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Mind KEY / Health (Page 5)

I love to cook!

I'll say it again, I love to cook.  I love to eat, too, so that works out well.  I love trying new foods, I even love grocery shopping.  I love to explore the grocery store (found bottles of clam juice today.) A few years ago, I subscribed to E-Meals. I got this awesome Groupon that gave me twelve months of meal plans and grocery lists for like $30 or some equally shocking amount.  I was all gung ho to use them.  They came by email each Thursday.  Sweet!  New food possibilities!  Then I realized that I live with a bunch of guys who choose to have limited flavor pallets. Sad. I looked at the awesome recipes and my running diatribe sounded something like this...


The Mind Key Midsummer Festival is Tomorrow, Saturday June 20th

The Mind Key Midsummer Festival is an opportunity for the Community at large to meet vendors and educators whose goal is to help you find healing and passion.  At Mind Key, we believe that when you are on a path that leaves you fulfilled, inspired, and always striving for the next best thing, then health and happiness follow.  We’ve planned a day of events with this belief in mind.  Self discovery through dream interpretation, creative activity, and different health modalities are only a few of the ways we’re sharing our path with you.  Musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments and play at our open mic.  Poets and writers can read their work between demonstrations throughout the day.  Children will have an opportunity to explore...

In a Nutshell: Past Lives, Parallel Lives, and Future Lives

The idea of past, parallel and future lives almost seems ridiculous to a metaphysical heart surgeon who believes in the power of the present.  However, who we are and who we are to become is affected greatly by how we view the broad spectrum of our life (or lives).“Our bodies live this current lifetime and label it the present, but the continuum of our entire existence isn’t limited to the restraint of time,” Tamara Rokicki says in The connection of parallel lives.  “The past is what we see when we look as far back to the day we were born.  Our future is the years we have yet to live until we reach the end of our journey. But is there more?”In Past life regressions...


Welcome to the New Mind Key

Once simply a novel, Mind Key has blossomed into The Mind Key Project - a hub of knowledge and resources, a community of practitioners and artists, and a calendar of events aligned with connecting people with each other and with their goals and dreams. Why “Mind Key”?  The term was chosen because we each have the potential within to create the life we want.  There’s no healing, no reality, no dream that is beyond our reach… but finding the resources to bring these things to fruition can be difficult.  Especially in a world full of “nos,” “can’ts” and “impossible.” It is my belief that nothing is impossible, if only the space is created for it to happen.  That space begins within our own bodies, our minds and...


Coalescence Holistic Expo – a joining of likeminded people and ideas

 Coalescence is the bringing together and joining of like-minded people, ideas and things. The Coalescence Expo, set for Sunday, September 14th from 1-7 pm, was created when Kathy Steinberg was guided to join the local Rockland County area’s spiritual and holistic community.  “[This is] an opportunity for vendors, healers, speakers and psychics/intuitives to gather and interact with others,” Kathy said.Kathy is a Licensed Master Social Worker and was the owner of Good Vibrations Personal Growth Center and New Age Shop in Suffern, NY.  During this time Kathy said a community formed around the Center and Shop.  Although the space closed in 2008, the community continues to thrive through her website  Kathy currently works as a therapist and healer in Suffern.  According to intuitive Star Blossom Goddess:...

Songs from the heart: Emma Brooke

Nineteen year old singer/songwriter Emma Brooke has a sultry country voice and a passion for music.A year and a half ago she had the opportunity to make a dream come true when she recorded a song she wrote called "Wishing He Was You.”“That day caused me to fall in love with recording and being in the studio,” Emma said.While discussing her next songs Emma’s vocal instructor, Zuke Smith, suggested she write a song about Ty Rockey, whom Zuke had introduced Emma to a few years back. “One Day…” Emma said, then immediately realized she had the title to her next song.  “I was like ‘Ok gotta go bye!!’ …. I had most of the song [written] in 2-3 hours.”Emma describes “One Day” as a time capsule of...

