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Finding passion, motivating your life

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A passionate individual has strength of will and the determination to follow their dreams.
Passionate lives require that we have fortitude and mettle. Image by Sean David Wright.

Finding passion, motivating your life

By Shefaa Ramadan

Spirited lives necessitate backbone, and we need that fortitude of will and passion to continue successfully wading through the difficult times in life.

Passion is many things. There is no one word to describe it. Have you ever experienced a certain feeling that you just can’t control? A feeling that’s very strong but amazing at the same time? Passion is what gives us that fire inside and makes life worth living. It is overpowering and intense. Passion is the desire, the lust and the motivation to do something. It is that one quality that cannot be taught through a textbook. Passion also, for the most part, is not gained by following a lesson nor can it be learned from our parents or teachers. It comes from within us and, when we follow those passions, they can give us a feeling of pure joy.

There are countless ways to live your life; there’s no right or wrong way to live it. But living a life without passion is a life not well lived. Think about how happy it’ll make you feel if you go towards something you truly love doing.


Finding your passion is finding your happiness. Image by JoAnna Schillaci.

Spirited lives necessitate backbone

If you want to live the life of a strong and happy individual, you must find your heart, your passion and chase that dream.

According to a 2005 study by the American Psychological Association (APA), “happy individuals are more mentally healthy.”

Filling your time with activities that permit happiness will enliven your overall wellbeing. Passion enhances life in ways you couldn’t know possible. Truly, life with passion gives us enjoyment. Almost everyone has a passion; some choose to follow that passion and some don’t. It’s what keeps us going, it is what gives us the ability to be better. It gives us purpose in life.


Your passion is your purpose

A 2014 study on a passionate way of being, which was published in the International Journal of Psychological Research, reported that “having passion was fundamentally a matter of experiencing a sense of purpose in life, and having the drive to pursue this purpose.”

The study further states that lack of passion will lead to sadness. It’s what motivates us every day. Living your life and fulfilling your passion will help you succeed and live a happier life. Passion is everything and its importance is overlooked sometimes. Because without passion, we would be mindless drones. Having passion in our lives is what makes us human.


Finding your passion

Do you need help discovering your true passion, or how to incorporate it into your daily life in a sustainable and fulfilling way? A mini consult with Danielle Rose can help you rediscover your passion, and find the right methods to incorporate that passion into your daily life and career.

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