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Cabin Fever As An Entrepreneur

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Cabin Fever As An Entrepreneur

Working from home–or even in an office can be a strain on the body, the psyche, and your creative self.  Break the habit of a workaholic… Get up and get moving, even if you can’t take time from work to do it, and watch yourself create new patterns of productivity as your perspective changes.
Today’s re-post by entrepreneur and business coach, Mel Pharr, talks about her successes from a good change of scenery.

by Mel Pharr
Do you ever get cabin fever as an online entrepreneur?

It’s like you’ve been home all day behind your computer and you start to get a little squirrely?


Some days when Rob comes home, I go to town telling him all about my day. He usually knows I haven’t been out because he notices that I have “an extremely high word count.”


It’s always in a really loving way, but you get it.


I’ve found that traveling to new places, or even just getting out of the house and working from a local coffee shop is a game-changer for me.


I like traveling to other countries mostly, to see how the world works in other places and to learn new things, meet new people, and expand. Just in 2016 so far I’ve traveled and worked from Hawaii, Belize, Mexico, Montana, Minneapolis, Italy, and England!


I’ve found there are 2 ways that a change of scenery, (whether I travel or just get out of the house for the day) can help me in my business:

  • New environments boost creativity and productivity. Even when you’re just out at your local coffee shop, new people, sounds, and scenery can really boost your creativity. It’s easy to feel like your work is slow moving when you’re at the same desk over and over again, but different scenery stimulates you and often, makes you much more efficient. Plus, you aren’t distracted by other things in the house that can knock you off course.
  • Fresh Ideas! It’s true that I often get fresh ideas when I travel. New scenes can relax you as you disconnect from your normal work space and baby, the ideas flow! Often when we create some space between ourselves and our usual office environment, we welcome in inspiration more easily and new parts of our brain are turned on.

What can you do to liven up your brain and working environment this week?

I’m planning a friend workation in December and so looking forward to a great environment for us to mastermind and create in.


Let me know what your plans are!




  1. Follow me on Instagram @PharrMelissato see my changes of scenery!
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