money, it is easy to do, you can eat what you grow, and it is good for Pacha Mama. And you can grow anything! You really can save the earth by gardening! Gardening is a good physical activity Gardening is a good physical activity, so get working! Gardening is like walking and bicycling, it builds physical strength, and works all the major muscle groups: Legs, arms, shoulders, neck and back. You can also plant with family and friends, making it a fun social activity. Love your Mother Earth: Pacha Mama Gardening is...

How can I help heal my environment

How can I help heal my environment?

by Leasia Green, 14 year old student writer How can I help heal my environment? There’s not much time left to change everyone’s current lifestyle to help the environment, so it’s best to do it at a time where wildlife will grow and thrive the most; spring!  How much of an impact does wildlife have on the environment? It’s no doubt the wildlife on Earth makes up a majority of the environment; so, how much of an impact does wildlife really have on Earth? If all of the wildlife on Earth died out, or overpopulated quicker than usual, how large would the events be that follow afterwards? Let’s say all of the wildlife on Earth suddenly died out. (plants, trees, flowers, insects) the ecosystem would quickly collapse, and would...

Cherry blossom, bleeding heart and hyacinths for spring

Flowers for spring

by Roselia, 10 year old student writer Flowers bloom in spring. Three flowers that bloom in the spring are hyacinths, bleeding hearts and cherry blossoms. Hyacinths: The shades of spring Hyacinths have a beautiful smell and many different colors. Each color flower has a different smell and hyacinths are normally used in perfume making. Hyacinths are surprisingly in the same family as asparagus. They are used to celebrate the Persian New Year. Hyacinths are poisonous if eaten. Different colored hyacinths have different meanings, pink hyacinths mean playful or joy, the purple flowers mean “deep regret” and white represents love and prayer. Hyacinth’s scientific name is Hyacinthaceae and you can grow and find them in November through May depending on where you live. Bleeding Hearts: Four petals for a heart There are...

Clean beauty products for spring

Clean beauty products for spring skin

by Magdalena Durkin, 13 year old student writer Clean beauty products are better for you and can help you bring your skin back to life in the spring. This article will include what is different about clean beauty products, what chemicals are bad in beauty products, clean beauty products brands and where to find them, and lastly how to make your own natural moisturizer. What chemicals are bad in beauty products Beauty products might make you look pretty, but the ingredients in them can be really bad for you. According to Business Insider some toxic ingredients are added during the making of beauty products, while product companies put other chemicals into the makeup to help with absorption, shine, shimmer, or a non-greasy feel. You may be surprised...

Flowers a sign of spring

Flower Power: Just in time for spring

by Izzy W-C, 8 year old student writer Goodbye snow! It’s time for flowers! Do you like flowers? I do! In this article you will learn about the state flower of Rhode Island, why flowers are called flowers, and why flowers have certain colors. Flowers are a sign of Spring. Soon flowers will be everywhere. They are not only beautiful, but also useful to people. The meaning behind the flower The word flower comes from the word “flour”, which used to mean both the grain and the plant, before the plant version of the word was changed to flower in the 1600s (Flower - Wikipedia). Both flour and flower come from the name of the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora. People also used to use the word “blossom”...

Enamorus the newest Pokemon for spring

by Toby W-C, 12 year old student writer As the sun sets over the horizon, a pokemon floats over the mountains. It melts the snow, and flowers grow everywhere it looks. This is the pokemon Enamorus. But what is Enamorus, what can it do, and how is it related to other similar pokemon?  Enamorus: A new spring Pokemon Enamorus is one of the newest Pokemon, introduced in the “Pokemon legends: Arceus” game this year. It looks like a pink-skinned human with spikes coming out of its forehead, white hair in the shape of a heart, and a cloud for legs. In addition, it has a snake with a heart pattern coming out of the cloud. Enamorus brings spring weather by spreading love throughout the land but will also...

jumping spiders

Amazing jumping spiders

by Tree Girl, 11 year old student writer The first time I saw a Jumping Spider was in Oregon two years ago.I used to raise Jumping Spiders, and I would feed them about once a week, and take them out to play almost everyday! Whenever I found a Jumping Spider, I would try and catch it. Because of this, I would have about five Jumping Spiders at a time! The ones that I usually caught were the Bold Jumpers, with blue-green fangs. Jumping spiders are awesome because they can jump high, they have great eyesight, and they are amazing hunters. Jumping spider Photo credit: They jump really high Adult Jumping Spiders grow about ⅛ to ¾ inches, and they can jump 25 times their own body length. They have...

spring animal breeding

Springtime baby animals

by Celestetia, 9 year old student writer I like spring animals because they all come out after the cold winter, and they will have adorable babies, especially eastern gray squirrels and robins.   Caption: This reminds me of the the squirrels that like to eat on our porch Photo credit: Eastern Gray Squirrel Eastern gray squirrels are a type of tree squirrel and their babies are cute. Eastern gray squirrels start mating in January and finish in February, and sometimes they may keep going until July. When the female squirrels are going to start mating, they make sounds and scents. The males start to fight to show who is the best then the female will run away. The males cause the female to get tagged and they mate. The female...

RI homeschoolers write about spring

Homeschooling students ring in spring

Students are our most valuable asset. This winter, nine homeschool students from Rhode Island took a Magazine Writing and Publishing class led by The Daily Key editor, Danielle Rose. Together, these RI homeschoolers write about spring. Aged 8 to 14, they worked together and created a theme for their mini-issue: Spring. Scheduled ahead of The Daily Key's spring issue, RENEWAL, the student articles turned out to be more than timely. Not only that, but each student worked independently week-to-week to produce a spring-themed article on at topic that represented their personal interests. The writing process The students learned the five-paragraph-essay format of writing. This format is same one taught in the Mind Key Online Writing Course. Not all students wrote five paragraphs, but that wasn’t the necessary...

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