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Parenting – the ultimate adventure in paying it forward

  When you become a parent, either by nature or nurture, you wipe its butt just like your parent wiped yours.  We feed the child, clothe them and teach them by our actions, watching as the milestones pass.  We kiss boo boos, worry about them, lose sleep and hope for their future. We follow in the footsteps of every parent, not just our own.  The actions we remember as perceived parenting missteps from our own childhood, we're sure to do differently if we can resist the pull of history and genetics which, at times, might be too strong. No handbooks come with a new baby.  They should.  Every piece of advice ever given should come with each new child as downloadable content, straight to your brain.  Kind of like Neo learned Kung...

RI Event – The party that’s giving back

Looking for good music, good food, and good times this weekend? Look no further than A Party for the People, happening Sunday, June 26th in Middletown, RI. The day is about creating a sense of community and goodwill for all of us who have given back in some way to help others, event organizer and owner of Good Time Productions, Michael Hayes, said. "Everything that happens impacts the next person because [on the island] they're so close," Michael said. "I wanted to give something back to everybody.  We are always struck by tragedy, but I wanted to do this for a positive reason." Over the past decade, Michael's watched friends battle cancer, lose their loved ones and homes unexpectedly to tragedy, and time and time again, he's seen...



Thanks to Ann Noder at Pitch Public Relations, we found out about these awesome Dadpreneurs and in the spirit of a stupendous Father's Day, we wanted to share them with you. Jon Sumroy, dad of four, is the brains behind the new mifold - the most advanced, compact and portable child car safety seat in the world - ten times smaller than a regular booster seat. Rather than "boosting" kids up - the seat brings down the seat belt to a child's size. It’s so compact it can even fit into a back pocket! The company is now in manufacturing to meet massive customer orders after exceeding its Kickstarter goal. Edward McCloskey has launched the first chemical-free baby wipe (new to the U.S market) after struggling to...


Moments with Dad

Dads give so much for their families.  This Father's Day, we're giving back by sharing our favorite Dad moments and the best Dad advice. What are your favorite fathering moments? Here are some fond memories from our Mind Key Community via Facebook. "One of my favorite things - sitting in the backyard on a summer afternoon, listening to the Yankees on the radio with my dad...

The tragedy in Orlando

  Photo credit to (here) We at Mind Key grieve for all of the lives touched by the mass shooting at Pulse, an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, FL over the weekend.  Fifty lives, including the shooter's, were lost and fifty-three people remain wounded and hospitalized, some fighting for their lives.  Living in the Denver metro area in Colorado, I have borne witness to several local mass tragedies, starting with the shooting at Columbine High School (about 6 miles from my home), and most recently with the Aurora Theater shooting, which is near where our oldest son lives.  I know the sheer panic of wondering if someone you know has been affected, hurt, or even killed by acts of terror like this.  Photo thanks to Kara Bedard (via Facebook here) As...

Putting together your healing puzzle pieces

            When I was initially diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease about thirty years ago at age twenty-two, I had no idea this was the start of my life’s purpose. Although, it would take me some time, many years in fact, to realize this.  Had I known from the beginning, I would have kept a detailed diary so I could share more of the specifics of what I was going through, the ups and downs, all the things I tried that worked and didn’t work, etc., but I was so ill and just wanting to survive that I didn’t have the energy or where with all to keep a written record.             However, I remember enough to share the top strategies I used physically, mentally/emotionally & spiritually that...

Mind Key: Giving back to the community at large

In June's Mind Key Issue we will be sharing stories of giving back and paying it forward. Sometimes this is referred to as karma, but we prefer to look at it simply as energy.  We receive what we put out, which is why the best way to change the world is by changing your personal world.  This creates an incredible ripple effect that touches the lives of others, who then pay the good energy forward.  Not only that, but it raises your individual vibration so that you attract more of what you give into the world back to yourself. I like to compare this to the phenomenon of love.  No matter how much love you give, it never diminishes, only grows.  Giving back works the same way. We feel fulfilled and...

Waking up motivated and staying that way – Tips and Tricks from Arthur and Alex

I know lists are my greatest tool.  With weekdays and weekends being so packed at my house, if I don't make a list for my days, I will inevitably fail at getting all I want done.  Lists are my friend and knowing that Arthur and Alex suggest them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.             ************************************   I don't know about you but when I wake up in the morning my eyes are totally unable to open fully.  It didn't use to be that way but now that I am older some things just don't work as well as they used to.  Know what I mean? But this has been a blessing in disguise for me and whether you are the same or not, the lessons I learned from it has...

Littleton, CO Event – Veteran’s Passport to Hope at The Melting Pot during the month of May

In June, Mind Key will be featuring stories of giving back and paying it forward; why we do it and how it affects us.  This month-long event being held at The Melting Pot in Littleton, CO was too good to pass up posting right now, however.  Mind Key throws our support wholeheartedly behind the Veterans who serve this proud country.  If you're in or near Littleton, support veterans by visiting The Melting Pot in the month of May and start giving back to those who would give everything for you. Locations ( Littleton ) Our Events Create Your Night   join us during the month of May for our Charity Wine Dinner benefiting Veteran’s Passport to Hope.   Veteran’s Passport to Hope 's primary mission is to raise awareness within...

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