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February: The month of knowledge, revelation, and the Chinese New Year

Mind KEY / Energy  / February: The month of knowledge, revelation, and the Chinese New Year
Truth and knowledge are revealed in February Artwork by Kerstin Zettmar

February: The month of knowledge, revelation, and the Chinese New Year

By Seshat Clairvoyant

Blessings to everyone. I hope January was an easy month for you, but now here we are in February wondering what the hell just happened. We had two full moons last month, which brought up many emotional blockages, as well as the purging of these emotions. Our desires seemed to take center stage. It felt like an erratic month, but this was only to prepare you for the month to come.


Where’s the full moon, February?

February does not bring us a full moon because we had two of them in January. We experienced one January full moon in Cancer and the second one in Leo. January really cemented the year before and made us realize a lot of things. We had to deal with our emotions, our thoughts, and it made us pay attention to our intuition. We were forced to own up to our feelings, to reflect, to imagine, and to take action toward our desires, wants, longings and needs. It is okay if no action was taken on your part. You now have the whole month of February to materialize all that you desire.

January was the warm-up and February is the pitch.


February: The month of knowing

As the days pass this month, you will be in a reflective mode. You will perhaps mull over a lot of things in your life, or you may have a knowing feeling of something miraculous coming to you. To the rational mind, this feeling of knowingness might seem illogical, but I am here to tell you to trust yourself.

Trust your intuition.

You are receiving a different perspective in whatever it is you are formulating. You might be feeling a sudden unexpected urge to jump into action… Do it! Don’t hesitate any longer. Do the unexpected this month. Don’t be surprised to receive very unexpected messages, signs, phone calls, emails, letters, and visits. The month’s energy calls for the unexpected. Surprises are in store, but so is knowing that somehow this is all meant to be.


New Moon in Aquarius: February 15th

The new moon in February is on the 15th and it is in Aquarius. With this moon, I would suggest doing something nice for yourself. Have a relaxing day and night. Do something nice for a friend, a loved one, a stranger. Give a helping hand to a person in need.

Expect to receive a lot of unexpected news including people offering their opinions and perspective on things you would have never thought about. You may receive help from the most unlikely of people. Life is filled with surprises, and these surprises are often positive. If you do happen to get an unexpected surprise that yields some negativity, view it as a blessing. Order is at hand, Even in times of chaos.

If you are to set intentions, I would suggest meditating on them. Light pink, red, white, blue, and/or purple candles are best for this new moon. A spiritual epiphany will be had. Feelings of deja vu will be experienced all month. That feeling of knowing that you have done this before, have been here before, have met this person before. Meditate on your brow (third eye), crown and solar plexus chakras all month. Set your intentions with the highest of vibration. Know they will come to be very quickly in the most unexpected of ways.


The Chinese New Year: February 16th

February also heralds the Chinese New Year on the 16th. This is the year of the Earth Dog. Instincts, loyalty, sixth sense, family, hard work, focused attention, recognition, and rewards will be center stage this new year.

You might get a dog, or you may perhaps experience the loss of a dog. You will receive a payoff, recognition, and rewards for all your hard work. Financial stability and an increase of money are very much on the agenda for this new year.

Settling down with the right partner is very likely for those who are looking to do so.

Some tips:

  • Wearing red this month will really bring a lot of good luck for the rest of the year.
  • A lavender-infused bath on the Chinese New Year will bring you clear visions.
  • Light a purple candle, wear purple and eat purple food to help increase the clarity of the vision you are receiving on this day.


Revealing the hidden truths

February will bring many beautiful surprises and much clarity. Hidden truths will be revealed, and visions of what is to come this beautiful new year will be seen.

2018 is a master number 11 in numerology. This number indicates intuition, enlightenment, unity, mastering different things, perspective, psychic awareness, soul families awakening and finding each other, and truth. Receive your just reward for all the hard work you put into your spiritual journey.

If you have been acting out of ego, expect this year to be a rough one of spiritual lessons. Do your best to be positive and do all your inner work. Don’t fall off course or let your ego get the best of you.

Remember, karma is not a bitch; instead, karma is the energy that states “what you give, you shall receive.”

So, be good. Be humble. Be grateful.



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