Rocking for a cause: Rock for Retinal Research

Ty Rockey is a regular nine year old boy - except for one thing - he has a condition known as Lebers Congenital Amaurosis Type 1 (LCA1) that has made him blind from birth.According to his mother Kelly, there is a gene therapy procedure currently in clinical trials that is working to restore sight to others with LCA gene mutations.  The clinical trial for Ty’s gene should start within the next few months she said.“This is something we have been hearing about since the day he was diagnosed and now we are finally at the point where they are doing it – and it is working!” Kelly said.Through their non-profit organization, Ty’s Eyes, the Rockey family has been supporting this research with an annual concert...

Healing drum circle by Raven Reiki

Vera Ann Remes and Reiki Ruth Amarante of Raven Reiki will be sharing their light at Trinity Summer Fest this weekend by providing healing sessions, meditations, divination with natural objects, and a drum circle on Saturday evening, August 16th. Reiki Master/Teacher and Drum Circle Facilitator, Vera Remes, has added the nuances of shamanic journeying, music, drumming, crystals and psychic intuition to the Usui Reiki she was taught, creating a modality of healing she has dubbed “Raven Reiki.”Vera taught special needs students for over a decade before practicing law for 31 years.  In her spare time she rode horses for a local sheriff’s department and after retiring she became a registered therapeutic riding instructor.“When I started expanding my horizons to include a pursuit of psychic development, Reiki...

Trinity Summer Fest 2014

This weekend, August 16th & 17th, Trinity Metaphysical Center & Gift Shop of Hamburrg, NJ will be hosting Trinity Summer Fest 2014 at the Sussex County Fairgrounds (37 Plains Road, Augusta, NJ 07822).  With free admission, this indoor/outdoor festival will be held rain or shine in the Richards Building and surrounding fairgrounds.Dubbed North Jersey's Premier Metaphysical and Paranormal Festival, the event will benefit the Willco Fire Bay Renters, who lost their businesses due to an arson fire, and the Branchville, NJ Fire Department.  There will be bands, vendors, and events to nourish mind, body and soul.Discover food, practitioners, paranormal groups, ghost hunting, on-site camping, live bands and entertainment, and more. Practitioners from throughout the country will be providing services including psychic readings, energy healing, reflexology, massage...

The Dark Summer

Where has summer gone?Although I was prepared to launch into a new stage of Mind Key development during the summer months, June and July have turned into the regeneration period of the Dark Lady.  This card has been coming up in readings lately, and it seems many of us are frustrated with the stagnancy and slow-movement of our life paths.The same goes for me.  Summer has traditionally been a period of soaking in as much sun and salt water as I can (lake water works in a pinch).  Today I spend my days doing craft and story time, pulling dunked children out of the water, and searching the sand for missing beach toys.  It may not seem dark, but as The Dark Lady says, it...

Divination as a modality of healing and growth

Divination is becoming more and more a tool for self development, healing and growth.  Most often it comes in the gentle form of intuition that health care practitioners use to guide them in their decisions. This is especially true of certain alternative healing modalities, but it holds water even in standard medical practices.  Think of the analytical character, House M.D., who relies as heavily on traditional medicine as he does his gut.  We use our gut when we need to make decisions with no right answer, with pro and con lists that are evenly balanced, or when we simply know something “isn’t right.”    Our intuition leads us to chose our profession, our partners, our homes.  We convince ourselves that we’ve made these choices because...

Why Mind Key?

I began the Mind Key endeavor because on my path of self-discovery I lost my way.  Haven’t we all at some point?  I let bad relationships and bad situations break me down.  I let old programming rule my life when I should have broken the records long ago.  I used to hear the faeries clearly, but once I lost that connection it took time for me to hear them again.  Only once I realized how broken I truly was could healing begin.  I went the regular MD route.  Which is a wonderful and necessary option - except when it doesn’t help.  I began seeing naturopathic doctor, Doni Wilson, and she taught me more than I could hope to understand about my body. I began taking...

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