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Social media alternatives

Four social media alternatives for small business owners

by Danielle Rose In a tumultuous digital world, social media fatigue is running high these days. Unfortunately, business owners and small organizations often rely on social media to help their businesses succeed. This isn’t ideal for everyone. On the vast wide web, there are endless options for everything, even social media. Perhaps there are some social media alternatives for businesses as well.  Not everyone can be on social media Social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, or any of the other dozens of growing open-platform sites, are household terms these days. A 2013 Pew Research report found that 97 percent of organizations have a social media profile. Many of these companies utilize the pages for marketing efforts. Although there were no available statistics on the matter,...

This month’s passion issue has us looking at all sorts of characters. Mallory Harte Underwood talks success.

Story of Success: Mallory Harte Underwood

By Libby Reilly Stories of Success Mallory Harte Underwood talks success as we delve into this month’s theme of passion. One common thing that comes to mind when thinking about passion is someone who has chased a goal or dream, and is now living their passion through their work. Mallory, the powerhouse entrepreneur behind Hartewood Professionals, a unique virtual assistant business, has done this. Mallory and her family of four reside in Phoenix, Arizona and strive to soak up all that life has to offer. Through her previous work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, meditation and yoga practice, several cross-country moves and now raising two children, there were many instances that lead to her taking the leap into entrepreneurship. In this interview, Mallory shares the scoop on...

Big companies give back: Primal gives back to the Cycling Community

By Jessica McWhirt When big companies give back with a product that is a cut above the rest, they make huge strides in changing the way the world works. Primal is a cycling clothing company that offers an opportunity for businesses that have a greater vision. These businesses want to make a larger impact on the world. Mind Key is truly grateful for companies such as Primal, which strive to bring people together and make a difference in a tangible way.   Primal’s give-back program Primal offers organizations a chance to take part in their Primal Gives Back program. Through this program, Primal donates 15% of the money made through clothing sales back to participating organizations. For example, anytime someone buys a product through Primal for say, the American Heart...

Mind Key can help you start up your business

By Lizbeth Fabian Starting an online presence can be hard. As a writer in this constantly developing tech world, you have to make use of any resource available. You also have to build yourself a platform where you can share your work. And although many writers hate being a cliché, the best way to build your image is (drumroll)… a blog! I know, cringe, right? The idea of belonging to the endless list of bloggers also stressed me out. But I learned not to be afraid thanks to Mind Key’s very own Danielle Rose. Start-Up Services Mind Key offers many wonderful services and products for businesses, one of them being a Start-Up service. Mind Key can help you start or relaunch your own website and move toward getting connected...

Renew your career by upgrading your online presence

By Amanda Hollenback Some find social media and other internet platforms to be a burden to society, but the truth is that 78% of the population in the United States has at least one social media or social networking account. That means those who are say they dislike social media likely have an account themselves. According to Statista, every month, Twitter gains 319 million new accounts and Facebook has over 1.86 billion registered users worldwide—making social media an influential machine to be reckoned with. If you want to advance beyond what your field offers, building your brand on social media can have amazing benefits. Including networking, professional promoting, and becoming a credible figure on some of the most used platforms on the internet.   Of course, social media has its...

build the career of your dreams with Mind Key

Do you have what it takes to build the career of your dreams?

Since this month’s issue is all about relationships, we thought now was the perfect time to introduce Mind Key’s relationship with the future.  About a year ago, I cultivated a relationship with Martha Witt of William Paterson University.  Impressed with the Mind Key Project, Professor Witt asked that I speak with her capstone writing class about building a career in writing. What ensued was an assignment worthy of publication. That’s why, over the next few months, you’ll be seeing student pieces published in The Daily Key.  Each student was asked to pitch their story in detail. Upon approval of these pitches, they underwent several drafts. They submitted their final articles at the end of last semester. I have been working with the students, helping them find sources...

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