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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Renew Your Work Options and Career Goals

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Spring is the best time to renew your career
Does your job have you feeling worn out and stripped down? Financially speaking, spring is the best time to make changes in your career. Photo by Charla Dury

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Renew Your Work Options and Career Goals

By Rebecca Pall, Mind Key intern


With spring being a time of renewal in nature, it is also a great time to find opportunities to better our well-being.  One of the many changes that people may undergo is finding a new source of employment. The energy of the season notwithstanding, professionally speaking, spring is an ideal time to clean up your resume and begin the hunt for a new job.  


The best time of year to job-hunt is now

According to an article published by Career Sidekick, a website devoted to helping people advance their career and find better jobs, March, April, and May are some of the best times to apply for a new job. This is because employees  tend to take family vacations in the summer, and companies run the risk of ending up understaffed, even if it’s only for a short period of time.  If a potential employee has good credentials and does well in an interview, employers can rev up the numbers of employees in order to prepare for the summer months.  Not only that, but as it gets warmer, people can become lazy when it gets to scheduling interviews and taking the additional steps needed to find new employment.  Best to get job search processes over completely before the mind has the chance to wander to other tasks.  

As written in  a post by Jia Smialek for Bloomberg, a marketing site dedicated to delivering business and financial information to decision makers around the world, “By contrast, in 7 of the years between 2005-2015, April saw more available positions than any other single month. This makes sense, since the U.S. academic year ends in May or early June, and employees may be ramping up to hire new graduates.”  

At this point in the year, employers can not only offer new jobs, but also have a plethora of different people that can take said jobs—from graduates, to employees hoping to start a new career later in life.

Spring is the time to renew your career.

Take advantage of spring fever to bring your career to new heights. Photo by Charla Dury

Take time to renew

Career change expert, Randi Bussin, writes,“Since it is so important to surrender to this phase of emptiness and stop trying to escape it, I often suggest that my clients get away for a few days and take a personal retreat. The solitude associated with a retreat allows you to see and experience the world differently and opens you up for transformation.”

Randi is hinting that people try and escape negative atmospheres that they may face in their current job.  Spring offers time for renewal, so if switching employment isn’t a possibility , any alteration has possibilities of being beneficial.  

Making an employment or career switch while the world is going through its process of rejuvenation can be encouraging. Not only that, but employers are getting spring fever as well. Take advantage of employment opportunities that are blossoming at this time of year, or if making a career or employment switch isn’t in the cards, utilize the time to take a break, refresh and start anew.  You may find that  the fresh energy you bring back to the office will do wonders for you, your team, and your future within the company.

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