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Discovery Consult


Do what you love!

In a discovery consult, Danielle Rose will synthesize your talents, interests, skills and needs to help you focus on, or refine, your path. Discovery consults are great for anyone in the midst of a career they want to take to the next level, to those who aren’t even sure what they love anymore. (And everyone in between!) They are particularly helpful for those ready to make a career or other life change.

At the crux of Mind Key’s mission to help you find happiness doing what you love, discovery consults offer the perfect melding of guidance, tangible support, and references to professionals that can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Since the new paradigm is one of service to ourselves and others, those that are not defined by their titles (lawyer, healer) are the ones that have the most success. By the end of the consult, you will walk away with a service statement that utilizes all of your skills and passions. We will also discuss ways to begin implementing this service statement into an existing career, or by building a new one.


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We believe you are here to do what you love. As part of a two-session discovery consult, you will fill out a questionnaire that will get you thinking about what you love, where your talents lie, and what makes you tick.

During the first conference, Danielle will discuss the results of your questionnaire and the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual roadblocks that may be holding you back. She will discuss how to implement your passions into a lucrative and sustainable lifestyle and offer suggestions and guidance for starting you out on that path. During the follow-up call, you will both evaluate the outcome of Danielle’s suggestions, and explore additional options to focus on. Danielle will also offer suggestions of vetted products, programs, classes and/or practitioners that can help you on your journey.

Discovery consults are appropriate no matter what stage of personal growth you are currently tackling. Perhaps you already have a thriving business and are ready to take it to the next level, or perhaps you are not even sure what makes you happy anymore. No matter what end of the spectrum you lie (or anywhere in between) a discovery consult will help you reach the next stage of your personal development and growth.


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