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Mind KEY / Posts tagged "Yin and Yang"

The energy of the equinox

Today I'd like to talk about faerie energy. We at Mind Key chose to talk about yin and yang and balance this month because March heralds the spring equinox, which happened yesterday (March 20th) at 12:30 AM (EDT).  The equinoxes (one in the fall and one in the spring) occur when the earth's axis is almost perpendicular, the sun shines directly on the equator, and we experience an (essentially) equal amount of light and dark over the course of one day.  The equinoxes remind us of how humanity, like Mamma Earth, experiences a brief period of balance in our lives.  Those moments may or may not coincide with the equinoxes, but these are good points in time to reflect upon those moments, and to recognize how fleeting...

A Yin/Yang Herbal

Yin and yang represent different aspects of everything that exists. Within us we have a measure of each, and that measure changes in any given moment or situation.  It's the melding and balance of the two that is important. In Yin and Yang, as in the ocean, the balance is ever changing In herbalism, there is little difference.  As Charla wrote in her blog on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture, and yin and yang energy, part of healing comes from balancing these two energies inside us.  We do this often without thinking.  When we are dry, we drink water and moisturize.  When we are overwhelmed with moisture (think runny nose, bloating, etc.), we take antihistamines, diuretics, or force perspiration with exercise or using a sauna or similar treatment. In herbalism,...


Yin and Yang is kind of like Left and Right brain thinking

  In talking about balance and Yin and Yang, I can’t help but think about right and left brains.  I took one of those stupid Facebook quizzes recently and it told me that I'm 76% Left brained (focusing on Symbolism) and 24% Right brained.  I am a very linear thinker.  Things are orderly.  Numbers don’t lie.  I am not flowery, I am squarely in “the box” so when someone says to think outside the box, I'm at a loss.  Make up something on the spot without parameters, I don’t think so.  So 876% left sounds about right (or correct as the case may be.) “So, if you’re so left brained and non-creative how can you be a poet and so successful at Charlapalooza?” you might ask.  If...

Yin and Yang – What does it mean?

As you can see, the symbol means so much, both within its origin, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and throughout the world.  All of us have each of these characteristics within ourselves.  Although some characteristics might seem awkward or downright offensive (dirty?) they're certainly not meant that way.  They're just meant to show opposites on either side of a whole.  The trick is balance. As the symbol above is split in equal parts, so should we.  Any time we are out of balance, our bodies and souls show signs of wear, of dissonance.  Those signs could include (but are certainly not limited to:) Illness Depression Lackluster Anger Clouded thinking Finding true balance is incredibly difficult.  I certainly haven't found it. I strive each day to incorporate more harmony into myself. Have you found your harmony?...

Becoming Whole: Making peace with the light and the dark

At Mind Key we believe are all whole and perfect, exactly the way we are. The only way to accept and make peace with this truth is by exploring the shadow side of ourselves and bringing it to light. In our anthology, Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance our healers, artists and writers share their insights and journeys into achieving wholeness via both the yin and yang sides of themselves and the world around them. Let them inspire you on your own path of healing and happiness in the following reviews of their contributions to this beautiful, full color work of art:Award-winning author, inspirational speaker and radiant life coach, Barbara Steingas, helps people find the pieces they need to solve their personal health...

The Making of Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance

See how editor, Danielle Rose compiled the art and writing from contributing artists and writers to create Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance, an anthology of art and writing that speaks to balancing the shadows and light within.  She takes us through the inception stage of the book, the program used to create the spreads, and how the file was rendered for proofing before being sent to print.  Plus get a sneak peek of the interior art!Help us get this project rolling by preordering your copy today at --we guarantee it in your hands by the holidays...

Juggler of the World, art by Dana Bree

Artist and designer, Dana Bree, has always been intrigued with questions of alternate realities, past and future lives, and our present course.“I have always loved to make art, draw and paint what I see in real life as well as give voice and image to my dreams,” Dana said. “I have always had a very active, colorful and memorable dream life.”Dana's artwork is a fantastic and bold melding of dream and reality, creating the perfect jumping off point for conversations about the metaphysical, spiritual and magical realms, which are often born of a similar melding.xAs an artist, Dana believes that a connection to, and an opportunity to discover new things with like minded individuals, is essential to her health, happiness, and creative progress.The Master Juggler,...

How do you glisten? Artwork by Heather Taylor for “Yin and Yang”

Today, Mind Key writers, Tamara Rokicki and Danielle Rose, share their thoughts on anthology contributor Heather Taylor and her photography which is included in Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance, available for preorder today.Heather Taylor is a mom first, but she refuses to let motherhood define her solely, and is continually creating, whether photography, art, crafts or food.  Glisten Dichotomically by Heather TaylorTamara writes that in Heather's anthology photo, Glisten Dichotomically, shown here, Heather brings us an ethereal concept wrapped in raw natural beauty.  "The spirit of the earth reaches out from the picture and allows us to connect with foliage, landscape and wildlife," Tamara said.  "I can hear the footsteps reverberating off the wooden planks of the trail, the cool air caressing...

Using Light by Night by Kevin Hall: From “Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance”

This week we will be sharing some of the beautiful artwork and writing included in our upcoming anthology Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance.  We hope that you will consider supporting us by pre-ordering a copy of this book at great prices before it is too late.In "Using Light by Night," Dr. Kevin Hall talks about his struggle with life's curveballs.  In his medical practice Kevin encompasses a wide variety of modalities for health to create a wide-angle vision of what’s happening.  So, this wide-angle applies in his essay as well.“There are people that looked up at the starts and just saw stars, then there are those that looked up and saw constellations,” Kevin said.  “I’m a constellation seer.”Kevin approaches both health and life...

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