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Professional writing seminar (for writers and non-writers)


Does your career need a kickstart?

Are you looking for an opportunity to make more money, establish a business, or break into a new career path, but don’t have the education or background you think you need to get started? You don’t have to go back to school, or return to entry-level, to make more money doing what you love most.

Writing is a powerful means for expression.  Professional writing offers the ability to share your experience and insights—and more than that—it offers you an opportunity to gain more knowledge through research.

You don’t have to be an expert writer in order to make more money through writing. Professional writing offers an opportunity to speak intelligently about your chosen topic in a way that sets you apart from others in the field. This one-hour class or webinar is an opportunity to learn how to use writing—even if you don’t consider yourself a writer—to kickstart, or completely change your career, no matter where you are in life.

We are currently completing this seminar on a one-by-one basis by donation. That’s a huge value! The workshop can be completed remotely or in person. Please sign up, and then you will be contacted to schedule an appropriate in person or virtual meeting date.

Contact for more information on additional dates and locations, or keep reading for more details.



The power of the written word

This professional writing seminar and workshop will teach you the skills needed to distill your research in so others can understand and apply it in their daily lives. This a great class for students, researchers, or anyone who loves learning and talking about their passions.

This simple act—creating a body of information that is useful in the everyday world—has the ability to turn you into someone who has an interest or a passion for a topic, into an expert on that topic.


What a professional writing seminar can do for you

Once you have written a body of work in your chosen topic, you are establishing yourself as an expert. When you have the right sources, citations, and research to back up your point, your knowledge and expertise becomes completely traceable, proving you know exactly what you say you know with the click of a link. You don’t need a degree to prove your knowledge because your writing will prove the extent of your experience and research.


My story

I have seen this dynamic play out in my own life. Although my passion and knowledge of alternative healthcare was deep-rooted, my education and professional background was in writing and communications. I never thought I’d be able to shift into a career in the field of health and wellness without spending a lot of time and money going back to school.

A chance opportunity in my career as a journalist allowed me to research and write health articles on a weekly basis. This led down a rabbit hole of opportunities that increased my earning potential in the field of health by tenfold. Today, I am a professional health coach, and I support other professionals in the field of health and wellness.

We can teach you how to do the very same with your career—whether your intent is to build a private practice with a following, gain more experience and exposure as an expert in your chosen field, or to shift gears and move into a completely new field or career.


You’ll walk away with:

1.) Confidence in your ability to research, source, and cite your written pieces,

2.) Knowledge on how to build a portfolio of your published writing,

3.) Information on how to place pieces you’ve written where those you want can find them,

4.) Instruction for submitting your writing to publications that build prestige and experience,

5.) How to post on your website and social media so your writing gets the exposure you want.

Participants interested in further exploration and guidance will be offered a discount for our six-week writing program that will help you create up to four well-researched, well-crafted, and professionally edited articles to add to your portfolio.


Better than a money-back-guarantee

Mind Key prides itself on providing the tools you need to find the career that is the best fit for you—one you love and are great at doing. This means that at the end of this professional writing seminar, you will receive a free discovery consult with Danielle Rose. These consults help us match you with the right experiences and experts to help you get where you want to be.

You can also choose to use your consult with Danielle to obtain valuable resume guidance to craft a groundbreaking resume and cover letter that will help you reach your career goals. In other words, after this webinar, you’ll have solid direction and advice for springboarding your career, no matter what. That’s almost as good as a money-back-guarantee!

Hard to ask for more for a donation-based course that could change your life.



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