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Spring cleaning at its finest—Release as a form of renewal

Mind KEY / Energy  / Spring cleaning at its finest—Release as a form of renewal
Release and renew is a great way to fall into spring
Spring is a time of renewal, we must release what no longer serves us for new growth.

Spring cleaning at its finest—Release as a form of renewal

By Barbara Steingas

Spring is a traditional time of year for renewal. It is also a time to branch out and expand again after the hibernating effects of the winter. In order to release and renew, we need to let go of what we no longer want to make room for what we do want. Just like the saying, “out with old and in with the new.”


Releasing the tangible

Places to release and renew include physical items that are cluttering our homes, or are no longer something we need to cling onto. I always love to do a spring cleaning and reorganize to start fresh again for the season. My mom was visiting me through the holidays until her birthday near the end of February, so we did an early spring cleaning before she went back to her home in Germany. Part of this particular releasing included putting away pictures of my late fiancé who passed away two and a half years ago. I felt it time, as I am ready to attract a new relationship.


Releasing energy and emotion

Feel refreshed by releasing and renewing

By clearing old energies and emotions, we open up space to manifest our life’s new goals.

In addition to physical items, we need to release emotions and thoughts of things holding us in the past. This helps us move forward and create the future we want. So many times we regret or resent things that occurred in the past, especially from the previous year. We are taught to focus so much on what we don’t want that we ultimately keep recreating it like a vicious cycle. The key to breaking this cycle and getting off the hamster wheel is to process through our losses and regrets so we can release anger and negativity. Only then can we open up space to manifest our goals and live the life we deserve.

I am personally working on releasing anger and resentment with a particular family member. I am working on responding, rather than reacting, to this person. She elicits  a strong stimulus response, that over many years has been ingrained in my automated nervous system.


Techniques to release and renew

One technique I am using to do this is tapping. Tapping combines saying an affirmation while tapping on particular areas of your body like the side of your hand. Tapping helps to anchor in the mantra and shift our automated nervous system programming.

The mantra I say while I tap my hand is, “I am not affected by my mother’s words and actions.” Can any of you can relate to this mother-daughter phenomena?

Mind Key’s Vera Remes recently wrote a comprehensive introduction to tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), discussing Nick Ortner’s method for release through EFT.  Wendy Watson-Hallowell also wrote last month on how to change our beliefs and thereby release toxic relationships.


We have the ability at any given moment or day to recreate or reinvent our lives, or simply or change an aspect of it, but there are certain times of the year where it seems more appropriate. Don’t let another spring awakening pass you by. Seize the moment and spring into action towards achieving the goals you have set at the beginning of the year.  Shine your radiant light to have an illuminating spring season.

Barbara Steingas, Inspirational Author & Coach or or

Barbara Steingas

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