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March: An Ego Driven Month

Mind KEY / Career  / March: An Ego Driven Month
Be bold but don’t let your ego lead you
a month of bold colors and chaotic energy Image by Charla Dury

March: An Ego Driven Month

by Seshat Clairvoyant

Don’t let your ego lead you

With spring in the air, it’s easy to get caught up in change, but don’t let your ego lead you astray. The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, the weather feels warmer and people are emerging from their winter slumber. The arrival of March brings hope to many. The winter was harsh and these past two months were oftentimes anything but a joy ride. January brought emotional hit after hit, we saw the women in our family go through some challenges, and reality sunk in. February was a month of unexpected surprises, change, news and very revealing dreams with the eclipse on the 15th. March brings on some chaotic energy and, if you are not prepared or strong enough, this can be the month to undo your ego.


The full moon: March 1

We start March with our first full moon in Virgo. On March 1, our attention will be brought to our health, our flaws, our creativity, our need to be perfect and our observational skills. This full moon will bring you a detailed message of errors you have committed, of errors others committed towards you, of all the past mistakes that occurred and now is time to heal all of this. Judgment can and will happen so make sure you have tough skin because you will be judged and you will be judging. Your health will be center stage asking you to do something different. Detoxing, exercising and learning to relax will be key this month.


Your creativity will be your saving grace this month, as well. Learning to observe will help. It will help not make ego-based decisions, mistakes or judgments. Reflection will help keep your ego under wraps and make more heart-based decisions this month. Don’t let your ego lead you, because you will regret it by the middle of the month.


New moon: March 17

March 17 is the new moon in Pisces. This moon is filled with illusion and delusion, but yet so much hope and belief in what you are doing. Dreams will spill over onto your waking moments. Your beliefs will be tested big time, making you very aware of everything around you. Empathic moments can and will drive you to the brink of insanity. Learn to protect yourself around others. Remember: you cannot help those who do not want to be helped.

Let go of control. Learn to go with the flow. Let the Universe do what it has to do in order to free you of illusions, of others’ ego-based actions, and, above all, let go of your ego. Trust your heart. The new moon is an opportunity for us to restructure and rebuild our egos so that they align with who we have become.

Your intuition can play tricks on you because it is allowing your ego to get in the way. Stop, breathe and listen to your heart for your heart holds the answer. Believe in this answer for it is key for you to continue on stronger than ever.


Mercury retrograde begins: March 22

Give yourself a huge pat on the back because you made it this far and now the real fun begins. On March 22, we have our first full Mercury retrograde of the year and its trajectory is occurring in Aries. Bold, impulsive, fiery, destructive Aries! Oh, how this retrograde will be felt by all. Aries rules the first house in Astrology; this means it is all about self. Your ego is home here and here it will want to remain for awhile. Ego will be loud and bold these next weeks. Temper tantrums will be felt. Impulsive decisions will occur. You will speak your mind and you will be heard. It does not matter if others don’t want or need to hear your words. Please, be nice. Please, remember words can hurt others.

Your need for a steady partner will drive you to do very impulsive things, which, in fact, can lead to a very passionate, intense and faithful relationship. You had your eye on someone for a while and didn’t have the courage to act on it. This will no longer be the case. Did you want to make that change in career? You will soon be in your new position. Everything you wanted to do from the beginning of the year is now there for your taking. You will take it and make it yours. Again, just be nice, considerate and perhaps slow down just a bit; be patient and you will know when to take that bold action.


Blue moon: March 31

We end the month with another full moon. Yes, it’s the second blue moon of the year. I told you this month is filled with chaotic energy. The blood moon occurs on March 31 in the sign of fair Libra. Now, it’s time to really take your partnerships into consideration. Yes, Libra is the balanced, fair and intelligent sign but their darker side is narcissistic. You see when they make a decision it takes them days of rational mulling over, but what others don’t understand is they are mulling over how best to get what they want and need. Again, the ego comes into play with this sign.

This moon will be the one to make you do things out of pure ego. Things you will want include your partner showing you how they love, need, want and desire you, getting your fellow coworker fired because you just know they don’t deserve their job. You can, of course, handle their job. You may also take on a new job without considering how this can affect the people in your immediate circle. How can this can affect your mental, spiritual and physical health? You will do that trip with no consideration on how it may affect your finances in the very near future. You will, of course, achieve what you want, but the satisfaction will be short-lived. Don’t forget to take opportunities to restructure your ego to align with who you are becoming.


A month of ego

Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t manipulate just to get what you want. Be fair, be romantic, be realistic. Weigh all your options and then make your decision.

Be careful this month with all that you do. This is the month for huge, bold changes. Even marriage is in the cards. Starting your own business is an option. A huge lifestyle change is a consideration. News of moving into a new home will be a reality for some. Tame that ego and let your heart lead the way this month. Don’t fear the retrograde. You can make bold moves in this time frame; just be patient. Remember: things take time and if you want this to last a lifetime, then consider your actions. Don’t let your ego lead you too far. Be gentle, but still, take that action. It’s all there for you to make it yours!



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