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The Balance and Release of Sexual Energy

Mind KEY / Energy  / The Balance and Release of Sexual Energy
The relationship between sex, chakras, and Kundalini. Carlie Currier

The Balance and Release of Sexual Energy

By Lizbeth Fabian

Between males and females, there is a massive build-up of masculine or feminine energy waiting to escape. This energy can be released in many different ways. Consciously, a person might focus it towards their job, passions, or relationships. Subconsciously, plenty of that focused energy goes into sex. Whether it’s your sex drive, habits, or performance, that sexual energy is ready to burst. If this energy is suppressed for too long, it may affect the balance of masculine or feminine energy within.

Maggie’s Bliss, an expert on yoga and spiritual wellness, responds to an anonymous question from someone who has experienced this suppression of energy.

Dear Maggie,

I’m suffering from erectile dysfunction and I believe it has something to do with my Chakras being blocked. I believe this is caused by years of loneliness and frustration. I’m a long time meditator and Pranayama practitioner but I could not get Kundalini to ascend, I always lose energy via wet dreams quite frequently and I believe this contributes to Kundalini not being able to ascend, and further aggravating the Chakra blockages.


~ Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Our sacral chakra designates creativity, fluidity, sensuality, and sexuality. Are you allowing your creative side to be expressed? Are you sensual and fluid in life? We manifest our desires easier when our creativity and sensuality are in balance. Our throat chakra designates our authentic voice being expressed in the world.

The two schools of thought regarding orgasms. One is to abstain and allow that energy to rise up. The other is to use the orgasm in an energetic nature that allows the Kundalini to rise with the orgasm. I believe both paths are correct and each work depending upon what you are drawn to– what comes naturally to your soul and what your truth is in any given moment. Orgasms are a natural part of our experience here on earth. Did you know that an orgasm actually cleanses all of your chakra energy centers? Energy rises within. When you feel that a lustful daydream interferes with the energy of Kundalini, that is because the Kundalini energy is working at your sacral and root chakra.

A visualization for working with orgasmic energy

With intention, you can shift your thoughts to visualize divine (Source/God/Goddess/that energy that created you) and allow the orgasm to be experienced in divine light instead. Our imagination is our creativity. Imagine flowing into bright white light as you orgasm. Imagine energetically getting closer to the Divine. See whatever other colors come in. Now, you can use the other option and abstain from the actual orgasm itself, if you so choose. As you do this, allow the energy of that orgasm (rather than actually orgasming, where the energy flows up) to rise up to your crown chakra and/or to what you are imagining– to where you are imagining your soul is with the Divine. You do this by constant redirection of thoughts when they veer to the lustful daydreams you spoke about. During meditation you can redirect over and over until it flows smoother within you.

It comes to me now for you to have another way of visualizing the energy. I share a similar exercise in my book, Divine Embrace. Very simply, see Kundalini as light at the base of your spine (root chakra); allow it to rise up to your crown chakra with your inhales and descend back down to your root chakra as you exhale. From time to time, use this same visualization and breathing technique as you squeeze the sex organs, lift up the pelvic floor, and do what we call a root lock– place the tongue on the roof of your mouth and allow the energy to rise up as you visualize it rising. Feel it flow then return to deep breaths after a few rounds.

A mantra for healing

Next comes a message of a mantra for you to chant. We do this in Kundalini yoga, and it’s amazing!: Sa Ta Na Ma (Satnam).

  • Sit in easy seated pose (legs crossed, spine straight, chin parallel to floor).
  • With both hands held up to about shoulder height, press thumb to index finger and chant SA.
  • Press thumb to middle finger TA.
  • Press thumb to ring finger: NA.
  • Press thumb to pinky finger: MA.
  • Repeat.

If you are able, download a song that chants this over and over again to bring divine connection and calm. A beautiful version is “Sa Ta Na Ma” by Mirabai Ceiba. Do this for the entire song and enjoy the connection.

Group yoga sessions are recommended (preferably Kundalini yoga) because they allow you the opportunity to have someone else to hold the space for you– they lead you in and out. Still do your solitary practice but I recommend practicing at least once a week in a group setting. The others in the group give that extra group energy, as well, which is very beneficial. You’ll expose yourself to people of like-mindedness and enjoy having people keep you company as you do the same for them.

Breathing techniques to connect with sexual energy

It comes to me for you to try alternate nostril breathing. There are a few videos on this if you don’t already practice the technique. It will balance both sides of your brain and body– your yin and yang and masculine and feminine sides. It’s calming and also great for asthma and anxiety.

Another breathing technique is full wave breath. Mind Key previously published an article on the benefits of full wave breath for sexuality, which also includes an instructional video. Essentially, you should breathe in deeply through your nose into your lower belly, then your middle belly or diaphragm, and then fill your lungs. Immediately exhale it all out naturally through the mouth. It doesn’t have to be a long, slow exhale– just release it out. Without holding your breath at the top or bottom of breaths, keep the flow going. Inhale low in belly to chest, filling your lungs, and exhale evenly with a sigh if you like. Try this technique daily for at least 10 breaths or even for 20-45 minutes (if you have the time) for 30 days. You will be amazed at the results in your body, mind and spirit.

Upon the first time trying this technique, my body began to tremble with shakes or tremors. These weren’t like tingles from the extra oxygen I was receiving. These were real Kundalini-activated trembles and shakes. It was fun to witness. As you do this technique, you are also working with and rising up the Kundalini energy within you.

Another book that I think you will find very illuminating, if you haven’t read it already, that explains parallel issues in Kundalini rising is Living with Kundalini: The Autobiography of Gopi Krishna.

Sexual energy and creative energy

As you work through your sacral chakra energy (allowing creativity and divine expression to take hold and be released from you to the world), you clear away that chakra of blocks, which can affect your erectile dysfunction. The Kundalini yoga is a huge assistance in this area, and it came up as something for you to do to help clear yourself and be more out there in the world of what you desire. Our sexual issues are tied to our creativity (sacral chakra) and divine expression. It’s time to express more (throat chakra).

I hope this helps!

Blessed Be,


If you would like more information about placement of energy and Kundalini, visit the Maggie’s Bliss website, or contact her at

Lizbeth Fabian

Hi there, I'm Liz. I'm a writer and editing intern with Mind Key. Born and raised in a big city, I grew up surrounded by many different cultures, people, and learned about different forms of art. Thanks to that, I have big dreams I'm ready to fulfill. Currently, I'm finishing up my B.A. at William Paterson University and looking for a great Graduate program to further my education.

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