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Tea Meditation: Embracing the Power of Choice

By Jessica Filkins With the ebbs and flows of life, there are times when we feel overwhelmed and perhaps even a little out of touch. This could be in a big way or small way, and can last a few moments or much longer. Being truthful with ourselves about what we are feeling and what we truly need in order to right our internal vibrations is of the utmost importance. This is especially true around the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Taking a moment to look inward in order to make the right choices will serve us well and allow us to give goodness to those around us. As human beings, we have the power to choose. Some decisions are BIG and some are small,...


A Guide to Chakras and Vibrational Energy

By Barbara Steingas There is a line from a 1960s song by Crosby, Stills & Nash that says, "We are stardust." That is basically true because everything in the universe is made up of the same matter, but at a different vibrational energy level. We are an electrical circuit, similar to the power grid that lights up our homes. Just as that system has transformers (its main energy hubs), we also have energy hubs called chakras. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the word Chakra means spinning wheels of energy. In other words, our energy centers, are chakra vibrational energy. Understanding the chakra system Initially, I discovered the chakra system in yoga class. Having been healed from an incurable disease, the concept of the chakras intrigued me. We...

From “hard on yourself” to “supporting yourself”

Dr. Doni Wilson, N.D. offers simple tips for making positive changes in your life – and how to break the cycle of being hard on yourself so you can start to rely on yourself. Gain support for breaking bad habits through these simple tips for breaking the cycle. Support for breaking bad habits By Dr. Doni Wilson Making a change in your lifestyle can be challenging. We get into habits that are hard to break. For instance, when helping patients change their diet, they often tell me that they can be very “hard on themselves” when they eat something they know will make them feel worse. Have you experienced the “hard on yourself” vicious cycle? As you can imagine, it doesn’t do you much good. I encourage my patients to...