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Is intention enough to heal?

By Vera Remes Some time ago, I stumbled across a website called the Healer's Bible, which speaks in part to therapeutic intention. This website me to an abstract of the 2000 research article by William F. Bengston and David Krinsley, The Effect of the "Laying on of Hands" on Transplanted Breast Cancer in Mice. This idea of laying on of hands brings the vibration of therapeutic intention into a physical expression. It's a great article and I encourage you to read it, but if you don't, just know this: it cited an 87.9% cure rate for cancer in the mice who received laying on of hands. If that's true, what could it mean for humans? Control group cures Untreated control group mice went into remission. If anyone who knew...

Learning the vibration of the chakra system

By Barbara Steingas As mentioned in yesterday's article, A Guide to Chakras and Vibrational Energy, our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies resonate with wheels of color and energy known as the chakra system.  Since colors have different vibrational wavelengths and frequencies, we can use these frequencies to put our bodies and psyches back into alignment. Below, I've outlined the major chakras of the body, where the energy of that chakra is located, and the frequency, or sound, that each chakra vibrates at. By becoming comfortable with chakra vibration, we can effectively place our bodies back into alignment quickly and easily. The Chakra Vibration and sounds The root chakra: Lam The Root is the first chakra, is associated with the color red and has the vibrational sound of “Lam.” It...

A Guide to Chakras and Vibrational Energy

By Barbara Steingas There is a line from a 1960s song by Crosby, Stills & Nash that says, "We are stardust." That is basically true because everything in the universe is made up of the same matter, but at a different vibrational energy level. We are an electrical circuit, similar to the power grid that lights up our homes. Just as that system has transformers (its main energy hubs), we also have energy hubs called chakras. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the word Chakra means spinning wheels of energy. In other words, our energy centers, are chakra vibrational energy. Understanding the chakra system Initially, I discovered the chakra system in yoga class. Having been healed from an incurable disease, the concept of the chakras intrigued me. We...

From “hard on yourself” to “supporting yourself”

Dr. Doni Wilson, N.D. offers simple tips for making positive changes in your life – and how to break the cycle of being hard on yourself so you can start to rely on yourself. Gain support for breaking bad habits through these simple tips for breaking the cycle. Support for breaking bad habits By Dr. Doni Wilson Making a change in your lifestyle can be challenging. We get into habits that are hard to break. For instance, when helping patients change their diet, they often tell me that they can be very “hard on themselves” when they eat something they know will make them feel worse. Have you experienced the “hard on yourself” vicious cycle? As you can imagine, it doesn’t do you much good. I encourage my patients to...

Finding the Chai: A review of Jahmu, turmeric and ginger spice blend

By Charla Dury I first discovered Jahmu on Mind Key’s Marketplace. I have always loved chai tea and, after purchasing chai spices from a local spice shop and discovering I needed more ingredients I didn’t have, I was looking for a simple way to make it at home. What mostly attracted me to Jahmu; however, was owner, Jessica Filkins’, Tea Meditation Project. Stemming from her love of Jahmu, Jessica encourages the idea of meditating during the simple act of drinking a cup of tea, and this seemed like a perfect fit for my life at the time. The combination of meditation, turmeric and spices makes Jahmu more than just a healthy spice tea. What is Jahmu? Jahmu Chai is an instant turmeric and ginger chai tea inspired by...

Can you bring anything into being? The Law of Attraction says you can!

By Vera Remes   Manifestation, also referred to as the Law of Attraction—the simple definition in spiritual terms is “if I think it, it will be.”  If I could prove to you that manifestation really works, then would you believe in it?  As your belief deepened, manifestation would work easier and better for you.     That’s what I am setting out to do.  To prove to the uninitiated that something I believe in deeply, mostly on faith, exists for me, and for them.    There is scientific basis for believing in manifestation.  The best scientific support I have found  is Quantum Therapy, as demonstrated by the Double Slit Experiment.  This experiment on inanimate matter demonstrates when an observer is added to the mix, the results of the experiment...

Planting trees benefit India and humanity

Trees benefiting humanity–Bringing healing, hope and rain to India and the world

By Amanda Hollenbeck Trees are not simply an aesthetically pleasing aspect of warmer climates, or an ideal backdrop for an outdoor picnic. They benefit the environment, and our daily lives in many important ways.   Trees benefit humanity and the environment According to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), about 31% of the planet is covered with trees. These trees produce oxygen that is vital for the survival of Earth and humanity. They also play a crucial role in regulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. WWF hypothesizes that about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions are a result of deforestation.  Deforestation poses an immediate threat to people living in areas without significant  tree and plant life. According to a 2016 report from the Institute for European Environmental Policy, people who are located in cities...

Self renew by trying shamanism

Can’t Afford a Vacation? Self renew with shamanism

by Vera Remes When I hear the word renewal, I picture a battery-operated toy running out of juice, and the batteries being recharged or replaced so it continue on its way.  For some people a massage offers a renewal, for others it’s a good night sleep. I have felt re-charged, renewed, after a Caribbean vacation.   What if we could renew ourselves whenever we felt we needed it? I haven’t had a vacation or massage in years.  I think I figured out how to self renew without even knowing it.     Everything is energy and energy is everything. With his famous equation E= mc2, Albert Einstein proved that, when you come right down to it, everything in the universe is energy. Both the physical reality of matter, and...

Spring renewal--the blueprint for recreating your life experiences

Hatching seeds: A blueprint for recreating your life experiences

Today is the first day of spring. With the abundant imagery of seeds bursting forth, things hatching, and leaves unfurling, spring renewal is the perfect time to imagine blossoming into our fullest expression of self.  In her post, “The Blueprint,” business consultant and wellness coach, Rebecca Polan, offers her perspective on how the human blueprint is incredibly similar to that of a seed’s. We can use this understanding and imagery to break free of our own fears and barriers. Then we can become the “we” we dream of becoming. Spring Renewal: A blueprint By Rebecca Polan Seeds are potential plants.  The seed is at the same time a little package of information about what it will become...

Alternative addiction treatment

Alternative Addiction Treatment for Alcoholism: Natural and Holistic Options

By Danielle Rose Alcoholism and addiction is often considered a disease.  From this angle, as with all diseases, there is more than one way to approach a plan of healing.  If recovery feels too clinical, consider working with your recovery team and adding alternative addiction treatment in order to connect and heal through the process of self-renewal. I’ve pulled from my research and personal experience working with those recovering from addiction. In conjunction with expert clinical advice from Dr. Lisa Avila, we've create a shortlist of some all-natural and alternative addiction treatment methods to support a recovery program.  This list is by no means all-inclusive. Additionally, these methods should not be attempted without a broader action plan and support group in place.     Alternative addiction treatment through dietary...

getting outdoors means beholding more beauty

Getting outdoors: Tips to get motivated and get out

The Mind Key Community offers their tips for getting outdoors Yesterday’s post talked about ways that being outdoors can benefit your psyche and your body. Even though the weather is improving as we approach spring, shaking the cobwebs of winter isn’t always easy—especially when temps still dip below zero now and again. However, getting outdoors is important in more ways than one.   New York Times best selling author, Dr. Joseph Mercola, said that getting outside can boost your creativity and focus, improve your mood and self-esteem, and increase your vitamin D levels. It can also improve your workouts and overall healing potential.   Lack of Vitamin D from lack of sunlight can be a very real and very intrusive cause of depression. Other than the occasional day where it...

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