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Learn to create the perfect year this January

Mind KEY / Creativity  / Learn to create the perfect year this January
create your best year in 2019
This month’s full moon will be a total lunar eclipse occuring in Leo, opposite Capricorn

Learn to create the perfect year this January

By Seshat Clairvoyant

Happy New Year! 2019 is bringing us so much new energy to learn from. This is the year to learn how to create a more positive life. When we add 2019 it adds up to three. Three years give us the energy to create. In numerology, the number three is all about creation, self-expression, optimism, joy and socializing. Perhaps most importantly, threes represent honing your spiritual practice. This is the time for expansion, illumination and plain old fun. The energies will show us how to create your best year in 2019. We will learn new ways of leading a healthier life—a more spiritual life… but most importantly a more creative life.


Ring in the new year with Mars direct

We start January with quite a powerhouse of energy upgrades. We celebrated the new year with Mars going back home into Aries. Everybody felt that shift of energy leaving Pisces waters of illusion. Once out of there we realized the year was over and we were ringing in the new year. Many found themselves wondering how we got here so quickly. Many found themselves wondering what happened in 2018, and was it over yet? Hopefully, all the lessons from 2018 will help us better learn how to live our very best life in this year of creation. As the month progresses we will feel, see, and understand what we are working with. Mars being back home in Aries is asking how happy are you with yourself at this very moment.  


New moon and eclipse in Capricorn

On January 5th we have our new moon in Capricorn and the first eclipse of 2019. This year will bring us five eclipses. Three out of the five are in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who is the taskmaster of learning. Saturn brings our lessons when we are going through karmic cycles. This new moon is going to help us learn how to better handle this year. The partial solar eclipse, which will be visible in some parts of Alaska and North Pacific is amplifying this energy. The majority of us won’t see the eclipse but we sure will feel it.

Dreams will be intense during this time, and old karmic cycles will break. Watch carefully as patterns dissolve, low vibrations and frequencies break away. Tangible energy will offer the chance to set goals for the year and have them materialize. Work with this energy and not be afraid of it. Capricorn’s motto is, “I Use.” With this being said, use the tools, people, situations, etc. that Universe is offering to learn with and from.


Total lunar eclipse during full moon in Leo

January 21st is our second eclipse. This one is total lunar eclipse. This blood moon, also known as the wolf moon, will be in Leo. This blood moon eclipse will be visible and last quite a while for all of North America. This moon will help us learn quite bit about not only ourselves but those around us. We will learn who has our best interest at heart. We will learn who is friend and who is foe. We will learn the best course of action.

Leo has two mottos, “I Want” and “I Will.” Keep this in mind when engaging with others. This moon is a curve ball that is actually in our favor. It represents gifts, protection, abundance, and love.

For those learning hard lessons, these eclipses will have offered some illumination by now. Shadow work from 2018 is not over for some. They are just learning 2018 was only the setup for 2019 lesson. As much positivity as this year will bring, it is still bringing the life lessons that some people have been avoiding. There is no running or hiding and definitely no avoiding the lesson. Stay focused. Stay strong. Remember, in order to break out of karmic cycles we must all learn from our karma. When we learn from our karma, dharma follows.  

Please, don’t forget the year you are creating with these two very powerful moons. Yes, some of this energy will involve release, but keep in mind that whatever it is you are releasing is for the best. The blessing is there, it’s just a matter of acceptance, growth and the betterment of self.


Many blessings to all. May this new year bring you all you deserve. Be magic. Be peace. Be love.





Post publication note:  Although most people consider January 20th a Capricorn day, the sun officially moved from Capricorn into Aquarius at 4am Eastern Time on January 20th, approximately 15 hours prior to the start of the lunar eclipse. Therefore, the sun brings both the energy of Capricorn and Aquarius to this month’s lunar eclipse in Leo.

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