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Author: Vera Remes

Mind KEY / Articles posted by Vera Remes
How to spot a sensitive secret keeper.

Are You a Sin-Eater?

By Vera Remes The sensitive secret keeper and how to spot them Do you know some who is a patient, sensitive secret keeper, a “sin-eater”? This is someone you go to and confess the aberrant things you do just so you can get them off your chest. The sin-eater puts their ego and needs aside to patiently and nonjudgmentally listen to your stories. They offer advice and never seem upset when you refuse to listen, returning to yet again confess the same thing. Chances are that the sin-eater is posing in this role for others, too. They are the people we turn to because of their nonjudgmental attitudes and accepting personalities, their way of making us feel accepted and acceptable. But consider this: perhaps they can’t walk...

Is your glass half full or your glass half empty?

Focus on Relationships: From glass half empty to a full life

by Vera Remes Glass half empty My husband used to be a “glass half empty” guy.  Being a police officer, this served him well and kept him alive, I suspect. As a glass half empty guy, he was always thinking how a situation could go sideways when confronting an unknown.   When we retired, his glass half empty mentality remained.   No matter what was going on, he continued to look at the less positive side of things. That was, until recently, when his focus changed. I’ve learned over the last 28 years of marriage that confrontation does no good and that, if left to marinate, my husband will eventually figure out for himself how glorious life is. That said, I still suffered the initial cringe when I could focus further...

Focus on your inner awareness using the physical with soft eyes.

Using your Soft Eyes: Envision the big picture and find your center

By Vera Remes Focus, focus, focus—or maybe not When it comes to focus, inner awareness is essential. As a follower of horse trainers Sally Swift, Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance, I am familiar with the principles of grounding, centering, breathing and “soft eyes.”  Sally Swift describes the essentials of soft eyes in her book Centered Riding as “wide-open eyes and peripheral awareness, awareness of your entire field of vision and feeling sensations from within.” Grounding, breathing and centering can relate to meditation and other metaphysical pursuits. I use those principles in Reiki, energy healing and my everyday life, but I never thought of using “soft eyes” in the same way. Now I have.  Using soft eyes in life may be antithetical to the typical advice given for success—to focus, focus,...

Kely Luzio-Cardona

God’s Greatest Gifts Are Unanswered Prayers: How perspective changes everything

by Vera Remes What is your perspective on the New Year? Are you feeling positive, or are you needing to find a positive perspective for a seemingly negative situation?  Even if you are welcoming the opportunity to improve in 2018, are you feeling that 2017 was less than satisfying? Have you made a resolution for 2018 that reads well but seems unreachable?  Perhaps you are being affected by the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real, even if I myself have trouble understanding it. I welcome the short, darker days of winter as a change from the longer sunbaked days of summer. For me, snow and freezing temperatures as a cleanser for the earth to get it ready for spring. I want to live where...

Is intention enough to heal?

By Vera Remes Some time ago, I stumbled across a website called the Healer's Bible, which speaks in part to therapeutic intention. This website me to an abstract of the 2000 research article by William F. Bengston and David Krinsley, The Effect of the "Laying on of Hands" on Transplanted Breast Cancer in Mice. This idea of laying on of hands brings the vibration of therapeutic intention into a physical expression. It's a great article and I encourage you to read it, but if you don't, just know this: it cited an 87.9% cure rate for cancer in the mice who received laying on of hands. If that's true, what could it mean for humans? Control group cures Untreated control group mice went into remission. If anyone who knew...

Don’t let manifesting get in the way of wishing

By Vera Remes I love poet/writer Shel Silverstein and the quirky wisdom found in his “children’s” books.  I put the word “children” in quotes because adults read his books too, and appreciate his unique view of the world, people and what’s important in life. One quote about manifesting and wishing and those who make wishes, is one of my favorites and led me to write a blog about wishes creativity and manifestation. Titled Invitation, this quote comes from Silverstein’s book Where the Sidewalk Ends:   If you are a dreamer, come in, If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer… If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in! Not thinking about what he was...

Gait TRC: Therapeutic Riding

As my law practice wined down in the years leading up to retirement, I spent money and lots of effort getting certified as a therapeutic riding instructor with PATH International. Retirement seemed a good time for me to give back and meld my love of teaching special needs students. Teaching is something I had done for 11 years, but my love of horses, I have always had. While I was teaching, I often took one or two amenable students to my barn with me on the weekend, not to ride but mostly to clean or just have fun. Horses touched my students in a variety of ways—encouraging speech, eliciting emotions, controlling aggression. However, it wasn’t until after retirement that I realized how powerful a tool therapeutic...

