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Spread holiday magic with the gift of the future!

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Online tarot specials with Cris McCullough
Cris McCullough gives the gift of the future this holiday with BOGO specials image courtesy of Cris McCullough

Spread holiday magic with the gift of the future!

by Cris McCullough, MA, Master Tarot Reader

Let’s face it, folks, the holidays are a mixed bag of anticipation, joy, excitement and fun… but usually with a little disappointment and let-downs thrown in for good measure.  Never is there quite a time when we feel our feelings so acutely than during the holidays. Never is there quite a time when emotional baggage threatens to upend merriment so easily. As a psychic and Tarot reader for over 50 years, I think I can say without exaggeration, that I have seen and heard it all! That’s why I’m offering some great online tarot specials to give yourself or someone you love the gift of the future.  


Detangle from the past and look forward

After the excitement and hustle and bustle of the holiday season subsides, one can’t but help to peer, with anticipation, into the future.  Look! It’s right there! New Year’s Day carries with it the ubiquitous desire to gaze into a future that is unencumbered by the past and to make resolutions with hope in our hearts.

What better gift for someone you love, than an opportunity to open that psychic door and see where the Universe is guiding you in the new year. A Holistic Tarot session can help you do just that!


What is a Holistic Tarot session?

Soul Wisdom Tarot is a hybrid offering for a new paradigm. As a spiritual guide, I empower clients by showing what the Universe wants them to discover. I help reveal strengths and weaknesses that can be utilized to co-create with the Universe the best and highest outcome to any situation. I accomplish this through individualized divine numerology, spiritual astrology and tarot and other oracle cards to understand the soul map each person innately possesses.  My training as a holistic counselor also allows me to work deeply alongside the psyche to resolve stagnant emotional situations and discover answers to life’s puzzles.

Generally, the reason things seem to go badly in our lives is that, for the most part, we are unconscious and unaware as we walk the earth plane. We re-act rather than act mindfully.

We move through life on a kind of “auto-pilot,” relying on what I call, “default mode.” But I believe we can co-create the best future possible in any given situation when we fully realize what the Universe wants us to learn while we are here, and what tools we already possess to bring to bear on any particular situation.


Create your future with tarot guidance

Carl Jung once called tarot the “cosmic key to the psyche.” I like to call the tarot a cosmic GPS.

A tarot reading can show you where you are in the unfolding of your life’s events. So how does a reading work? Questions about love, career or the outcome of any particular life situation are asked while the client shuffles the cards. The cards are then laid out in a pattern that reveals the situation as it stands, the influences that can affect the flow of events, and the ultimate outcome. Now, because we all possess free will, we (as well as others in our life) may not always choose to follow the “road map.” In this case, the outcome may change or be delayed. When combined with divine numerology, we can learn the innate strengths and weaknesses that we bring, consciously or unconsciously, to the situation. Spiritual astrology may help us reveal our soul’s purpose, our soul shadow and other astrological variables that affect any given situation.

I believe that knowledge is power. When we know more about ourselves in relation to any given situation we have the power to affect results positively. The future is what you make it.

If you or someone you love wants to know more about the meanings of the individual cards and how to become a gifted reader or spiritual guide, then my book, Holistic Tarot; Soul Map For A New Paradigm, just might be the gift you are looking for.  

Several Christmases ago, my artistically talented son and daughter designed The Mask Tarot deck for me. Since they both show their work on the comic-con circuit, they brought some decks to sell. The decks are very popular, but folks asked for more information on how to read them.  So, I attempted to deconstruct and reconstruct all my knowledge on reading the cards and Holistic Tarot was conceived. A limited number of The Mask Tarot are available for sale this holiday season as well. The book is $12 and the decks are $20. The book is also available on Amazon.


Discover your inner wisdom with online tarot specials

We’re offering a great holiday online tarot specials for the magical seeker in your life! Buy two half-hour sessions ($40 each) and receive a free gift certificate toward a 15-minute session. Or buy two one-hour sessions ($80 each) and receive one half-hour session free! Or buy a gift certificate in any denomination which may be applied toward a reading or class. Gift certificates in any denomination can be used toward Tarot Certification Classes coming up in the New Year.

To purchase please contact Cris at 401-662-6642 or go to my website

The Mask Tarot may be ordered direct through


The Future can be what you want to make it when you work with the universal powers for your best and highest good.


Cris McCullough

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