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Yin and Yang: A Christian Point of View

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Yin and Yang: A Christian Point of View

The concept of Yin and Yang sprouted its roots in China several hundred years before Christ’s birth. It represented Taoism, a religion that focuses on two opposing parts, one dark one light, one evil one good, one balanced one unbalanced.  But the true beauty of it is that when placed together, the duality of this symbol recognizes the true balance of life itself.  It takes these two clashing parts to make a whole, something well rounded and spiritually progressive. 
I can relate my Christian faith to this concept, as it is the very basic foundation of my spiritual core.  If Yin and Yang represent two equal yet opposing forces, then I find a congruent principle in my own spiritual journey.
My faith understands the acceptance of bad times verses good ones.  It is crucial that tribulations occur, as they’re not only a teaching tool on how to rely and trust God, but also a trial to test our spiritual awareness.  How easy would it be to trust, love, and rely on someone if all they gave us were presents and praises?  It is in low times that we are forced to look inwards, to muster the strength and faith needed to face hardships.  Yin and Yang are the sadness needed to savor joy; the selfishness to receive grace; the self-loathing to accept forgiveness; the tempest to enjoy still, warm waters.  It in the darkest abyss that light is welcomed.
This concept is the balance of our lives, what makes us truly rounded and spiritual.  You cannot have one side without the other, as if we were to have that, it would cause severe unbalance in our lives.  Everything works for our own good, even when we face tribulations.
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to Hispurpose.”—Romans 8:28
It’s not always clear what that purpose may be.  Things may seem hopeless, unable to reach a clear resolution, yet everything works in intricate patterns, each thread of the tapestry building a strong foundation.  As Yin and Yang signify, there is a flow.  The life flow consists of ups and downs, each fragment interconnected to establish one whole purpose.
On our faith journey we may get off track.  But I do believe that it’s an essential part of the flow, trials that God has set out to call us back home, to once again test our spiritual wisdom.  Understanding and accepting this flow will transform us and grow our faith, so that we may live harmoniously and in peace through good times and bad.
Mind Key’s focus relies simply on this.  The understanding that one’s own potential, life journey, and spiritual awakening stems from the balance one accepts and creates.

Tamara Rokicki

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