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June Astrological Report: Finding courage

Mind KEY / Energy  / June Astrological Report: Finding courage
June unearths fearlessness
Become fearless this June and let the natural world guide you to a better understanding of the courage you have within you. Image by Charla Dury.

June Astrological Report: Finding courage

By Seshat Clairvoyant


Happy Summer days are almost here

This month’s astrological forecast shows that June unearths fearlessness, and we embark on the journey of finding courage.

The days are longer and warmer now, and the nights seem endless. It’s time to hit the waves, go sightseeing, and get active once again. Forget staying inside doing tedious work. Now is the time to travel and do all the fun things you have been daydreaming about on those long cold days and nights. Spring has also brought us rain, which kept us indoors. We have been stir crazy, and full of energy for those long-awaited summer days.


June unearths fearlessness

All those daydreams are screaming to get things moving. As a result, you may be acting quite erratic—doing things out of impatience, as if nothing is holding you back or causing you any fear. The only fear we do have is that we won’t get to do all the things we’ve been daydreaming about for months.

The spring didn’t really allow us this luxury and has therefore caused a great deal of irritation in many of us. Even though you have been given the green light to move as fast as the wind, you should practice caution. Life isn’t a risk, but an experience worth having and living. The fear that you aren’t experiencing enough of life keeps you from experiencing the life you so desperately have been fantasizing about.


A time for granting wishes

On June 13th the new moon is in Gemini, causing everybody’s minds to go out of control. We will be so filled with ideas, inspiration, energy, curiosity, and impatience we might implode if we don’t harness this energy correctly. Don’t worry. Don’t give into fear. You will accomplish what you have been seeking.

Make a wish on this moon. Envision it. Give it the energy it requires and then let it go onto the Universe. Within days you will have your wish materialized, but only if you expressed this wish with no fear of any kind. Recall all those times as a child when you wished upon a star, or when blowing out your candles. Remember how you truly believed your wish would come true. The reason it sometimes did come true was because you had no fear…no worry…no disbelief it wouldn’t come true.

Do this again with this Gemini moon. Light yellow candles, use yellow crystals, buy yellow flowers, and eat yellow foods while wearing yellow during your new moon rituals to increase the power of your intent.


Make sure to wear bright colors, such as yellow, to increase the power of intent. Image by Charla Dury.


The full moon brings energy

June 28th is the full moon in Capricorn. This moon will bring attention to our goals—family, work, and money. It will provide the drive to go over all we have accomplished thus far this year, recognition of the things that still need to be accomplished, and an understanding of exactly how quickly it will take to get them done. Your focus will be sharp, and nothing will escape you during this full moon. Taking the reigns of control comes naturally and easily, and it’s much deserved. You worked hard this year and now it’s time to see the fruits of that labor. It is your time now, and your recognition is here.

Whatever lingering fears or doubts you might still have can, and should be, released during this moon. Better yet to reign those doubts in, and transmute them into positive action. Recognize that this is your reality, and the more positive you are, the more things get done.


There is no room for fear in a happy life

When working to make a better life, to have a better experience, or to simply be happy, there is just no room for fear. Fear causes doubt and lack of action. It causes us to be unhappy and leads us astray from the life we so desperately want to live. And lastly, fear keeps us stuck doing the same thing over and over again until we either become its bitch, or we make it our bitch.

June should not be the month of fear, but the month of experiencing the things, people, and places you have been hoping to experience. All the hard work you have been doing is now paying off. This is your time to shine, and shine you will, but don’t blind everyone with your exuberance… just be the light. Smile. Be positive. Be patient. Your reward is here. Go ahead and open it up. It’s all yours.

You earned this, and you deserve this. Show thanks. Show compassion. Give back to others and pay those blessings forward this month.


Happy Summer!


Seshat Clairvoyant

Mind Key Community

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