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Abundance: There’s enough for everyone

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By recognizing abundance, you can calculate your piece of the prosperity pie
Recognize your financial self-sabotage by rephrasing how you question yourself and by recognizing there's an abundance in this world for everyone. Photo by JoAnna Schillaci

Abundance: There’s enough for everyone

By Barbara Steingas

Most of us are brought up and taught to think there is lack in the universe, and that we aren’t deserving of abundance and prosperity, or that creating prosperity is reserved only for an elite few. For example, have your parents ever said, Money doesn’t grow on trees?” Or, “Do you think I’m made of money?” Or, “Save your pennies?”

​I heard these and other sayings repeatedly when I was a kid. My dad, especially, had lack issues with money.  I picked up on these beliefs, and as a result, have been self-sabotaging myself in the area of finances and prosperity despite making a good income as a physical therapist.


Strategies for creating prosperity

Self-awareness and discovering the source of “lack”

I recently uncovered something that was causing me to self-sabotage in this area by using a strategy I learned from success coach, Anthony Robbins. The strategy involves asking an empowering question rather than a victimizing question. Instead of asking myself the usual question of why am I struggling financially, I turned it around and asked why am I self-sabotaging myself financially?

The answer helped me understand why I bring in income, yet let it slip away so easily.

When I was 13 my parents divorced and my dad wasn’t able to afford the new bedroom furniture that I wanted, so I offered to pay for it with my life savings of $400, thinking my dad could pay me back. It was my understanding that my $400 would eventually be restored to whole in my bank account. However, my dad handled it differently. He wrote 400 on a piece of paper and when he had to buy a present for an immediate family member, he made me pay half by deducting the half of the cost of each gift from the balance. Within several months my whole life’s savings was gone.

Because I had no power in the situation and wasn’t able to argue the method of payback with my dad, I held the hurt and anger inside. I must have made an unconscious emotional decision that I wasn’t deserving of saving money and/or why bother saving your money because someone will take it from you. I spent my life operating under these rules without realizing it.

Since I uncovered this, the need to constantly spend money and buy things has shifted drastically, and I feel a consciousness of creating prosperity  rather than lack. In addition, I have been earning more money from my book writing and coaching business and have been paying off credit card debts!


Creating a vibration of abundance

Besides asking myself prosperity-empowering questions, I have also been using Louise Hay’s strategy of abundance affirmations.  Each day in the car on my way to work I repeat,  “I am prosperous. I have more than enough time and resources to be financially independent and prosperous” as I tap it onto my heart space area with my hand.

Using this and other affirmations help me feel more empowered and in control of my circumstances. As a result, I feel I that it’s possible to attract what I speak. In turn, I’ve noticed how I now have more money at the end of each pay period, rather than scraping by paycheck-to-paycheck with only pennies to spare. In other words, I do have more than enough. That was a powerful distinction from simply saying I had enough!

Saying this prosperity affirmation helps me feel more empowered and in control of financial aspects of my life. Like I’m back in the driver’s seat.

These are two simple strategies to help shift from lack, to creating prosperity consciousness, and realize we are deserving of abundance in life. The universe has enough abundance and prosperity for everyone. We don’t have to compete and see others as threats as the traditional business model tells us.

I read a great Native American saying that says, “You don’t have to blow out someone else’s candle to light your own.”

On that note, I wish you all financial prosperity and abundance of health, happiness, joy, peace, and love!


Barbara Steingas, Inspirational Author & Speaker, and Radiant Life Coach or or

Barbara Steingas

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