Can you bring anything into being? The Law of Attraction says you can!

By Vera Remes   Manifestation, also referred to as the Law of Attraction—the simple definition in spiritual terms is “if I think it, it will be.”  If I could prove to you that manifestation really works, then would you believe in it?  As your belief deepened, manifestation would work easier and better for you.     That’s what I am setting out to do.  To prove to the uninitiated that something I believe in deeply, mostly on faith, exists for me, and for them.    There is scientific basis for believing in manifestation.  The best scientific support I have found  is Quantum Therapy, as demonstrated by the Double Slit Experiment.  This experiment on inanimate matter demonstrates when an observer is added to the mix, the results of the experiment...

Sweat equity is an amazing alternative to using cash as a way of getting things done

Sweat Equity – a good alternative to spending cash

by Vera Remes I have said more than once, I am a “sweat equity kinda gal.”   Borne out of necessity as a young person on a limited budget, and now as an old person on a limited budget, sweat equity was a good alternative to spending cash that could be earmarked for other purposes.  But what is sweat equity, exactly, and how can it work for you?   What is sweat equity? Sweat equity seems to be the currency of the future and it serves many purposes. It is a way for someone to advance in life, doing something they love to do and are good at. It is also, as I have found, a way to have a unique job experience that teaches skills that will survive...

Self renew by trying shamanism

Can’t Afford a Vacation? Self renew with shamanism

by Vera Remes When I hear the word renewal, I picture a battery-operated toy running out of juice, and the batteries being recharged or replaced so it continue on its way.  For some people a massage offers a renewal, for others it’s a good night sleep. I have felt re-charged, renewed, after a Caribbean vacation.   What if we could renew ourselves whenever we felt we needed it? I haven’t had a vacation or massage in years.  I think I figured out how to self renew without even knowing it.     Everything is energy and energy is everything. With his famous equation E= mc2, Albert Einstein proved that, when you come right down to it, everything in the universe is energy. Both the physical reality of matter, and...

Helping spirits–White Raven Investigates our relationship with the Paranormal

by Vera Remes As a shamanic practitioner, I have become familiar with the concept of “helping spirits"--those known to assist humanity. I have come to depend on them when I am involved with healings specifically.  But there is a yin to this yang.  Opposing the helping spirits are troublesome entities that can create havoc, sometimes referred to in shamanism as “akura.”   This is where spiritual investigations come into play. Whether a healing or a haunting, these negative spirits exist and can affect the living in many physical or spiritual ways.  We each have our guides and helping spirits who, just like us, are stronger together than apart.  When navigating them, it’s best to evaluate your relationship to yourself and your surroundings, and then call in help. What the...

how we relate to ourselves leaves us either connected, or alone

Live and Let Live: A philosophy for strong relationships

by Vera Remes [caption id="attachment_5425" align="alignleft" width="206"] art by Kennedy Shenberg[/caption] Everyone we meet, if only for a minute, we relate to in some way.  Think of yourself walking in the mall, throngs of people passing to the left and right.  You think very little about them, don’t even look them in the eye. You’re in live and let live mode. But if someone fell, would you step over them or help them up? If someone stole your wallet, would you chase them, struggle over it or let them have it since they must need it more than you.  Whatever you do, you are “relating”.     Personally, I like the “live and let live” way of being. I can honestly look at a situation unfolding before me--a parent...


Living on Reiki Time – Nonlinear Time

It was Reiki that introduced me to the concept that time is not linear, or as I like to call it, Reiki time. I started to allow for the possibility that time is actually a continuum when I was introduced to the distance healing concept of Reiki Level Two.  I tell my clients that Reiki Healing knows no time, space or distance. The time continuum represents a continuous flow of energy. It contains all the events that have ever happened, are happening in this moment, or will ever happen. I fervently believe this concept, but really never expected that I would experience it physically.  Being spiritual, I am able to believe without physical proof. Little did I know I would actually experience nonlinear time during a healing with a...

Forest bathing as a way to heal

Using the energy of the forest to heal

 by Vera Remes We are well aware that the rain forests, often referred to as Nature’s Medicine Cabinet, contain plants from which medicines are derived.  Some 120 prescription drugs sold worldwide today are known to contain ingredients derived directly from rain forest plants. According to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, more than two-thirds of all medicines found to have cancer-fighting properties come from rain forest plants. Examples abound. Ingredients obtained and synthesized from a now-extinct periwinkle plant found only in Madagascar (until deforestation wiped it out) have increased the chances of survival for children with leukemia from 20 percent to 80 percent. Even the air and smells of the forest have been known to have healing properties, as proven by the popularity and efficacy of a Japanese...

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